Dunkey Direct (2.18.2021)
Can't wait to see whats in store for the new Mario Odyssey and BOTW 2.
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  • Byrden 9
    Byrden 9

    this video was pretty barn good

  • Randall Miller
    Randall Miller

    Boy Howdy that was good!!

  • Elitecdog


  • Dan Wolf
    Dan Wolf

    Even another fire emblem rep would have been better than pyra

  • Josh Zumstien
    Josh Zumstien

    Legend of Mana came out on the PS1, not the Super Nintendo 😑

  • soupman


  • CritHit

    This feels like a joke. Theres no way they made this for real. They made a full direct of anime games with RPG turn based combat. I fucking hate this

  • Chad Nationalism
    Chad Nationalism

    its almost as if... nintendo is a bad, out of touch company

    • Dalgus Maximus
      Dalgus Maximus

      Especially with how they price gouge their products and mercilessly try to take down any and all types of emulators.

  • micky mouse
    micky mouse

    When Nintendo could remake god of war Ps2 .. then the world collapse

  • alfernee

    You can tell Dunkey is a Nintendo fan, because he hates Nintendo

  • Local HD Main
    Local HD Main

    Miitopia but with a random horse woooo

  • zelexen Lizaola-V
    zelexen Lizaola-V

    this direct reallly makes you FEEEEEL like Thank you darksouls

  • Waan


  • James Bolton
    James Bolton

    I’ve been coming back to this vid after the disappointing month I’ve had. Thanks.

  • Why

    When you put a character in Smash then that implies that that character is a gaming icon, then why did Nintendo put in the boob character from the furby sex game?! Dunkey taught me that one. Do you really want another generic anime character with a sword to be a gaming icon? No you don't. How about an actual gaming icon, like the Doom Slayer, even my dad knows what Doom is, it's an iconic game, there is so much that could be used for his moveset for him too. Don't tell me "He can't be in there because it's an M rated game." Bayonetta is in the game too, and that's M rated. The violence would have to be toned down but I'm sure people would be fine with that. He would definitely work. (Slayer is his cannon name, it says so in Doom Eternal.)

    • Dalgus Maximus
      Dalgus Maximus

      He would definitely be unique. I imagine him playing somewhere between donkey kong and solid snake.

  • Rock Lee
    Rock Lee

    Okay I get it’s upsetting, but we’re still in a pandemic and people are still being affected by it. I think like at the moment it’s fair that they don’t have much to show right now. People are probably having to work extra hard to get anything up to Nintendo’s standards of presentable or whatever. Crunching much harder and draining themselves towards the goal. Actual people are working on these games behind the big corporate companies (not excusing the company’s leaders or whoever, especially at Nintendo with its weirdly strict censorship). Just cause they don’t have things to show now doesn’t mean they aren’t working or pushing something. Ik Dunkey doesn’t mean this to the extent that is being portrayed, but that’s what it is: it’s being portrayed to others and influencing their perspectives. Take a moment and think about the people behind it before throwing a heavy ass opinion about there not being a game

    • Dalgus Maximus
      Dalgus Maximus

      I think it probably would have been best if they just didn't show anything then. It would have been even better if they were honest with their setbacks like how they were with metroid prime 4.

  • Ann Ceres
    Ann Ceres

    "Furby sex game" is the best nickname I've heard for Xenoblade Chronicles 2

  • Luis Felipe
    Luis Felipe

    Wait, I can’t believe they actually did that on the end of the direct. Like, seriously, did they really bring Eiji just to say sorry? Like, bro, fuck Nintendo

  • Unprofessional productions
    Unprofessional productions

    Pyra: Sorry Rex I couldn’t tell you, but I need...(turns around) A BIGGER GUN

  • TheIrex10

    “Bravely Default.” Yup, it sure is.

  • TheNumberJ

    Dunkey try playing games besides cereal mascot games sometime.

  • Gavin McKimm
    Gavin McKimm

    Whats the second game he talks about, like whats the new smash character from?

    • Goose Game
      Goose Game

      It's from xenoblade 2

  • Tori

    The mini directs/ indie showcases have been so much better

  • BadEmoji

    I always said Nintendo was like the dad thats never around. Sure he shows up to give you a badass christmas present, but doesnt even remember to call you on your birthday

    • Goose Game
      Goose Game

      That is 100% true

  • Tired Husky
    Tired Husky

    I might be the only one who enjoyed the direct....

