Dunkey Sony Direct | February 25, 2021
Very excited for the new Ape Escape.
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  • The Sparrow
    The Sparrow

    "Elden Ring is a gamble game, last gamble games were Death Stranding and Cyberpunk so this could flop" its Fromsoftware, theres no such thing as a bad Fromsoftware game (from demon souls onwards). And if we wanted a gamble to look at why not Sekiro, arguably more of a gamble than a GTA clone like Cyberpunk and was way more successful.

    • Goose Game
      Goose Game

      Since it's open world it come out as a buggy mess

  • Joker’s Shadow
    Joker’s Shadow

    I hate to be that guy but I love that donkey is using music from persona 5 strikers

  • finvasion123

    can you make an horizon zero dawn video

    • Goose Game
      Goose Game

      He plays it in jampack vol 1

  • Kay2Jay

    Welcome to the new Kingdom Hearts, factually accurate right there Also damn I wish we would get Jak 4... but nope the woke bullshit that is the last of us 2 got too many awards so they're remaking the first one.

  • Barak MoBamba
    Barak MoBamba

    I'd play that Dinosaur game.

  • Hayden Aiello
    Hayden Aiello

    Dino Gunther actually sounds like a really cool concept for a game

  • DaseanceDoesGEEK

    I’m just here for the sly cooper music

  • Sam Whitehouse
    Sam Whitehouse

    All jokes aside 'Dino GUNther' doesn't sound like a bad idea

  • Hunter Moreno
    Hunter Moreno

    When is Dino gunthers release date?

  • PizzaParker

    I'm sad I have to say this but: *its in pre-alpha ofcourse it doesnt look good yall are stup-*

  • Eoin Doyle
    Eoin Doyle

    That Resogun joke was Dunkey's most subtle.

    • Goose Game
      Goose Game

      @Josy Lazaretti wtf is wrong with you

    • Josy Lazaretti
      Josy Lazaretti

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  • Max Locher
    Max Locher

    I wanna olay this dino game

  • Merumya

    How about stopping to beat a dead horse like FF VII and start to make a remake of 6? ...or maybe I should keep my mouth shut, enjoy 6 in the state it is and hope they never put their greedy, all-destroying hands on it.

  • Merumya

    Some of this shit looks actually real. And that scares me :>

  • Jorge Diaz
    Jorge Diaz

    Next Naughty Dog game will be a remake of the last of us 😶

    • Goose Game
      Goose Game

      I would much rather have uncharted 5

  • Alikos

    I was just scrolling through Dunkey's cideos and I saw on a prewiev Jak and Daxter and I was immediately like POG time to watch!

  • Cold War Is Awesome ok
    Cold War Is Awesome ok

    Sony would draw Xbox fans back to Playstation if they allowed Insomniac Games to make Sunset Overdrive 2 for the PS5.

  • uMAD dotCOM
    uMAD dotCOM

    Of course I remember Dishnoured. One of the best games I’ve ever played.

  • Sir Dewd
    Sir Dewd

    2:25 Lol Digimon did that in their PS2 flop

  • Van Hunts
    Van Hunts

    2:13 Gotta Dominos pizza ad right here and half thought it was the actual video.

  • JhongYT

    But, turns out, it was not ok with Harold.

  • Lofty_TM

    what is outro music?

  • Alfie

    DinoGunther sounds awesome though.

  • Maple Miles
    Maple Miles

    At least the recent Nintendo was better then this

  • Redstar2613

    Does anyone still actually like Jak and Daxter and not just for nostalgic reasons? I got it on the PS4 and it kinda sucks :/ I loved it when it came out, though, so even nostalgia couldn't save it for me. Jak IV could be good, though. I mean, the first game has everything I like in a game like that but I guess I was more forgiving as a kid.

  • AppleJuiceDeuce

    I honestly forgot the PS5 came out

  • Gleam

    They what

  • Ian Wilder
    Ian Wilder

    A Halo Top ice cream ad ran before this which means you made it

  • wizard o
    wizard o

    yeah I stopped listening to dunkey when he said Reso-Gun wasn't worth a whole new console.

  • Upbeat Carnivore
    Upbeat Carnivore

    I miss when ratchet & clank was edgy

  • DachKing

    Shoulda had more Knack

  • Adapt Or Perish
    Adapt Or Perish

    People are worried about Elden Ring being "open-world". Well, Dark Souls 1, 2, 3 and Sekiro were open-world. Wasn't your typically lazy TES or AC open-world, but nevertheless an open-world. So, what's with the surprised reaction?

