Bad Graphics
These games don't even have barely 100 graphics, what a shame.

  • Why Am I Here?
    Why Am I Here?

    "You fucking Batman."

  • Daniel Verrelli
    Daniel Verrelli

    unpopular opinion, I loveee motion blur

  • Karamali NumberOne
    Karamali NumberOne

    the only pepole in the planet that like motion blur are Digital Foundry guys

  • Karamali NumberOne
    Karamali NumberOne

    I hate motion blur

  • Karamali NumberOne
    Karamali NumberOne

    I fucking hate motion blur

  • YoRHa Type A No. 2
    YoRHa Type A No. 2

    "get out of the way you fucking batman" made me spit out my coffee

  • JoJo- The-Butcher
    JoJo- The-Butcher

    Bad Graphics Sometimes Bad Gameplay But Great Memories... Sometimes 🤫😁

  • seankkg

    motion blur is the original sin

  • Rifqi MJ - Reamuji
    Rifqi MJ - Reamuji

    you're being too nitpicky when it comes to scarface

  • Willem

    1:34 That's because Batman is more important than the rest of game. Because he's batman.

  • Cold War Is Awesome ok
    Cold War Is Awesome ok

    There are few games that I would keep the grain film on for the experience... The Evil Within. There are no games (especially shooters) where motion blur is turned all the way up as soon as you load the game A lot of games now are trying to have those realistic graphics that end up looking the same to many others. A perfect example: compare MW2019 to Black Ops 4. BO4 has distinct colorful visuals for a COD & blends colors well... while the other just looks realistic to look "gritty & real"

  • Frank Zappa
    Frank Zappa

    Tekken 1 & 2 are the pinnacle of gaming

  • ball zacks
    ball zacks

    You were always nitpicky and biased I win adios fucko

  • Purple BatDragon
    Purple BatDragon

    "I know these huge, 40-hour games have to use automated cutscenes..." Cyberpunk 2077, a complete dumpster fire of a game, didn't need them. What does that say about everybody else?

  • Sunny Shade
    Sunny Shade

    4:09 is that Tim Rogers?

  • Jimmy Bungalo
    Jimmy Bungalo

    actually, mario 2 has the best graphics

  • Duck Man
    Duck Man

    Dunkey, did you play Arkham city? That camera angle only comes up in situations where you're not really doing anything. When running around, combat, ect you don't have that view, it's much more similar to botw.

  • Armakeen

    what you are saying is really interesting, but the way you speak is a bit annoying

  • Wylguiner Santos
    Wylguiner Santos

    Guys, please, does anybody know what game is this at 0:16 ?

    • Wylguiner Santos
      Wylguiner Santos

      @Damian Stachowski thank you!

    • Damian Stachowski
      Damian Stachowski

      Bubsy 3D

  • Marshall DuBois
    Marshall DuBois

    Goddam im blind. Cant even tell the difference on uncharted 4

  • Joe Wang
    Joe Wang


  • Charlie Ackley
    Charlie Ackley

    3:20 lmao

  • LibertyBall

    “Is that a bad guy or a lens flare?” Dunked, I like ya man, but your reticle is red. Probably a bad dude.

    • meh

      You shouldn’t have to look at the color of your reticle hovering over the enemy to see that.

  • Maniov

    Dwarf Forteresse definitely have the best graphics

  • kvank

    now this is purely ME, its how I view it and nothing else, im not trying to convince anyone BUT leagues graphics makes everything melt together and they have way more cluster of special effects especially in newer characters (at least from when i stopped playing) while dota2 doesn’t have much of that ....... again this is purely how i feel and im probably heavily biased since i played dota since 2014 or something and i only played league cause of a few friends who stopped playing after a while so i swiftly went back to dota since i enjoyed it more anyway

  • Андрей Богатырев
    Андрей Богатырев

    3:53 sound mr grimm special from twisted metal 2

  • Андрей Богатырев
    Андрей Богатырев


  • StevieADHD

    In all fairness you showed a full 5v5 team fight in Dota 2 compared to a lane phase 1v1 in LoL, not a fair comparison.

  • Matija Klaric
    Matija Klaric

    11:13 senpai, did you just complimate LOL

  • All Might
    All Might

    Motion Blur was Hilter’s secret project to contend the atom bomb.