  • A Sneaky Lawn Gnome
    A Sneaky Lawn Gnome

    "You can have a horse as an ally? That's pretty daaarn good!" But it ain't a dunkey. 1/10

  • nootle

    the only good thing to come out of the direct is that skyward sword is being remastered

  • CatSora FGC
    CatSora FGC

    I actually got Xenoblade 2 after the direct just to see what kind of stuff I was missing. I’m 10 hours in and I want my time back lol

    • Fretless

      @CatSora FGC So yeah, play it for a full day without sleep, then it'll be good.

    • CatSora FGC
      CatSora FGC

      @Fretless I was actually told it gets good at chapter 4. That’s 25 hours in

    • Fretless

      @CatSora FGC Fans of the game will tell you it gets good 20 hours in. Y'know, the sign a game is well paced.

    • CatSora FGC
      CatSora FGC

      @HR - G That's cool that you enjoy it, but I'm not having any fun

    • HR - G
      HR - G

      it is a really good game fuck off

  • gabriel brito
    gabriel brito

    where's book worm adventures 2

    • Goose Game
      Goose Game

      Reggie is scared

  • StEaK The Strong
    StEaK The Strong

    Bring on the next gaming crash. Its time

    • Dalgus Maximus
      Dalgus Maximus

      What would that do?

  • Kubuś Kubicki
    Kubuś Kubicki

    Oh... Oh no...

  • Elijah Compton
    Elijah Compton

    Are you marrss?

  • Muffin Ator
    Muffin Ator

    i enjoy anime and rpgs, but when nintendo makes a nintendo direct for the first time in more than a year, and it’s full of anime jrpg indie games and ports, it’s incredibly disappointing. nintendo directs should be for first party nintendo games, maybe even ports.

  • Teddy boy
    Teddy boy

    Me when there's a group project and the deadline comes: 5:51

  • Ian Jurkiewicz
    Ian Jurkiewicz

    When the girl was next to the horse and the heart popped up, I lost it. Nintendo really lowkey making beastality jokes at kids.

    • Crathion

      I think that’s a friendship meter not a sex meter.

  • Rastabugs

    At least they are honest

  • Dai

    ok but why does dunkey love to dunk on anime fans when he's a nintendo fan who loves mario like he thinks he's much higher on the social scale or something

    • Dalgus Maximus
      Dalgus Maximus

      I think it's because mario games tend to be good and anime rpgs tend to be gay as fuck.

    • Dalgus Maximus
      Dalgus Maximus

      I think it's because mario games tend to be good and anime rpgs tend to be gay as fuck.

    • Fretless

      What does him liking Mario have to do with him not liking anime?

    • Big Wheel
      Big Wheel

      not thinks, knows

  • Jack Basil
    Jack Basil

    Ok here’s the thing, now you may disagree with me but I am unironically excited for pyra and mythra and splatoon 3 and miitopia

    • Crathion


  • GodDamn Arshia
    GodDamn Arshia

    How hard can a man seethe

  • angusyoung119

    *somber music plays*. . .Mario?!

  • Hugh M9
    Hugh M9

    so glad im not a nintendo fan

  • Cameron Nejat
    Cameron Nejat

    I’m down so bad that I think Pyra is a great addition to smash

  • Ramon Espinoza
    Ramon Espinoza

    This is better than actually watching the direct 💀

  • Ramon Espinoza
    Ramon Espinoza

    Dunkey videos never fail to make me LMFAO

  • MSMgamer 384
    MSMgamer 384

    i like how this video has even more views then the original

  • declan mangan
    declan mangan

    “Lower your expectations, boy’ Kratos,2018

  • Dr Coomer
    Dr Coomer

    They should have shown the new breath of the pokemon

  • Ice Is Number 7
    Ice Is Number 7

    Damn, I actually really like RPGs but damn it if this wasn't the most disappointed I've been in the last 5 years

  • BasicallyYourBad

    5:45 is this real like I cant tell if this is a troll or what they literally.....

  • ArgostheCreeper

    Ok, well to me, Miitopia is good news... however I don’t own a switch, so...