  • Senjo

    I'm still waiting for them to make Knack and Knackster. Easy billion right there.

  • Lucas Troje
    Lucas Troje

    The fact that Sony is making a really good game like FF7 remake into a bunch of dumb shit that nobody cares about is more sad to me than the end of evangelion

  • Daniel Alworth
    Daniel Alworth

    I wish they'd make la noire 2

  • Uehara Junior
    Uehara Junior

    2014...Silent Hills.... *sigh*

  • DemiGod_Scrub

    God Of War 2 🙏

    • very cool [very cool]
      very cool [very cool]


  • Izzy

    You know its getting serious when they bring out throne man

  • Jeff Kuhn
    Jeff Kuhn

    How nostalgic to see Final Fantasy playing out like the legendary Kill Butt franchise.. what a shame we'll never get Killbutt Racing for Android/iOS

  • Sasha Alex
    Sasha Alex

    3:33 Wanted to say how the hell do people like this. It looks horrible. Thank you. XD

    • DemonPumpkin

      Because Pokemon fans are so foolishly optimistic they'll accept any games like these. And I am one of them. I'm gonna be honest, open-world Pokemon sounds VERY cool but the graphics, I literally thought Dunkey was showing a ROBLOX game at first until I realized it was real.

    • 1

      The idea of a open world pokemon game is really cool but gamefreak has only ever cared about money since the gen 6 games. All of pokemon games past gen 6 where rushed and unfinished, especially with gen 8 where they pushed the game into release just so they could release the shitty anime and trading cards quicker for more money.

  • JNS Studios
    JNS Studios

    2:42 why does this actually sound like an alright idea?

  • Bhargav Patel
    Bhargav Patel

    I remember Dishonoured... really good gameplay. I couldn't care less about the story in a video game. Its one of the few games I beat because the mechanics were fun.

  • Chaos Slayer
    Chaos Slayer

    Greetings Dunkey. It is me Mark Zuckerberg. Would you please subscribe to me so I can spy on you.

  • Haris Saqib
    Haris Saqib

    i would unironically play Dino Gunther

  • Ismael

    “Show me Jack and Daxter: The Golden Crab” Sims 4 ad

  • Octane Street
    Octane Street

    I really wish Ratchet & Clank came to Steam/PC... I sold my PS4 last year and now won't be able to play any more of their games sadly :(

  • C. Moon
    C. Moon

    Square sucks.

  • Farmer Squidward
    Farmer Squidward

    i would buy a ps5 if dino gunther was real

  • Scorn

    0:43 I got a PS4 for Bloodborne (2015), so they just need one good flagship, even if it's years late. Not like anyone has a PS5 yet.

  • Test Mail
    Test Mail

    Resident evil 8 or whatever the new number is looks weird as hell. Giant big titty vampires and they use swords yet you have guns and such and there's a giant fat guy who sells you shit.

  • Test Mail
    Test Mail

    I'm good on a PS5 I got a gaming pc when they go on sale for like half price or less I'll grab one. I mean with steam I've literally not needed to touch my ps4 in years. I only played my ps4 to play a fist of the north star game and it started in the second arc when I wanted the first arc.

  • Oxfordium


  • JCSr o n i n
    JCSr o n i n

    I'd buy the shit out of Jak and the golden crab

  • Finnish Hunter
    Finnish Hunter

    Ps4 gained its popularity because of fortnite, and it definetly isnt a compliment...

  • BenKii

    Now this is a fine video, a real fine video. You can get yourself some first class entertainment here.

  • JadedSlime

    knack 3 then I’ll buy ps5

  • Ash

    Dunkey using music from a jrpg this is not him

  • Iris Latifolia
    Iris Latifolia

    The way he said "-intergraaaade", lol he sounds so done XD.

  • Hmm, you.
    Hmm, you.

    "Look! Amoogus!"

  • OlySamRock

    no idea what hes talking about even at all

    • OlySamRock

      just let me play only Prey (2017) in peace

  • hr1meg

    No Knack 3 with PS5? Damn!

  • Chiboy

    7:32 did kingdom hearts remake their games too much or something?

  • Chiboy

    7:01 idk much about gaming but isnt the single player campaign dunkey is asking for just a player going against computers? can someone explain what he is asking for and what they have now?

  • danielhzmusic

    Sony went sucko mode

  • CezaMVO

    Dino Gunther is going to be the magnum opus of naughty dog

  • CezaMVO

    As much as I want a PS5, literally there's no point of getting it right now. There's no game to play.

  • ZachToons

    Big news? More like...BEEG news.

