Super Mario 3D World (dunkview)
The secret masterpiece.
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  • Fernando Montenegro
    Fernando Montenegro

    That Last line hit so good, Just like The one from his whiplash/Lalaland video. Masta piece

  • Dart animations
    Dart animations

    Mario’s a furry confirmed

  • Noah Brown
    Noah Brown

    "at some point you have to ask. How, how is there more ideas in the first two hours of this game than most triple A games can show you in sixty hours. Well it's because you weren't playing a really stupid game anymore, you're playing a Mario game." truer words have never been told.

  • Zach B
    Zach B

    Nintendo should just use this video as their trailer for the game

  • Anthony Lysfjord
    Anthony Lysfjord

    this video was amazing, but that edit at 1:54 made it 1,000,000 times better :)

  • Cat Mario 22
    Cat Mario 22

    This game really makes me feeel like cat Mario

  • Very Good
    Very Good

    Without Mario I don’t think we would have the games we have now I know Nintendo hasent made much popular choices but we can all agree they know how to make a game right

  • Chill man, chill!
    Chill man, chill!

    Dunkey sold me on this game and I bought it yesterday. He marketed this game better and with more emotional weight to it than Nintendo

  • Mastersoniczachm

    They invented a 3D type game.

  • BlueParasolKirby

    "Capitan Toad thinks he's getting killed off by Doug Bowser but it's just Wooden Bowser you freaking moron."

  • Nilly Vanilly
    Nilly Vanilly

    I wasn't convinced this game was worth 60 dollars, but it is I love it and it's all because of you dunk

  • Ikhwan 3560
    Ikhwan 3560

    Shit its like an informercial

  • Xantham _
    Xantham _

    this video is a masta peice

  • Jumping Crowd
    Jumping Crowd

    4:52 the last 40 seconds make a better mario trailer than Nintendo has ever put out

  • Eric S.
    Eric S.

    I gotta say Dunkey was 100% right about 3D worlds launch. I was already so disappointed with the wiiu and was hoping for Mario Galaxy 3. Then this game came out. And honestly I still did have a blast playing it and even more love for it now that's it re released and with bowers Fury. But I was so upset that we werent getting a free roaming mario game till odessey

  • Ichabod Crane
    Ichabod Crane

    The best feature is the four player coop through the whole game. It's just the best coop ever

  • Kelvin Clinton
    Kelvin Clinton

    I can't believe Dunkey made a review of Odessy and called it 3D World

  • Julio Gonzalez
    Julio Gonzalez

    Knack 2 is a better platformer

  • Patrick Zysk
    Patrick Zysk

    Super Mario 3D World is the Wii U of video games.

  • :Unidentified Comment:
    :Unidentified Comment:

    Something that I am sad that he didn’t elaborate on is the difficulty curve in the game. This game has one of the most seamless, and accessible difficulty curves in any game that I’ve played. This game gets so much flack for being “too easy” (which I don’t think it an avid criticism anyway) but that’s not even accurate, not only does the switch port make the game even easier by making the characters move faster, completely negating all of the rabbit chases in the game and the creative flying flagpole level, adding the dive attack that makes it much more easy to get height and stall in the air and make the flickering block levels simpler, and immediately having your green stars that you collected in the past without having to venture back to the previous hiding spot, but 3D World has genuinely incredible difficult levels (Seriously the second you get to that purple, serene, soapy world then it starts to get hard) and transition from the easier worlds to the harder ones is just *so* subtle and perfectly done, not even mentioning the extra worlds or replay-ability. There are just so many things that make this game incredible that I’m sure I can’t fit in an admittedly poorly fraised UZmilk comment

  • Drew Stannard
    Drew Stannard

    The ending of the video is low-key epic

  • T Brown
    T Brown

    whats funny is that IGN gave this game a 7 because its outdated when this game has aged very well, i guess you can say it doesn’t have a little something for everyone

  • AlphaHunter

    Came for the crab with a monacle wearing a tophat, stayed for the quality content.

  • Coffeeboy06

    We need a full dunkey remix of world 1

  • dub456 gaming
    dub456 gaming

    I almost forgot to watch this today

  • Chris Reay
    Chris Reay

    You really not going to talk about the way you first see world 8?

