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  • ArmanIqbal

    Ahh yes, the xbox smell 😂

  • Random dude
    Random dude

    This is the type of review that makes all the video game publications think "what are we even doing?"

  • LAW & ORDER 66
    LAW & ORDER 66

    Phil Payed good money.

  • Suhail The hunt
    Suhail The hunt

    If he’s Pro at mario odyssey why he Can’t be Pro at Bloodborne?

  • Rhain Wignall
    Rhain Wignall

    I'm just glad GameCube got S tier

  • Alex Norken
    Alex Norken


  • Abbey Ursery
    Abbey Ursery

    Yoshi Dies is the roughest shit I've seen in a while.

  • John Marston
    John Marston

    I love the Bloodborne music during that sofa fight.

  • Minecraftwitch679 Terlaje
    Minecraftwitch679 Terlaje

    Tbh the Scooby doo looks like a horse

  • Mario Fan
    Mario Fan

    0:16 2:48 🤣🤣🤣

  • Matt D
    Matt D

    and he has an eyepatch

  • tonicmix

    The songs made this so good.

  • Mark Rangel
    Mark Rangel

    Honestly had the most fun I've ever had with video games with this one. I feel like they did what they could with the gameplay at the time, but the fight controls, variety of weapons, wall running, bullet dodging all in one was legit ahead of it's time. This neeeeeeds a good remake :')

  • Matt D
    Matt D

    The kid screwed up when he mentioned Knack

  • MattTheForth

    Eddie just wants pizza time

  • Frosty Fizz
    Frosty Fizz

    Hearing Dunkey's high-pitch yell is always a welcome nail on the chalk board

  • eLi FILMS
    eLi FILMS

    It's good that Slendy pays his Utility bill

  • eLi FILMS
    eLi FILMS

    "I'm actually Puerto Rican descent"

  • Edward Kingsley
    Edward Kingsley

    I still haven't figured out if this is was memeing or not as he's still making good videos at about the same pace as since forever

  • CookieHCl

    6:34 ;(

  • Private Dino
    Private Dino

    Nintendo being so low hurt me mentally

  • Judarr

    Where’s the Soulja boy console? F tier list

  • HellfireComms

    Master System in A? God tier video.

  • Adam Kallin
    Adam Kallin

    "Now that I think think about it again, it was probably the game" You can't make this shit up 😂

    • Adam Kallin
      Adam Kallin

      Now that I think about again, you probably can

  • عبد الكريم حمد محمد الشنقيطي
    عبد الكريم حمد محمد الشنقيطي

    pc more like pp

  • klay killua
    klay killua

    Congratulations after a year of your marriage

  • Teeben

    It hurts that this video is over a year old by now.

  • Cypher


  • John Itadakiman
    John Itadakiman

    Dunkey is actually in the 1980 movie

  • James P.
    James P.

    Ps vita :( it’s a tier not as good as Xbox tho

  • Rodolfo Espinosa
    Rodolfo Espinosa

    This is probably my favorite @videogamedunkey video. I confirmed that Dunkey was a real video game reviewer, "really makes you feel like a gamer".

  • Jackson W
    Jackson W

    This channel has gone downhill ever since you stopped doing Drama Mondays

  • Richard Alfaro
    Richard Alfaro

    When are young to play gex?

  • TheGenericDavis

    Can anyone tell me what the song is at 7:37? I'd swear it's from Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, but I can't seem to find it.

  • JhongYT

    I sometimes forget that this is made by Square Enix, the same company that made beloved series like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy.

  • Yubby


  • flim bimboe
    flim bimboe

    This aged like milk

  • Angel Villicana
    Angel Villicana

    Can anyone tell me the song that plays in the background at 2:43? I really wanna find that song

  • Benjakkiller-LoL

    Where the fuck is the souljaboy?

  • JhongYT

    If there's a venn diagram of dunkey saying a joke and being serious, it might as well be 1 circle because it overlaps so much that it's indistinguishably scary.

  • Adam Woodings
    Adam Woodings

    Why does Dunkey always lie to us? That Among Us was only 8.5k, not 12k, I could tell by the pixels.

  • CreepakiSama

    This review is bulls**t super nintendo should be at least D tier. Get your facts straight Dunkey.

  • Shravann Shankar
    Shravann Shankar

    "...danger zone"

  • ZiroWatt

    I dont get the mario hype I dont think Ive ever completed one

  • Datreallyhurtedmetho

    Gs4 pro????

  • Mango 17
    Mango 17

    Imagine watching this while drunk

  • OnePunchMan


  • ProtoMario

    They brought Red Dead to PC... so... 1/3

  • Hoang Phuc Phan
    Hoang Phuc Phan

    Can someone tell me the song in the outro plss?

  • Joberg

    So I will be ranking Dunkey‘s Tiers S: C, F A: S, X B: A C: D, E D: B

  • Powercathat

    The problem is that pokemon smile is better than cyberpunk

  • Rouge Rabbit
    Rouge Rabbit

    he good guy now ? he friend now ? nope he still piece of shit

  • Vegetable Man
    Vegetable Man

    Can’t believe he forgot the dunkey console. Worst tier list ever

  • ancientdragon17

    avenge my f athers death aaaa

  • Ben Doverson
    Ben Doverson

    Ps2 at D tier ? Lol

  • thwithk

    seriously , fuck pyra's addition oh my god not to mention in the competitive scene , they're an absolute pain to fight. i'm ranked high on the pr in my state and literal children can beat me by mashing with mythra

  • Sera Dunn
    Sera Dunn

    Dunkey never did Act 3 how sad

  • Negative Voice
    Negative Voice

    Anyone else just having fun pushing 0?

  • Kev H
    Kev H

    what was the song for peach at #1

  • Humble 9300
    Humble 9300

    Hahaha 😁😂😂

  • Backspace Ninja
    Backspace Ninja

    I finally played the game and I can say it’s complete trash. The story is a shit show riddled with plot holes.

    • Marek Vincíbr
      Marek Vincíbr

      Which ones?

  • Aaron Reed
    Aaron Reed

    GLOVER really does explain it all

  • Humble 9300
    Humble 9300

    Damn this is so true though 😂. Like I love the resident evil series but they are fuckin hard ass games.

  • The Magician
    The Magician

    The Glover Experience, unmatched

  • Chris Ram
    Chris Ram

    100% accurate

  • Itz_yaboy 2264
    Itz_yaboy 2264

    “Lookout I’m shooting at you”

  • Operator-chan

    Man try being a metroid fan. THE WAIT!!!

  • Smovgh

    *sponsored by Xbox

  • Sproote

    What about the KFC console

  • lucio demicco
    lucio demicco


  • moyotl


  • Nick S
    Nick S

    This was the first game with blood in it i ever owned. Growing up on Super Nintendo was soft, So when we got a playstation this shit was gangster I’ve been a desensitized monster ever since

  • Spumoon

    6:32 Ah yes, World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King for the Xbox 360 was my favorite.

  • Kev

    dislike button? What for?

  • Simon Koch
    Simon Koch

    This rules.

  • Ben Tapia
    Ben Tapia

    Why is no one discussing dinkey's accent? It's all over the place.

  • juan Camilo Mera
    juan Camilo Mera

    RIP Knack 3D

  • J F
    J F

    as funny as this video is Dunkey. The funniest thing is that ranking console is the stupidiest thing you can do. There is no science and it's all personal preference.