  • Daniel Sher
    Daniel Sher

    nmh 3 looked pretty cool

  • Spar7anJ

    Americans thinking the world should bow to them adhd version.

    • Dalgus Maximus
      Dalgus Maximus

      @Goose Game Murica is the best though.

    • Goose Game
      Goose Game

      @Dalgus Maximus America is far from the best

    • Dalgus Maximus
      Dalgus Maximus

      America is the best ever so that makes sense.

    • Gowresh Kishore
      Gowresh Kishore

      No matter how hard you try. You will never be Japanese.

  • Rene Aviles
    Rene Aviles

    Dunkey wtf

    • Big Wheel
      Big Wheel

      @bean man what did you do wrong

    • bean man
      bean man

      What did he do wrong

  • Juniper Hofheinz
    Juniper Hofheinz

    okay but splatoon 3 and miitopia are hype

  • Classification Jayden
    Classification Jayden

    you missed a game

    • Dalgus Maximus
      Dalgus Maximus

      Neon white? That game looked pretty cool.

    • bean man
      bean man

      @Classification Jayden which one? Also it's supposed to be an overview not a full run down

    • Classification Jayden
      Classification Jayden

      at the end of direct

  • FolonRNG

    i don't mind pyra. nintendo knows what the boys want

    • Gowresh Kishore
      Gowresh Kishore

      we did not want this

    • bean man
      bean man


  • Toast Hungee
    Toast Hungee

    New Donkey Kong when?

  • Our_illumination

    To sum it up: Appease the smash fans, promise a few projects and give them one big announcement at the end!!! Yeeeeah!!!

  • the running man
    the running man

    Dunkey's silence at the end explains how disappointed he was when the sequel to breath of the wild didn't pop up and instead the producer said there wasn't any updates happening from the breath of the wild sequel just yet

  • Blank

    Dunkeys smash announcements from last year are basically coming true lmao

  • Ghostly_not_here

    0:45 when I was expecting crash this was my reaction

  • Totally Trey
    Totally Trey

    Congrats to Nintendo on their release of "Bravely Generic 2" so brave.

  • Draconocor

    This direct really makes you *feel* disappointed.

  • bobygreen8

    did dunkey just call splatoon anime

    • Fretless

      It's not really that it's anime, he's just not a big fan of the series.

    • Dalgus Maximus
      Dalgus Maximus

      It basically is what with the loli tentacle characters. But I guess splatoon leans a bit more on the softcore hentai side.

  • enfrahg

    Can't wait for the Absolute State of Play video

  • Uploadxng

    My name is Barbara Gordon and I’m paralysed because the joker shot me

  • Geekbound

    😳! Woah! You can have Amogus as an ally?! That's pretty 'sus'!

  • nicktherange

    I hate anime

  • emprah the rocket
    emprah the rocket

    I can predict Dunkey's next video in March. Monster hunter Rise:Dunkview, or Monster Dunker Rise.

  • Rico

    Nintendo: “That’s sounds pretty barn good!” Dunkey: *inhale* *exhale* 2:31

  • Old-Man Batman
    Old-Man Batman

    Japanese Dude: "How was that"? Dunklass: "Extremely bad".🤣

  • Parroti lol
    Parroti lol

    this is fucking bullshit i want zelda pls man im crying i have been waiting for 4 years now how long do u fucking want give em fuckign zelda instead of bitch ass rpg copy

  • GenophefeElisabeth

    I don't think Dunkey understands videogames and that's coming from someone that doesn't understand Spanish

    • bean man
      bean man


  • jaysun

    Soooo switch is slowly turning into PS Vita?

  • megaaziib

    you forgot skyward sword.

    • bean man
      bean man

      It's not a full rundown

  • Azcorban

    Why did this get recommended to me when this is the embodyment of toxic Nintendo Fans on Twitter

    • bean man
      bean man

      @Big Wheel wow what a great arguement

    • Big Wheel
      Big Wheel

      @bean man Ur toxic

    • bean man
      bean man

      It's just a guy saying he was disappointed, it's not toxic

  • Adam Parry
    Adam Parry

    I’m not even a fan of Nintendo, but I’m pissed that they would do this to those who are fans.

  • Crathion

    Directs are more to show off indie games more then big name titles.

