I'm Done with Among Us Tuesdays
The end of an era.
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  • YellowHat

    among us!!!!

  • Robin Saputra
    Robin Saputra

    Anyone know the BGM played(not the End BGM)? I feel like i heard it before.

    • Maroje Miljan
      Maroje Miljan

      Whereabouts of the Starts

  • Videos

    When dunkey quit league I quit watching dunkey. Back in the day I was only playing league and other content didnt catch my interest. Now years later I realize what treasure I missed and now during covid I watched all the funny videos I missed. What a funny channel. The captcha and mario maker episodes are my highlight

  • A Doicin
    A Doicin

    This is hard to take in

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia

    I miss the old dunkey bro, tuesdays just dont hit as hard as they used to😪

  • Collin Kirkman
    Collin Kirkman

    When the donkey is sus 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😇🙂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ಠ_ʖಠ _
    ಠ_ʖಠ _

    I hate among us

  • Daniel Gomez
    Daniel Gomez

    What happened to drama Monday

  • Angga

    for anyone curious about the background music: the whereabouts of light (piano ver. maybe). it's from legend of heroes trails in the sky.

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  • BunnieDS

    among us

  • 2 dollar chicken wings
    2 dollar chicken wings

    When are we getting ToS Fridays?

  • PepeSilviasPS4

    What's that game he mentioned at ~2:22?

  • Jacob Vitale
    Jacob Vitale

    i love donkeys haha lol

  • Wally Limwicks
    Wally Limwicks


  • Evan Weaver
    Evan Weaver

    Sellout. Dunkey has really gone downhill since he stopped doing Among Us Tuesdays.

  • Miodrag Jr
    Miodrag Jr

    ajum mgus

  • Logan Sosa
    Logan Sosa

    Just go back to league

    • VideoGamingChicky 1
      VideoGamingChicky 1

      But league sucks

  • DoodleBopGames

    dunkey ur gae

  • Jake Gorman
    Jake Gorman

    Dear Sir Dunkey, please call your firstborn son "Duncan".

  • Resident Idiot
    Resident Idiot

    If you’re going to use Trails music in your videos, the least you could do is to link the source material.

  • Tortoise200

    It was a good run

  • ReJeoL

    Time flies by so fast that i was shocked this was made a month ago.

  • Kalamander

    Yeah I stopped listening to dunkey when he said among us sucks.

  • Lorenzo Isacc Cantu
    Lorenzo Isacc Cantu

    I agree

  • urb

    The end of an era

  • oasis.

    I really hope dunky returns to his roots as a person who uploads Among us Tuesdays instead of this new Among Us Thursdays rubbish!!!

  • Danny Caracciolo
    Danny Caracciolo

    Where were you when Among us Tuesdays died?

  • Maxon Wolf
    Maxon Wolf

    On a real note: I honestly thing among us is a content void.

  • Smoke


  • Erica Winn
    Erica Winn

    I'm so sory 😢😢

  • Aaditya Sinha
    Aaditya Sinha

    2:12 Is that "The Whereabouts of Light" from Trails in the Sky??!

  • Josh Cameron
    Josh Cameron

    "WHERE DID YOU PUT MY CAR?!" "...just follow your nose"

  • Eric Fjellanger
    Eric Fjellanger

    Among Us Tuesdays weren't ever that great. Otherwise he would have made Among Us Threesdays.

  • Dirk Diggler 151
    Dirk Diggler 151

    Ya know, I may sound biased....but i like Among Us Sundays more than anything.... Let the hate FLOW!

  • ZaxLikesPie

    Imagine Hasan and Dunkey having drama though.

  • Dookie Kong
    Dookie Kong

    The funniest part of the video is that Logan Paul thought he and Dunkey were cool.

  • Moon's Crossing
    Moon's Crossing

    The bgm is from the legend of heroes trails in the sky

    • Robin Saputra
      Robin Saputra

      I knew it. But i never knew he play that series.

  • The Comedian
    The Comedian

    Dunkey literally built he’s whole career off among us tuesdays, mark my words this will be the end of his channel

    • Gio Cayanong
      Gio Cayanong

      This aged well

  • Jacob Chalkler
    Jacob Chalkler

    man remember when games actually had to be good all around to be popular i really miss that and feel the triple A titles have losst touch and the popular games aren't even works of art anymore just social experiments or some weird fucking niche thing that u just click once a day and check on once a day it's kinda sad but thats just what happens i guess when things get more popular

  • Caucasoid Ape
    Caucasoid Ape

    Among Us has terrible aesthetics. Another developer has the opportunity to steal its thunder by making the same kind of game, but better.

  • Ageng Condro
    Ageng Condro

    Just do what u like to do dude. If u can't enjoy what u do, then how u gonna make a good video?

