Cyberdunk 2077
From the maker of The Wizerd 3.
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with digitalfoundry
and catlarious

  • Emil C
    Emil C

    5:13 King Crimson!!!


    Allosaurus and Stegosaurus still remember that announcement

  • Mathy Don
    Mathy Don

    1:22 - that is exactly how I lift weights... you mean you don't... what if you need to smoke some fools in the middle of your set?

  • TheRockFanNumber1

    This game sucked. 3/10 on a good day.

  • Hidden Turtle
    Hidden Turtle

    Agreed. This gane has horrible bugs. But its story and charecters were amazing. Iv not beatn' but up to the point i played, (even the vening machine mission. As a woman too so totally diffrent experince) its been awesome. A little repetitve at times but on super hard mode and the right attention to stats. Its awesome enough and can be challenging. But once ypu've grinded so much parts of the story that you're halted at untill ypu finish one particular mission, all other side missions can seem trivial. Still. Had fun. Still gotta finish. Enjoyed more than last of us. Poking the bear with that lol

  • Andrew Dawkins
    Andrew Dawkins

    I'm definitely not getting this game

  • Shenmue 3
    Shenmue 3

    Wow, really pushing the nine minute mark, what a sellout!

  • Boa Juse
    Boa Juse

    take out chinpoko from your mouth. Cant understand any you saying

    • Faizan 11-A
      Faizan 11-A

      You are nitpicked and biased, I win bye bye

  • Mathy Don
    Mathy Don

    I’m so jealous, I played on PC and experience almost no bugs... it was a little boring but ok. Is there a bugs mode I can enter to enjoy all these random cars exploding and t-posing?

    • Mathy Don
      Mathy Don

      @Michael Teter how dare you

    • Michael Teter
      Michael Teter


  • john doe
    john doe

    still better than death stranding

  • john doe
    john doe

    rick ross lul

  • No One
    No One

    I assumed Dunkey played his games on a high end PC. I barely had any glitches. Game is still a huge disappointment though.

  • João Ferreira
    João Ferreira

    0.31 POG

  • Nicholas5801

    IGN: 7.0/10 “Has a little something for everyone”.

  • Lightning Mint
    Lightning Mint

    When the year is 2077 cyberpunk will finally be fixed

  • STIX Gaming
    STIX Gaming

    Even without glitches the driving in this game is still dog water. (manly the handling, its unrealistic and feels like your driving on ice when at average speeds)(and you cant even change the speedometer to mph... like dude what? thatd be like if they didnt have a speedometer in forza)

  • John Edwards
    John Edwards

    The developers must have made this game with a blindfold on

  • Miles Del Ghingaro
    Miles Del Ghingaro

    if you think about it cyber punk is actually very smarty to leave all the bugs in in the because we all live in the matrix and it's a metaphor for how broken and fractured our world is

  • Carson Hindle
    Carson Hindle

    hey dunkey, titanfall 2.

  • April Gray
    April Gray

    I actually liked cyberpunk 2077 the story music and setting are the most well done also every ending makes players feel like their decision meant something and can be canon in someway. Also i found the ending dunkey chose satisfying for me. I do hope they make it playable and add DLCs.

    • Everything Go
      Everything Go

      They will but it will take more than 1 year

  • Tony

    9/10 of these bugs ive never seen, even on opening day.

  • Peter Fischer
    Peter Fischer

    Review cybermage

  • I have the high ground
    I have the high ground

    Damn I didn't know dunkey held Ghost of Tsushima in such a low place. I've also never ever played it or had a console so wtf do I know.

    • Cerebromide

      Dunkey is a genius at finding glitches and breaking games

  • Sherlock Homeless
    Sherlock Homeless

    that moment when dunkey rates cyberjunk higher than ghost of tsushima

    • jano Gabor
      jano Gabor

      Ghost of tsushima is not very good.