  • Crathion

    Nintendo: “Hey do you want news on that new Zelda game.” Me: “Yea that would be amazing...” Nintendo: “Too bad fucker.”

  • Memeist 2
    Memeist 2

    Pyra in smash is a bad edition. Is what I would say If I wanted to be wrong. Dunkey is wrong.

    • TriaBledig

      @Memeist 2 specify "everything"

    • Memeist 2
      Memeist 2

      @bean man everything

    • bean man
      bean man

      What is he wrong about? He made good points in his video about xenoblade

  • sahib nijjar
    sahib nijjar

    could've added Reggi to game like cmon nintendo

  • Bandits161

    Hearing dogo get so loud is very surreal

  • King Nas1433
    King Nas1433

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 yoooooo. Nintendo the biggest trolls

  • GayMerGirl

    They really made us think “oh! Zelda!” Only to go “SIKE”

  • Kevin Von Zarovitch
    Kevin Von Zarovitch

    BotW 2 is in like the 6th circle of development hell, guaranteed.

    • bean man
      bean man

      It's been only like 2 years chill

    • Dalgus Maximus
      Dalgus Maximus

      It's only been in development for about 2 years though. I was kinda under the impression it would release by now though considering it is probably reusing most of the assets from the previous installment like majoras mask did with ocarina of time.

  • Frozar Burst
    Frozar Burst

    I was disappointed they didn't invite Blinx or Hugh Neutron to Smash


    Don't hear dunkey getting flammed for not liking the new smash character

  • Nathan-Christopher Edouard
    Nathan-Christopher Edouard


    • TriaBledig

      @bean man me too, not even a tik tok cringe comp can hold this

    • bean man
      bean man

      God this is the cringiest thing I've read today

    • Dalgus Maximus
      Dalgus Maximus

      @Nathan-Christopher Edouard Hating jrpg land.

    • Nathan-Christopher Edouard
      Nathan-Christopher Edouard

      @Dalgus Maximus What are you from Damascus or something?

    • Dalgus Maximus
      Dalgus Maximus

      We're all suffering unfortunately.

  • night call take
    night call take

    This doesn’t sound really barn good

  • Zuwara King
    Zuwara King

    1:17 I would also like to see dr.phill in smash I can already some moves he would uave

  • Joshua Pawlak
    Joshua Pawlak

    Dunkeys pyra reaction was exactly what I expected it to be and I was still cracking up

  • Retro74


  • Zuwara King
    Zuwara King

    Nintendo has lost to xbox now

    • how is this
      how is this


  • Zuwara King
    Zuwara King

    I would've preferred Vodoo vince to be on smash then another anime character with a sword, i would take that anytime over anyone with a sword

  • BbrooksR


  • Qerso

    Directs are a bad idea. It's baiting people waiting for news about their favorite franchise to watch an hour of ads. So when those people don't get the exact news they wanted, they redirect their anger at the completely normal small games that were shown instead. Getting surprised every year that a Japanese company showcases JRPG games is like being surprised every year that American companies have multiplayer shooter and singleplayer action-adventure games. I'm only taking hype-culture seriously because it has made the Smash community so toxic, like no one cares anymore about if a character is well-designed and fits well into Smash, now the only thing that matters is how hype the new character is. It's actually affecting game development, the whole smash ballot solidified the idea that they take suggestions, which has lead to a highly entitled idea of future roster additions. Smash was supposed to be about celebrating Nintendo games, even obscure ones. I didn't know what Earthbound, F-Zero, or Fire Emblem was before Smash, and that was a unique experience. Now Smash can only make fan-favorite characters, because no one wants to learn about underappreciated games. Even then they can't please everyone, because people all have different tastes in games.

    • Crathion

      I want a overpower character, that would have a one hit kill.

  • Killua

    This Direct embodies every reason why I fucking gave up on Nintendo years ago. They ain't getting any of my money.

    • Shrek Shrek
      Shrek Shrek

      I'll give in for gen 4 pokemon remakes

  • Hussein

    I love Octopath and Splatoon but this direct seems to have been made just to infuriate dunkey lmaaooooo

  • Veillie Starr
    Veillie Starr

    I'll probably watch this once a week until Nintendo announces anything mentioned here

  • SirLoudBear

    For reference Mario GOLF was the best new game in this direct