  • xandstuff12

    I don't like that Dunkey's joke idea of a Naughty Dog game where a photo-realistic man in a cartoon dinosaur game/cartoon dinosaur in a real-world setting playing off each other is the best idea I've heard here and NOT anything PlayStation has presented.

  • The Rorschach Imperative
    The Rorschach Imperative

    Glad Dunkey is finally giving project rectangle the respect it deserves

  • Bryan Jones
    Bryan Jones

    naughty dog is a good franchise.

  • Literal Fucking Troll
    Literal Fucking Troll

    Gran Turismo outro music?

  • Chris Handsome
    Chris Handsome

    ...are they serious? A Final Fantasy VII BATTLE ROYALE?

  • Chris Handsome
    Chris Handsome

    Jak and Knack... The best pairing since wine and cheese...

  • Rusty Mew
    Rusty Mew

    Dunkey: "Before this remake is over, you're going to have to play a fucking Final Fantasy VII battle royale mobile game to get the full storyline" SP: *Unveils a fucking Final Fantasy VII battle royale mobile game* Dunkey: (Shouldn't have said that, I should NOT have said that.)

  • Ferrous Aradicen
    Ferrous Aradicen

    Final Dance: Revolution Fantasy when?

  • FartHead4321

    Villiage is another encyclopedia that women can pull out and play. The game still looks really good though

  • Adosan

    song at 5:44?

    • Adosan

      @xHumanwine Thank u

    • xHumanwine

      Tower Knight's ost from origin demon's souls

  • Harley Efron
    Harley Efron

    7:40 is this footage from an actual version of final fantasy 7? Can I play that?

    • Vincent_ Graymore
      Vincent_ Graymore

      in 2022 yes

  • Beef Stroganoff
    Beef Stroganoff

    I'm disappointed. This direct didn't feature Real Pool 3D - Poolians!

  • Ze 'Lectrode
    Ze 'Lectrode

    Fun fact: Games Man actually finished something. Now if he'll only finish the new book...

  • Oo F
    Oo F

    Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Golden Crab

  • AzureDragon97

    Dishonored is a masterpiece.

  • Steaming Shit
    Steaming Shit

    Ok, hear me out... Sly Cooper 5

  • Attention

    This is my favourite Dundo video.

  • ThiccBoiFuze


  • Saber TAK
    Saber TAK

    Dunkey it's not god of war 2 it god of war 5

  • JMadden 64
    JMadden 64

    Pokemon Stranding

  • camel96ful

    I laughed so hard when he said “final fantasy battle Royale mobile game” then I realised...

  • Mein Fuhrer
    Mein Fuhrer

    Come on Sony give us Gex remake

  • Caylex

    I don't know if I'm delirious from lack of sleep or if I just witnessed a FF7 prequel that is also Fortnite. I hope it's the former.

  • ProtoMario

    Imagine losing to a game called Project Rectangle.

    • Pinky Blacklist
      Pinky Blacklist

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    • FB3 Network
      FB3 Network

      People who don't get the joke: BuT iT iS cAlLeD PrOjEcT TrIaNgLe, NoT PrOjEcT rEcTaNgLe


      Dead channel 😢👌

    • Umang Kansakar
      Umang Kansakar

      Dang so little likes for a verified creator

  • Mei Sapphire Gonzalez
    Mei Sapphire Gonzalez

    4:14 these games are for fucking Boomers whose should have died. Fuck old resident evil all my homies prefer new ones.

    • 1

      Both the new and old ones are great and there's nothing wrong with liking an old game.

    • Dalgus Maximus
      Dalgus Maximus

      Lol wtf? I like those types of games and I aint no boomer.

  • Daniel W.
    Daniel W.

    i must disagree on the dishonored storyline is shit

  • Soloun

    I'll take 10 copies

  • HairyGoWobbla

    Fire Emblem Awakening is underrated

  • Nora Adora
    Nora Adora

    oh you want a game with Dinosaurs and guns , but you won't play Dino Crisis 2 :((

  • Nora Adora
    Nora Adora

    Dino Crisis 2

  • Tristan Jones
    Tristan Jones

    okay tell me if im wrong but is that a sly cooper level theme that starts at 4:15?

  • Bailey Landis
    Bailey Landis

    why are 95% of games today trash I miss the old days where only 40% of games were trash

    • z #37549
      z #37549

      40%? dude, it was always 95% trash. you just happen to remember the good shit more

  • Colin

    Deathloop looks fucking amazing. Arkane knocked the Dishonored series out of the park and this looks like such a great evolution.