    • Everything Go
      Everything Go

      It deserves it for pc version. Console is 4/10

  • QMan1234red

    Running cyberpunk on my gtx 970 was literally painful. Had to stop. Its just not worth it at the moment.

  • ITACHI 18_?¿
    ITACHI 18_?¿

    I need sub vietnames pls

  • LoserTM

    This game is possibly the best comedy game of the century.

  • Kim Beatty
    Kim Beatty

    i think that the bugs where placed there because it is in a cybernetic future and ever one is up grading there body parts so there might be some glitches in the game

    • Kim Beatty
      Kim Beatty

      were not where

  • Mr. Cholo
    Mr. Cholo

    How DARE YOU! say . " it's still better than. Death Stranding, Fuck you Dunky.!!!. Lol 🤣 Atleast say better than Anthem

    • Corin Swindells
      Corin Swindells

      He can say that if he wants

  • Julian Martinez
    Julian Martinez

    You don’t like the minute details on technology in the game ? But I thought you liked metal gear???? Oh I get it. No giraffes 🦒

  • bill withers
    bill withers

    Turns out the entire game was just a poorly coded braindance.

  • Martin Gray
    Martin Gray

    The last minute of the video where Dunkey says he still likes the game purely for the acting and dialogue is why the Cyberpunk launch is so heartbreaking. Under the bugs and the mediocre gameplay, you got some of the best writing and just straight up the best actors and voice-actors in a videogame to date. If everything was bad or mediocre well who cares right? Let's just not trust CD Projekt red again and move on. But since some parts of the game are so great and it's so obvious that there are some really talented people who worked hard on this project it just feels like such a waste.

  • future_death

    7:06 This was freakin' hilarious!

  • President OwObama
    President OwObama

    This is a great

  • Satsui Nohado
    Satsui Nohado

    There's a guy I know that is a loyal supporter of this game no matter how bad all this sht is.

  • Sinosi 2006
    Sinosi 2006

    let me sum this up for you guys..., yeah, ... its a glitch festival

  • Moose Caboose
    Moose Caboose

    you know your game is bad when roblox games work better than it

  • Moose Caboose
    Moose Caboose

    you bee soft started being shit once they became ewww beeeee soft

  • Leukashot

    HEY! That's a good game you know?! Don't diss Driver like that!


    Dunkacino you’re pointing out bug and glitches no one will ever see so your wrong

    • Crathion

      @Corin Swindells Yea that’s what I played it on. I could not go 3 hours without crashing.

    • Corin Swindells
      Corin Swindells

      @Crathion I think is has promising things in it but god damn the bugs on last gen consoles

    • Crathion

      @Corin Swindells oh yeah the game is just fucking broken.

    • Corin Swindells
      Corin Swindells

      It has bugs, stop denying the facts

    • Crathion

      I like the story, but that’s just me

  • Raphael P.
    Raphael P.

    Niko it's Roman!

  • Dennis De groot
    Dennis De groot

    Naw dawg, you had more fun playing nioh 2

  • Little Julius Caesar
    Little Julius Caesar

    Cyberpunk: gunshots V: Nice neighborhood!

  • Duccly Dumbo
    Duccly Dumbo

    this is what happens when you dont playtest a game people.

  • Teuku Rhazes
    Teuku Rhazes

    I really dont want to support a company that does things like this, overhype their game and then sell it like its in alpha stage. They clearly knew what they were getting into by not letting reviewers use their own footage cuz they're scared of the bugs being exposed before release. I feel like people should stop demanding so much and being impatient, and companies should stop overhyping their games and selling trash. I think people really have to stop supporting companies that do this for them to fully wake up and realize how big of an issue this is. If people keep buying these things they'll just do it again in the future and go "whoops sorry, please wait while we make a patch for the game to make it playable although you paid 60 bucks for it already"

  • Be Kind To Birds
    Be Kind To Birds

    More personality and soul in the main list characters than anyone in horizon? You're out of your gourd mate, sounds like you can't tell the difference between time on screen stimulation and well written characters.