  • Jonah Rodriguez
    Jonah Rodriguez

    this is all true and i definitely agree

  • Xavier Morrow
    Xavier Morrow


  • Youtube

    Let's get ready to grumble

  • ned

    I'm watching this on 144p

  • Alessandro Delfino
    Alessandro Delfino


  • Gavin Rae
    Gavin Rae

    2:42- 2:53... i can't stress how much I feel that "jesus christ" lmao

  • BramdiemanPieman

    tf2: am i a joke to you?

  • Retegar

    Wind Waker achieved almost timeless graphics.

  • Menthols

    100% with you dunks, every time I start up a new game I immediately go to settings, disable motion blue, depth of field. I usually don't mind the lighting/color ones like lens flare or chromatic aberration. Motion blur and DOF are travesties that dev's use to attempt to hide bad graphics. Always have been shit, always will be.

  • Jashi

    this has almost nothing to do with graphics. dunkey trying to look like an intellectual again

  • Test Mail
    Test Mail

    So if it looks too good and isn't packed with bright easy to see/hit enemies it's bad to you? Aka realism isn't your cup of tea In summary.

  • clerp

    This video really makes you feel like grampics

  • Garrett Campbell
    Garrett Campbell

    I love your videos dunkey. Don’t let the haters get to you. Maybe ppl just have a tough time understanding your humor but I think it’s great and so do a lot of other ppl. Keep up the great work man

  • Please play Re-volt
    Please play Re-volt

    Fabulous as always. Can't miss a beat. Comedic genius in the making. I hope we have more people like you giving life meaning for many people like me. Another thing giving me life is the greatest game ever created - Re-volt.

  • Dinis Baptista
    Dinis Baptista


  • Bad Toimz
    Bad Toimz

    naw lawbreakers robot is amazing

  • LemonMind_

    Just get a 8k monitor and your problems are solved I am a master mind

  • Patryc

    why did the new graphics change the color palette. space stations can’t be red and white?

  • lulzPIE

    Everything being too busy, too much focus on "realism", and people blending with the background is exactly the issue I have with Modern Warfare and Cold War

  • Sven K
    Sven K

    You really nailed it with halo, this is why i hate the new halo games, theyre a complete visual mess

  • Allen Yang
    Allen Yang

    4:06 that's goku

  • Nitro

    the only reason i put on motion blur is when i play a 30 fps game because my pc cant handle and it makes it look like a 60 fps game lol

  • Spaceman Spiff
    Spaceman Spiff


  • dusk jazzy
    dusk jazzy

    The real question people need to be asking is really... do the pores stretch?

  • Aditya Yagnik
    Aditya Yagnik

    One of the reasons why Dota 2 is difficult is because there is so much stuff going on in the screen and you have to figure it all out and choose the right targets to go on. I am not going against Dunkey for his opinion nor am I attacking him .I am just pointing out that what he thinks is flawed design is actually deliberate.

  • Draugnaustaunikun Hymnphoo
    Draugnaustaunikun Hymnphoo

    Motion blur helps lower framerates. PS4 is locked at 30FPS on most games. Lol. You're salty.

  • French Fries Fan
    French Fries Fan

    To be fair, when Batman runs or glides in the Arkham games he goes to the center of the screen and takes much less space than when he's walking

  • Sandy_ Mango
    Sandy_ Mango

    Who is Tim and Eric?

  • Lathan Fitzpatrick
    Lathan Fitzpatrick

    3:32 there is no way this is a real game

  • Rasmus Tagu
    Rasmus Tagu

    *More denky* 😳

  • Chazzky

    Mass Effect 1’s film grain was so fucking bad and in your face

  • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    motion blur will always suck, i h8 devs who use it

