Overwatch 2 : Don't be Doo Doo
And it better have Winston 2.
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  • pho costa
    pho costa

    just don't play dps :/

  • Jacs

    Jeff Watch made his move :(

  • Tempo9

    7:08 Not the move we meant Jeff...

  • El Majmun
    El Majmun

    LOL, Overwatch is trash aight, liked, subbed in a sec.👍

  • Matthew Aguiar
    Matthew Aguiar

    After Jeff Kaplan saw this video he was like I'll just leave.

  • KingYertleOfTurtle

    Jeffwatch made his move, like dunkey said

  • marcotat

    I'm back just because Jeff Kaplan is leaving Blizzard LOL

  • Schwalmy

    I guess Jeff was under to much pressure from dunkey

  • Berk

    I hope you make a vid about Jeff's choice to leave. That'd be interesting

  • Angel Dust
    Angel Dust

    And Jeff just left blizzard

  • Dr Nue
    Dr Nue

    Good news everybody, Dunkey killed Jeffwatch

  • Sanskar Mishra
    Sanskar Mishra

    Jeff watch makes his move

  • Graham

    Jeff quit, so we may be fucked.

  • Blasty

    Jeff Watch will have to change his name. Maybe Jeff Bail.

  • colin leach
    colin leach

    Dunkey: Jeff make your move Jeff: quits

  • korbyman2

    oh no...

  • Kells G
    Kells G

    Just bought a new PC for ow2...

  • betito389

    I guess his move was to leave

  • Przemek Turski
    Przemek Turski

    Dunkey: "it's getting easier now to imagine great game overwatch 2 could be. But what it could be or what it would be Jeff watch make your move". Jeff's move: leave blizzard

    • pierre117

      god damn it

  • Mr Fox
    Mr Fox

    It will definitely be Doo Doo

  • David Roal
    David Roal

    Jeff left Blizzard guys :(

  • Marty McFly
    Marty McFly

    Well.... I guess Jeffwatch made his move.

  • elblanco 744
    elblanco 744

    Ow2 its dead

  • Brugalter

    And now Jeff Watch left Blizzard :(

  • Clov3r

    Jeff made his move, moved the fuck up outta blizzard

  • Ian \o/
    Ian \o/


  • Henry Arensburger
    Henry Arensburger

    Jeff's move: *leaves*

  • Amysel Jinkusu-P
    Amysel Jinkusu-P

    Here after Jeff decided to leave blizzard

  • JG Peres
    JG Peres

    yup it's what it would be.

  • Redracer

    I guess Jeff watch made his move lets see how this all plays out

  • Jaden D
    Jaden D

    he's made his move.

  • SiReXington Rosé
    SiReXington Rosé

    We’re fucked

  • Garland

    Overwatch 2? Oh you mean Battleborn?

  • ColdRamenTPM


  • Chuckle Dux
    Chuckle Dux


  • Nightstalker314

    Now what? He made his move.

  • Pixelgore

    You speak real true words

  • Harry

    It look like man vs machine

  • F1zzy

    SO, are we gonna get a link to frontier's videos?

  • DiamondRhino64

    Back in the days when i could play bastion with the homies without being called like 20 profanities in a second

  • juicy

    i really hope the skins you got in overwatch will convert to overwatch 2

  • finvasion123

    can you make an horizon zero dawn video

  • AmeliaBuns

    I wish someone from blizzard watched this I also love tanking and healing. But god I would much rather have overwatch in VR than overwatch 2

  • Noah Fong
    Noah Fong

    Wdym widow is one of the worst?

  • ar0d422

    Widow is the best player in the game hands down lol

  • water wolf
    water wolf

    So your saying over watch 2, is just mvm

    • water wolf
      water wolf

      For the uncultured mvm stands for Mann vs machine it’s a tf2 game mode, is pretty fun

  • Bill Volk
    Bill Volk

    I have a really good idea for a catchup mechanic: your team can't use emotes or voice lines unless it's pretty far in the lead. Players given the ability to waste time doing dumb shit will do exactly that. Man, when the conga line emote was first introduced to TF2, everyone forgot about objectives entirely.

  • Zipperozic

    PLEASE be good. PLEASE BE GOOD overwatch 2. I completely lost faith in Blizzard as a company a few years ago, but looking at this-- there's a little spark of hope. Especially the robots smacking into each other when being hit, oh fuck. I love, LOVE overwatch's design philosophy from a standpoint of art, and its story, but I really dislike blizzard because. Ykno. 'Company bad', I guess

  • Jack gay
    Jack gay

    dunkey: makes video me: clicks as fast as humanly possible LOL!