  • L L
    L L


  • Steveyp

    Among us sucks

  • FaZe_Thanos

    You can stop making league videos, you can stop making good videos, but among us Tuesday is where I draw the line

  • cerulean


  • Blimp Dinkus
    Blimp Dinkus

    stopped listenting tou you whgen u said manogus bad !

  • Nouie

    So sad gonna kill myself

  • Kagurazaka Asuna
    Kagurazaka Asuna

    does one amongus tuesday and immediately is done. Time compression xD

  • Anonymous 777
    Anonymous 777

    fortnite sucks

  • Bobo with the Dodo
    Bobo with the Dodo

    They had us in the first half not gonna lie

  • Nathaniel Wilson
    Nathaniel Wilson

    When this is the first dunky video you ever watch...

  • ryan mccarty
    ryan mccarty

    This is the best arc i've ever witnessed

  • Dylan Brandon
    Dylan Brandon

    What's the game that he says after Donkey Kong? "....that good stuff."

  • David Cohen
    David Cohen

    As someone who has been watching Among Us Tuesdays from the very beginning, I'm sad to see it go, but I respect your decision.

  • collt 091
    collt 091

    Anddd my childhood gone

  • AuxiliatrixDOTjpg

    this is just accurate to how i currently feel about among us

  • Rambo John
    Rambo John

    "Among Us" should win the worst game of 2020 award.

  • Dungeon Questing
    Dungeon Questing

    Its an end to an era. i remember the first among us tuesday like it was yesterday

  • Echo

    is this ghibli music

    • Robin Saputra
      Robin Saputra

      The piano? It's from trails in the sky.

  • Bells

    i’m so lost

  • Jeremy Corbin
    Jeremy Corbin

    Melon still needs his whip back Donsley, He's yet to get past your mario maker 2 water-level

  • Angela Tracey
    Angela Tracey


  • Pursuit

    Lamo, this must have been a ride two weeks ago. He had us going for a second.

  • Alan Sup.
    Alan Sup.


  • chason D
    chason D

    i've never seen chason spelled that way

  • snoookie456

    tricked again

  • Benmxd

    This is why I stopped playing among us

  • Garrett Rhoads
    Garrett Rhoads

    Im knew here, is it just me but am I the only one who thinks he sounds always sarcastic


    Sad to see it go. hope will is doing better

  • NoahGMD

    more blunkeys

  • ZaxLikesPie

    Imagine if Dunkey was really in a feud with Hasan Piker.

  • Wlol6767

    Jeff is sad

  • Ian Gathogo
    Ian Gathogo

    Boooooo this man booooo

  • BionicallyAComputer


  • R River
    R River

    Amoung us lost it soul. Also the deathtimers are 2 low.

  • InternetShibe47

    overrated and repetitive us

    • WeXaztor


  • James Peterson
    James Peterson


  • Cartier

    among us is shit

  • GameDevDave


  • Lucas Gerke
    Lucas Gerke

    Dunkey's honestly a legend and the world would be a better place if more UZmilkrs were like him

  • Jacob Wilske
    Jacob Wilske

    In all seriousness, I actually agree with him lol. This game was $5 well spent. I got a solid 20ish hours of enjoyment with my friends out of it and then got confused as to why people still found it fun.

  • retrosashia

    im so upset at this

  • Loafless Bread
    Loafless Bread

    ahahahahahahaha so satire ahahahaha

  • Izahdnb

    I'm new here and already confused.

  • White Crewmate
    White Crewmate

    Dunkey you have forgot me...

  • 7starz

    U haven’t even made a among us Tuesday’s video


      he made

  • Taylor Dahl
    Taylor Dahl

    Definitely miss your old videos Dunkey. Wish you had more support to make the content you used to. Screw the other stuff people make, I wish you didn't have to follow a trend to keep up with the soul-less lame garbage.

  • Gary Stump Beats
    Gary Stump Beats

    nothing better than that jazzy Street Fighter Alpha player select tune!

  • ExplodingDuckBrigade

    So wtf is going on

  • Karl San
    Karl San

    I miss Among us Tuesday :((

  • Skry Fish
    Skry Fish

    Did dunkey reupload this so he didn’t have to do about her among us Tuesday?

  • Omar Habri
    Omar Habri

    holy shit, finally someone said it.

  • satheeshcrypto


  • Greener221

    I thought Dunkey hated JRPGs, yet here he is using JRPG music.

  • KellsG

    This was such a good series

  • Athena Tran
    Athena Tran


  • max brown
    max brown

    Top three things only 90's kids will remember: 1. Among us Tuesday 2. Among us Thursday 3. Among us Sunday

  • Zanthor


  • FREE 4554
    FREE 4554

    Great Video! I’m always a big fan of your “I’m done with” series

  • Tramp bros
    Tramp bros

    bumpkley, on friday night you should upload taco tuesdays!