  • Jonathan Guerra
    Jonathan Guerra

    Cyberpunk 2077 fits perfectly

  • I. M. Aaron Douche
    I. M. Aaron Douche

    scarface's evolved into the next level of crime by breaking the laws of physics

  • Bruno Ramos Dias
    Bruno Ramos Dias

    seeing this 3 years later how do you find these bugs

  • Mirren Bodanis
    Mirren Bodanis

    There's something to be said about games like BotW. The actual fidelity of the visuals is meh. Textures are very low-res, and the draw distance is ass, especially when looking through the Sheika Scope. (They even hide most of it with volumetric atmosphere.) But it's so unique and in tune with itself, it'll never look bad. The design of the visuals and the world is so amazing, you will be able to pick it up in 50 years and still have "woah" moments. It's not ever the cartoony art style that lends itself to this, just the fact that the actual artistic value of the game's visuals is awesome. Skyrim, Bioshock, Portal 2, these games still look amazing. They all have visuals that are unique and focused and consequently awesome. On the flipside, take an earlier Call of Duty. COD MW is ass to look at in 2021. There's no reason behind the way the game looks, simply relying on the technical advancements and recourses of the time to sell it's presentation, and it has been obliterated by the passage of time. (Maybe that's not a perfect example, but you get it.) The more timely something is, the less timeless it is, and great art is always timeless. So it's visuals should follow suit.

  • kod 5
    kod 5

    man ur spot on with that halo point

  • waterfall eyes
    waterfall eyes

    i actually like motion blur

  • Ember Zemian
    Ember Zemian

    As gamers we can all agree that motion blur is terrible

  • Carole Hittinger
    Carole Hittinger

    Proof that all 3D Sonic games are good even 06

  • Jacob 420
    Jacob 420

    the Tekken 1 king in thumbnail brought me here

  • Ritz The rat
    Ritz The rat

    thats why sega put in difrent colerd enimies

  • westsidecamper

    without "motion blur," when the camera pans you will have judder if you pan too fast.

  • Studscapes

    CYBERBUG 2077

  • NBC deadmou5
    NBC deadmou5

    0:30 this nigga clearly hasn’t played warframe XDD

  • Spydrz

    Uncharted actually did it well because when it's like a cutscene they're all moving and talking so it makes it more realistic

  • julz z
    julz z

    LMAO talmbout "halo 5 got so much on the screen" any of yall play warframe? played on the new deimos? now THAT shit got me fucked up i cant see shit

  • Sergej Keser
    Sergej Keser

    "I don't even know how to barely play" -fortnite kid

  • ahmad 32
    ahmad 32

    Holy shiz i remember seeing this uploaded yesterday but not 3 years damn

  • Levosso

    Well ye GTA:SA is one of the best games apart from its graphics

  • Felipe Perez
    Felipe Perez

    0:36 that granade throw though

  • Take Courage
    Take Courage

    To be fair to dota, the game engine doesn't look like that any more, they changed it in 2015 to be more stylised and colourful like League.

  • Tristan Chapman
    Tristan Chapman

    "Since the dawn of man, we have strived to achieve good graphics" is super insightful and 100% true (cave paintings to RE Village)

  • French Fries Fan
    French Fries Fan

    I mean, in the Arkham games, if you're running or gliding, Batman goes to the center of the screen

  • Jack Minten
    Jack Minten

    Viewers in 2021: 1:42

  • Johnny Ferreira
    Johnny Ferreira

    Wtf why don’t I always take motion blur off

    • Johnny Ferreira
      Johnny Ferreira

      @goaway in a ps4 or ps5 that surely won’t affect anything and it will run smoothly as always... Idk... Maybe haha

    • goaway

      while i completely agree with dunkey about motion blur. its actually an effect used to save frames and keep shit running smooth in most cases. However, again its fucking garbage to look at and doesnt actually save that many frames in some cases

  • Major_ Failure
    Major_ Failure

    As a game designer this helped

  • ゴーストghost

    I love bad graphics, idk why I prefer the blurry PS2 version of GTA games over the upscaled, emulated versions for example


    uncharted four was good but the worst game in the series

  • Angelo Castillo
    Angelo Castillo

    Dota 2 is not your game

  • Æñú


  • Toby John
    Toby John

    Dota 2 is still more fun

  • V01D1KA

    Yakuza 2 Kiwami is a huge example of the motion blur issue

  • Jack

    I actually like the motion blur in the DOOM games, anyone agree?

  • toeless_ant6

    the amount of times I can watch this and not get born

  • Kevin Vo
    Kevin Vo

    One exception for automated animation looking shit is the witcher 3. You can see emotions and inflections on people's faces. And so far, no other game has automated animation on par with that game

  • Alberto Alanis
    Alberto Alanis

    Thank God someone else mentioned hating motion blur. I thought I was the only one.

  • AidilOP


  • Topic Infinite
    Topic Infinite

    And one year later, RDR2 took the cake for realism in video games

    • Goose Game
      Goose Game

      No that was bugsnax