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  • Armando Calvillo
    Armando Calvillo

    Dunkey I just discovered your channel. I think I share the same videogame experience since the 90's and I just gotta say I really like your style. please keep the good work!! Greetings from Mexico!

  • Reaperkitten

    I love Dunkey so much!

  • Ghanta Gamer
    Ghanta Gamer

    even tho this is a joke donkey is right donkeys videos are rewatchable short and super funny he balances jokes with actual review of the game and pewdiepie just reacts to memes and gets more views

  • Maxwell Edsall
    Maxwell Edsall

    Wait was the actually serious

  • Project Onyx
    Project Onyx

    I like that we get to see Jason more instead of "Dunkey". His humor is always different than when he's making a video and it's a nice change from what we've seen

  • Hans game
    Hans game

    i love you.

  • Elijah Compton
    Elijah Compton

    Are you marrss?

  • Deal Maker
    Deal Maker

    Yeah as disappointing as it is he's right when he says it's all about numbers now

  • brathis 04
    brathis 04

    When did you start?

  • Kurbii boi
    Kurbii boi

    Dunkey: let me tell you the story... of good videos

  • Jakin

    Fuck you, your videos still good :)

  • Xohan Villanueva
    Xohan Villanueva

    Whoever thumbs down ether don’t give a care or is a hater

  • JBlaze

    Weird flex but ok

  • Barko

    never forget uncle dunkey

  • emojiko 11
    emojiko 11

    Girls: men don’t know what real pain is Men:

  • Alejandro Romero
    Alejandro Romero

    Love you and appreciate you dunk

  • Marfin Made it
    Marfin Made it

    We Love you Dunk. Take time for yourself! always #1

  • T Brown
    T Brown

    oh no dunkey, don’t tell me your going to do clickbait fortnite videos with a cringy intro, something like bwa bwa bwa wa, wa, wa wa bwa, bwa wa wa

  • Beat Meet
    Beat Meet

    No you are best.. You are don't like other dumb youtuber..

  • Elemental_Mug09

    Im gonna say it right here His content is entertaining The reviews are legit fucko mode Dunkey makes the funny

  • Kalai Miller
    Kalai Miller

    “Its good for your soul, but not for your bank account” Truer words have never been spoken

  • Paxton Green
    Paxton Green

    Actually please do minecraft wendsday but uhhh NOOOOO DONT DO THE REST DO UR ACTUAL VIDS! ik ur joking but do actually do mincraft plz

  • Paxton Green
    Paxton Green


  • Gamingturtle

    but idubbz is simp

  • Gamingturtle

    where is my type of videoes now? did he move to netflix? :(

  • RetroHds

    2:57 can someone please tell me what song this is

    • RetroHds

      @BB I found it thanks :)

    • BB

      @RetroHds It’s called “Ringside” :)

    • RetroHds

      @BB do you know what the song is called or what part of the game it is in

    • BB

      It’s from the game rhythm heaven fever, I believe

  • Cole Jenkins
    Cole Jenkins

    waaaaahhh my wallet is big enough bro don't call your content art you upload 3 minute gaming videos and shitty reviews every week

  • pyrofox

    Soooooooo........ we thought this was a joke.....we were wrong

  • GrimD Trex
    GrimD Trex

    WTF has yuotube become? I blame smart phones.

  • Please Respond
    Please Respond

    You forgot to ask us to comment. Dunkey? more like DORKey.

  • Cpt Saturn
    Cpt Saturn

    Dunkey going back to league of legends

  • gckbowers411

    3:42 "whatever thing that happened that week" yep its gonna be reporting on blue haired dudes with an occasional story on brutal violence and destruction. Love that frame.

  • JetFalco

    The sad thing is, there is more truth in this satire video than jokes. So many valid points made here that turned my UZmilk-content-creator-fueled depression into UZmilk-content-creator-fueled crippling depression.


    wait , u've made some videos BEFORE ???

  • Scottish Mob
    Scottish Mob

    Merch baby 🙌

  • Brady Neal
    Brady Neal

    I know this was a joke, but Dunkey, Take your time man it’s fine.

  • Lizzie V
    Lizzie V

    Done doing videos that aren’t marble blast gold

  • darius shaban
    darius shaban

    bro among us is dead i guess :

  • Jacob Gee
    Jacob Gee

    Quantity over quality makes me deep throat sick Gross homie

  • Jacob Gee
    Jacob Gee

    Quantity over quality makes me deep throat sick Gross homie

  • Danehh

    Coming back to this video, didn’t really realize how whinny this was.

  • Epyon

    This was a lie. The good videos never stopped

  • mooneatsworms

    me too bro

  • BakedBanana


  • FoundGamer

    Dunkey, I’ve had a UZmilk channel since probably 2009 and I’ve never heard of any of those you mentioned 1:17 Except for Dunkey. Who tf are all these other people xD

  • TLDR

    100 million subs incoming! Dunkey 'bout to blow up.

  • rugmancws

    lazarbeam im pretty sure he aint got no editors

  • Tricky Guy
    Tricky Guy

    and you just said all that. For no reason.

  • HylianSiv

    this video made my depression worse

    • CoZ_Vibes영혼

      He's not quiting, the entire video was a setup for a joke. He stopped making bad vids XD

  • Loomsy


  • Chaotic Satire
    Chaotic Satire

    This is genuinely one of the best videos on this website today.

  • dblockbass

    Wheres the Wild West sit down with Will Smith? Less than 2 mins of minecraft. Trash.