    • Be Kind To Birds
      Be Kind To Birds

      @Veer Shah Yes I have, horizon has incredible characters the game just doesn't lay out their entire story barney style, you have to continually engage with them like real people. More accessible and dumbed down is not better written, it is more stimulation and that's it.

    • Veer Shah
      Veer Shah

      Have u played the game? Horizon has robotic characters with no motivations. Cyberpunk has people with motivations and a backstory.

  • SMGC

    This game really makes you *feel* like Arthur Morgan.

  • VixWasHere

    "This is set in a truly dystopic vision of the future where among us Mondays was cancelled for some shitty game reviews and non daily content"

  • D K
    D K

    7:56 1% actually finished the god dam game

    • I'm Todd Howard and I made Skyrim fridge edition
      I'm Todd Howard and I made Skyrim fridge edition


  • Gab

    niko, its Roman, lets go bowling lmao

  • Push Play
    Push Play

    0:28 Hey! That’s my girl’s parallel handiwork!

  • Seth Leoric
    Seth Leoric

    Number 1 game with most potential but greatly unfinished right above MGSV

  • Steve The Stevuation Stevenson
    Steve The Stevuation Stevenson

    Bugs in games like AC valhalla or the newer watch dogs games were funny, seeing an NPC do something dumb, or seeing two NPCs way too far away punching at the air near each other, the kind of bugs you'd see in oblivion. Those games are pumped out way faster than Cyberpunk and they are so much better. There's no defense for cyberpunk, even if you say cdpr has less funding, it's just ridiculous how bad it ended up being after so many years of "work". Its gross that a company who's entire advertising scheme was pandering to the fans, would screw over the fans so bad. I don't like a lot of stuff that other rpgs do, like boring filler missions so they can advertise "100 hours of gameplay!" But i would rather collect every garbage item in other, more polished games than play through the main story of this again.

  • Mann

    He is right but he needs a better platform so it can run better

  • Jun Jun
    Jun Jun

    I love Cyberpunk I got the same ending Dunkey did And honestly, it’s way better than the other ones I’m going to play it all over again when I get the 3080 rtx Also, you tend you see new and notice things when you play the game a 2nd time

  • Goose

    Plot twist: It’s buggy because it’s all a simulation

  • Jacob Evans
    Jacob Evans

    The Cyberpunk support the homosexual. THATS WHY IM NOT PLAY IT!

  • ThatSithLord

    With all the shit they've gone through since releasing this game id be amazed if they pulled a no man's sky on us.

  • Alexander Unknown
    Alexander Unknown

    correct is CyberBug 2077 lol

  • OPolo704

    7:07 I just noticed the "Niko it's Ronan, let's go bowling" LOL

  • Staedus

    Cyberpunk on my ps4 is actually mostly fine, I want glitches damnit!


    When ever I watch any Cyberpunk 2077 video that shows the bugs I played about 300 hours so far and a video can have 20 bugs/glitch Out of the 20 I might have seen at least 3 of what players have shown or just similar.


    The Ubisoft Tier Copy Paste Filler 😂

  • h

    4:51 that game ended me

  • Nexus Clarum
    Nexus Clarum

    i bet quite a few people lost their jobs lol.

  • Chase Omega
    Chase Omega

    When a company relies on a celebrity to sell their product, that's when you know something is wrong with the product and they're trying to hide it. They distracted everyone by saying "look, it's Keanu Reeves! Oh wow, it's Keanu, everybody! Wow!"

  • Sebastian Colón
    Sebastian Colón

    Dunkview Sonic R

  • GooseAreGooder -_-
    GooseAreGooder -_-

    Should’ve been Gex

  • UrMad

    The game has some major problems which get obscured by the bugs and glitches

  • camkam28

    Rick Ross xD

  • J.P. Deagensworth
    J.P. Deagensworth

    I made a lot of good choices in 2020, one of the tops was ignoring my hype for Cyberpunk and waiting until I saw reviews before getting it. Another great choice of 2020? Never bought the fucker.