  • Тhrаshеr146

    Jeff overwatch only needs to remove all the female characters to make the game great, he could call it "man vs machine" for the Co op missions and rename the main game to "team men 2"

  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex


  • 1uke

    "There will be 200+ story missions" Translation: _There will be 15 story missions 15 times each_


    Thats all well and good but i am still not over the fact that Blizzard just ripped off TF2 and only made Overwatch a slower game with Hentai. And now they steal TF2´s MvM (PvE mode). Creativity must be really dry in Blizzard HQ.

  • Battel Matter
    Battel Matter

    overwatch 2: do you guys not have phones?

  • George Galkin
    George Galkin

    You think Coop shooters are less toxic? Have you ever played Mann vs. Machine on TF2? Next level of toxicity- "Hey scout why did you not get the milk cooldown upgrade???!!"

  • Raymond Santiago
    Raymond Santiago

    Valorant is amazing, OW is dead give it up...

  • Kathkere

    One thing I'm worried about is that the talent trees won't be much fun if all it is going to lead to is power creep. Mercy is the character I've played the most and I rather liked the nerfs they did to her. They removed the mass res and turned it into a single instant res that reset when you popped your ult. Then they nerfed it again so it wasn't instant anymore and it would no longer reset when you popped your ult. I liked those changes because it made the ability more engaging. Mass-ressing a team could feel fun at times but it doesn't really carry the same risk/reward satisfaction you get from the modern version of the res. One of the new abilities they highlighted in the latest blizzcon was for Mercy to be able to do the mass res again, and at a distance. That sounds super useful, but ask yourself how fun such an ability is. Where the sense of risk/reward? How can you be punished by misusing the ability? Power creep isn't a good recipe for sustainable enjoyment. There isn't a lot you could improve when it comes to the game design of Mercy, I feel. The only thing I'm missing from her old ultimate is the short window that turns you invincible, because if you timed it right you could use your ult to avoid certain death -- and that's engaging. I can't really come up with anything more that would add to the design of her character without undermining the mechanics that are already in place.

  • SANair

    I have an idea, an alternate reality version of team fortress. There is a twist where you can change sizes, like you could have a 1v1 spy match in a drawer and a deathmatch. Simultaneously. I call it Micro Mercenaries.

  • GooGuGajoob

    Isn't this just Mann vs Machine?

  • cantthinkofausername lol
    cantthinkofausername lol

    Mann, animals, machines vs machine

  • Ellipuff

    opinins on tf2

  • Boku no Gentoo
    Boku no Gentoo

    Overwatch meets Left 4 Dead is definitely a comparison I've heard for OW2 based on the previews that have come out, but the same could be said about OW1's PvE modes. I played some of Overwatch's PvE modes with my buddies and the conclusion we all came to was "this just makes me want to play Left 4 Dead"

  • Bob, but slowly fading
    Bob, but slowly fading

    So, in my years of playing Overwatch with a friend before we stopped, all I can say is: Whenever we were losing a match, we just said "It´s that time again" "Yup" and he switched to Junkrat while I played Roadhog. You can´t imagine how unfair it is to bomb D.vas out of their mechs and if they try to Defense Matrix, they get hooked and still die. Junkrat was overpowered from day 1 onwards, change my mind.

  • NukeZoned

    why you talk shit about valorant but you playin overwatch

  • Fxx Alaba
    Fxx Alaba

    I mean a good widow can carry a whole game And the headshot ability is amazing imo but the problem is that as soon as she’s caught she’s completely helpless and can’t do shit. But I have to say that her ult can be extremely useful if your a skilled player

  • 「Cicero is Sad」
    「Cicero is Sad」

    If overwatch 2 launches, the community will be so toxic that Chernobyl will look like a microwave.

  • Jimmy Young
    Jimmy Young

    Hanzo is the god

  • Magus

    “Steamroll ... suck ass” never have I laughed hard as well as resonate with a statement like this.

  • M Z
    M Z

    When is this even coming out lol

  • R6 Drowsy
    R6 Drowsy

    ngl i really hope he wasnt serious calling widow bad over season 1 footage, she was fucking disgusting and meta defining for a ton of the game.

  • DickinaBox

    Overwatch is bad now because everyone is broken and therefore unfun to play against overwatch as a PVE would be so much better

  • PawnSacrific3

    Damn, the pve just makes me miss Battleborn, curse you Randy PItchford!