  • G Wolf
    G Wolf

    Only youtuber to keep his integrity

  • I’m In SPACE!
    I’m In SPACE!

    *They had in the first half, not gonna lie...*

  • afd506

    Couldn someone please but the link of of these UZmilk he mention 1:16

  • froot loot
    froot loot

    still getting comments bru :)

  • POLterGUIsT X
    POLterGUIsT X

    Im from brazil...im fuckin love youre videos pleaze dont stop dunkey plzzz

    • CoZ_Vibes영혼

      He didn't stop, this video was actually a setup for a joke. He has already made good videos again.

  • Benyamin Javadi
    Benyamin Javadi

    but man we do love you

  • Caca Rot
    Caca Rot

    Why don't you find a job as TV writer ?, I mean you are clearly talented for it

  • Robert Young
    Robert Young

    Maybe you can statistically compete, like red letter (BLAH, nit to impressed w them), or Marki, but you have something they don't: good content. You may not be a UZmilk Originals or Promoted, but you're better...

  • 812 Outdoors
    812 Outdoors

    Really spilled the bans on fortnite friday

  • bacry

    I totally agree with everything in this video. As a small youtuber, it feels like I’m working towards nothing when I’m actually putting so much effort in my videos, all because it’s based on doing this and doing that.

  • Daniel Astorga
    Daniel Astorga

    Why mess with success by making good vids

  • Joshua Camps
    Joshua Camps

    Your videos need to be 10 mins long to be profitable.

  • Prem Shiv Tanna
    Prem Shiv Tanna

    I am genuinley fine with ur current content. But I still adore your old ones!

    • Crathion

      That’s because he did it for two weeks then stopped

  • the ms paint wizard
    the ms paint wizard

    i wish you the best of luck upon your new endeavors, however many of us will not be able to follow you. i hope that when i... no WE see you again you will have made what you are looking for... and that you will be happy.

  • Chubby Elbows
    Chubby Elbows

    Would 10/10 rather watch dunkey than watch some fortnite try hard.

  • Meganism

    This is why small channels can't really get anywhere on original stuff anymore... that ship sailed when markiplier and pewdiepie first started out and the train has since left the station and we missed it.


      wait is it a train or a boat?

  • Guy Guy
    Guy Guy

    Love ya, but you make 2 million a year mate.

  • Janet McCommon
    Janet McCommon

    pls don't change

  • Francis Solis
    Francis Solis

    Not gonna lie thou, I rather watch Dunkey doing *Fuckery* *Hi-ho's* in a rarely release video than reacting to a "funny" video in the internet.

  • amir zahedi
    amir zahedi

    Ok i like you

  • PD Swart
    PD Swart

    “no more dunkviews” ... a recent dunkview is exactly what introduced me to the channel

  • Kirin Royal
    Kirin Royal

    Im done making good videos just decided to make better videos :)

  • Kevin Lopez
    Kevin Lopez

    "I'm done making good videos" Me: *sees the stats on the chart ya... you sure about dat ya won't ... reconsider

  • Caden Moffitt
    Caden Moffitt

    The bad ending

  • Redleader_5

    I've never seen so many verified youtubers commenting on the same video

  • rodrick 1009
    rodrick 1009

    the trending page is so annoying, you can tell it’s just a bunch of 14 year olds that are watching them

  • ethann mazak
    ethann mazak

    Dunkey, you made me laugh with my old friend, Row. We often quoted you when we played league. Thank you for giving us jokes that never got old. Not even close baby.

  • Zanmaru

    Have you considered streaming as a cartoon shark?

  • Daniel Sutphin
    Daniel Sutphin


  • Bromus Anomalus
    Bromus Anomalus


  • Trashcant YouTube
    Trashcant YouTube

    Just work at McDonald’s

  • Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage Kira


  • i have brain damage
    i have brain damage

    i can't tell if he's joking or not

    • Crathion


  • Gavin Williams
    Gavin Williams

    Love you Dunkey

  • Jônatas

    ''Minecraft Speedrun (World Record) (Ratatouille)''

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson

    This hit me like a truck. You are a real youtuber

  • AlphaLeader772

    i like how UZmilk wants to be creative, yet it's fucking full with reaction videos with zero effort while the actual creators are busting their asses and then the stupid low effort videos get more money.

  • AJ

    wow, what a good video!

  • Bad Router
    Bad Router

    yall just do it for the money, just be honest

  • Bad Router
    Bad Router

    you sound like a spoiled brat that never worked a day in his life

  • Jordan Sullivan
    Jordan Sullivan

    Does Dunk not like Markiplier? Idrk the YT gaming community so if someone could fill me in pls

  • Tal Golubov
    Tal Golubov

    I feel like this video was made to make fun of pewdiepie's channel

  • Keith Carter
    Keith Carter

    Whatever ya wanna do, Dunko, we'll be here for ya!

  • Roberta Pastorius
    Roberta Pastorius

    Wait you were making good content before

  • Gingerneer

    Dunkey please make a new day of the week so we can have more among us videos

  • peon

    This is true for like all media everything is a fucking cash grab

  • Secretly a Celebrity
    Secretly a Celebrity

    Are you angry because everyone thinks you're black?

    • Secretly a Celebrity
      Secretly a Celebrity

      @Crathion lol, no he isn't 🤣

    • Crathion

      What do you mean thinks? He is black.

  • NecronexX

    Honestly, I’ve had a lot of you tubers I’ve followed around for a long time. And donkey was about the most loved.