  • no

    I really don't think the patches will fix this disappointing game. It doesn't looks like it has much going for it. Gameplay looks very clunky.

  • M Digital Gaming
    M Digital Gaming

    Finally a video about Cyberpunk thats honest and not a rehash of ps4 gameplay glitches, I'm still enjoying Cyberpunk, thanks for keeping it real Dunkey!

  • Yoshi J
    Yoshi J

    This game was made for videogamedunkey to review

  • Keenan Love
    Keenan Love


  • Papa Don't Like No Goat Stealers
    Papa Don't Like No Goat Stealers

    This game is literally Neuromancer the video game. Like the premise and atmosphere is so similar it is criminal.

  • Titus Winslow
    Titus Winslow

    Cyberpunk has better characters than all these games *Shows Ghost of Tsushima* Me: *Glares at this man through spaces time*

  • Peter Santiago
    Peter Santiago

    First announced it would be released on the atari 2600.. loool that did it for me

  • Neeina N
    Neeina N

    the music overlapping bug is basically how i would describe my anxiety

  • Genken

    FK i forgot too....

  • Air Espenilla
    Air Espenilla

    Imagine waiting 8 years for a game only for it to crash your console over and over

  • RallyeGuy340

    I thought Cyberpunk was such trash but I enjoyed Far Cry 5

  • K3J0

    Atleast this game was not made by EA and Ubisoft...Right?

  • Spicy Lemons
    Spicy Lemons

    I don’t unsderstand why they don’t make 3rd person a more available option. Like what’s the point of me making a character when I can hardly look at them.

  • CoreisusBand (Like Toys-R-Us but with CORE)
    CoreisusBand (Like Toys-R-Us but with CORE)

    @2:28 *Perfect* spot for an ad!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • swaygfx

    🤣🤣🤣 hype isn't always good

  • Omegs

    watch dogs 2 has personality. its just, right and right there eh fuck

  • Frank Cross
    Frank Cross

    It does have great characters, which just makes the game even more disappointing. So much potential. But yeah, still way more fun than a lot of games, somehow.

  • Tristin Shewmake
    Tristin Shewmake

    This is so much worse when you consider how the devs were treated. Fucking disgusting.

  • lol

    So when I first got the game the game Crashed before I even got to the in-game menu


    5:46 just sped right by😂

  • bob hope
    bob hope

    are those really his pc specs? god i sure hope so. then I won't feel as bad

  • Devin Winchester
    Devin Winchester

    None of our current issues are solved and are worsened and the only difference is we have evolved technology and the reason you don’t see a beautiful future for this game is because the world probably never changed so it’s likely it was a democrat city lol

    • Devin Winchester
      Devin Winchester

      @I'm Todd Howard and I made Skyrim fridge edition if the future looks like this then we are fucked bro nothing about society was fixed at all and the only thing different is politics and technology

    • I'm Todd Howard and I made Skyrim fridge edition
      I'm Todd Howard and I made Skyrim fridge edition


    • Ultra Zeptimus
      Ultra Zeptimus


  • VetchGex

    he's playing my favorite game, CyberDunk 2 Basketball Manager

  • Logic 13
    Logic 13

    Night city is the first strand-type city

  • Mozart

    just change the name become cyberpunk 2077 beta. Problem solved.

  • Whiscer

    7:08 was that niko?

  • Gil Serranito
    Gil Serranito

    Well... If dunkey aproves it Then so be it guess im buying cyberdunk

  • Jotomo Joestar
    Jotomo Joestar

    Man, I love all your vids, but this was such so fucking enjoyable to watch!!!!!!

  • Secretly a Celebrity
    Secretly a Celebrity

    The driving is honestly an afterthought. It's plain undoable.