  • Ninjorz

    Never seen the dude's videos before. Loved it. Great commentary, and the remark about tricking players into acting like a team? 9000 IQ right there. Genius. Liked and subscribed

  • Legion of Harmony
    Legion of Harmony

    I've said it before and I'll say it again- this man knows games.

  • Holden McKroin
    Holden McKroin

    I fucking love coop games. I feel like it’s the least respected genre. It’s like companies have a mandate to put less effort into coop games.

  • Alex Huegerich
    Alex Huegerich

    not going to lie that custom robo music you put in there at 5:40 gave me such a rush of nostalgia..... wow. Love it Dunkey

  • mranderson718

    In all fairness to overwatch, dunkey’s dislike of how one-sided battles can be is pretty accurate to modern day combat.

  • An4r4k

    6:49 de do do do do do music go brrrrrr (idk why it sounds so inspirational like what)

  • Miguel Torres
    Miguel Torres

    Talk to me when you’ve clocked over 50k hours your not qualified enough to talk about this game when I eat breath and live ow

  • Gabriel Welborn
    Gabriel Welborn

    "The AI is like big Yoshi, they are just sittin' there" great analysis

  • Shadow of desert
    Shadow of desert

    Since when widow suck? She can 1 shoot almost every character in the game. Its not the hero sucks its more like your aim is.

  • Summers Noise
    Summers Noise

    Overwatch 2 is just Team Fortress 2’s Man vs Machine mode. Minus being a separate game.

  • Boodle Dooodle
    Boodle Dooodle

    Was that custom robo OST?

  • adam doran
    adam doran

    i mean tbh its just gonna be more of the same. dumb ass meta comps that drain the fun out of the game and non balanced heroes are gonna be par for the course.

  • xKingNoble

    I loved this game for the first one, coming up to two years of it's existence. Eventually started to take excessively long breaks, lasting several months, until eventually ditching it when role queue first came out. Going into GOATS and DIVE comps in pubs wasn't fun as it were because my DPS' didn't fit into the meta and I would be flamed for it, and sitting through (at its release) 20min queues just to play a normal game wasn't it for me chief. Sometimes I go back and play arcade classic quick play. That's fun I guess. Other than that I have no reason to enjoy this game anymore. Why does every game with such a large roster of interesting and compelling characters with some amazing lore have to be accompanied by a sweatfest clown fiesta of a competitive game? League of Legends has over 150+ characters now and almost all of them are so interesting and unique both visually and thematically, but the gameplay is such a drag. The exact same thing happened to Overwatch. It's just... Tryhard or die-hard. What I'd give to have had been able to play a co-op storyline in this game from the start. To have had a game similar to it with co-op and focused on co-op be released anytime since. A whole arm and a bloody leg. Sadge.

  • Justin Hardin
    Justin Hardin

    If you don’t like Overwatch, that’s an opinion. If you don’t like Team Fortress 2, that’s an opinion. Overwatch is great, but I like Team Fortress 2 more.

  • Camden Berry
    Camden Berry

    They're making it into HotS? I might play it now

  • Wenyi Li
    Wenyi Li

    delete junkrat

  • Roguenarak Dimitri
    Roguenarak Dimitri

    Who else thought, at the launch of the game, that tracer's going back in time power was unreal? I thought it was a genius idea and a masterpiece of coding to get the character and her life back in time. That was crazy shit, and they were still doing more. Overwatch is my first game, and lots of my friends just went by and stopped playing it. I won't do that. And I hope to be rewarded for that with a good game. RIGHT, JEFF??

  • Dakota Wyatt
    Dakota Wyatt

    What do you mean Overwatch “was” a great game??? IT STILL IS

  • Hamasake Gagf
    Hamasake Gagf

    its blizard after reforged i am suprised people have any hope

  • criticalhitmate

    I really want this game but I don't want to give Billzard any of my money

  • riskybiscutz

    Are you implying that zarya isn’t a fun character?

  • N M
    N M

    Overwatch is shit, they are focusing on PVE because over watch was never good at being competitive

  • I want the world to burn.
    I want the world to burn.

    Just play Pvz Garden Warfare, real good man

  • Leslie Except I'm French
    Leslie Except I'm French

    i dont think widowmaker's bad, she's just hard to play

  • Shivam Kumar
    Shivam Kumar

    paladins did it first lol

  • Devyat

    How can i like a video more than once?

  • Shaun Libby
    Shaun Libby

    I had no idea this even existed.


    Overwatch 2 is literally a free update but the want to repackage the content as paid because blizzard is greedy as fuck and lazy