  • John John
    John John

    Only babies play call of duty real man play Mario

  • Riko Vladimir
    Riko Vladimir

    now don't tell anybody I told you about this but this game can be emulated on PC

  • PopCultureTheorist

    Dunkview sackboy

  • Jozhster

    Mario will always be shit tho

  • David Saucedo
    David Saucedo

    Dunkey man you should be promoting these games. Damn this video even made this game that much better with this video. That music and the ending to the whole video was so bad some might even say it was good*sarcasm*. Ahaha seriously that music was a great mix for the video. Nice ending if I wasn't already a Mario fan I would be now.

  • Matt Tumboh
    Matt Tumboh

    Why does he call Plessie Yonkadingo?

  • Hot Cofi
    Hot Cofi

    The ending to this video slaps real hard.

  • Kilometres

    5:01 I have watched this video 6 times just for this line

  • rpgfan12

    I would not be surprised if he did have some deep seated prejudice against Japanese people or Asians in general. Its a reach, but he seems to hate anything Japanese, even when its not anime.

    • Jam Jon
      Jam Jon

      Cool, I hope you spam this on every single fucking video dude 😊

    • z #37549
      z #37549

      pfp checks out

  • Ian WetworkWolf
    Ian WetworkWolf

    That outro gave me chills bro.

  • PyNspire

    This might have single handedly convinced me to get this game more than any other video I've watched about it lol

  • Daniel Fich
    Daniel Fich

    I completely forgot how great this game is and how much I loved playing it 8 years ago. Mario Oddysey is however better in my oppinion which is why I forgot about this gem.

  • cheeriomartinez

    Oh man, super mario sunshine. I played that during the summer with my little brother. Everytime I see it I think of the good times we had.

  • Francisco Rendón
    Francisco Rendón

    Thanks for showing appreciating for this game Dunkey, after all these years

  • Nicholas Smeilus
    Nicholas Smeilus

    Ending - 4:52

  • B1046

    Did he just say the n-word? 2:32

    • Noah Sabadish
      Noah Sabadish

      “we going big mode now, now ya just-“

  • Sword Of Rome11
    Sword Of Rome11

    Dunkey’s reviews are a better ad for the games than any of the trailers

    • SquinkyEXE

      This couldn't be more true. I bought the game on switch because of this and his bowser's Fury video.

  • Giusepp Ferreira
    Giusepp Ferreira


  • Hunt Andrews
    Hunt Andrews

    When Dunkey hits us with the Nintendo horns at the end of the video you know shit just got real.

  • Sith Smashie
    Sith Smashie

    what did he say again 2:32

    • Noah Sabadish
      Noah Sabadish

      “we goin big mode now, now ya just slide”

  • Anthony Wolf
    Anthony Wolf

    Amazing how dunkey can go back on his opinions of this game and nobody bats an eye

  • thomas scott
    thomas scott

    Bro Mario games are so unimpressive to me, only because my preference is always theme and Mario is only about gameplay. It’s completely themeless.

    • Noah Sabadish
      Noah Sabadish

      so? games from the start have been about gameplay. other games serve theme nicely, but mario’s gameplay is consistently perfect and surprising.

  • krugermc

    Having only played this game on the Switch, the parts where he talks about blowing on the game pad were rather confusing.

  • Lost Woods
    Lost Woods

    Tbh Mario 64 spoiled me. I got use to the camera and never felt it was a problem after. The freedom of that game makes it one of my favorite games of all time. Everyone tells me Galaxy was the best but I found it boring by comparison.

  • Im Killable!
    Im Killable!

    Hold up isn't the multiple mario thing just copied from the flash game Enough Plumbers?

  • Lizzie V
    Lizzie V

    Three words marble blast gold

    • Noah Sabadish
      Noah Sabadish

      phenomenal game from childhood

  • iHachii

    damn the ending sequence gave me chills

  • Moist Man
    Moist Man

    You know guys . . I think Dunkles might like Mario

  • Gerby

    thx videogamedouglas I preorder tmrw

  • Bon Sirota
    Bon Sirota

    The ending song hit different

  • PaxRyder Videos
    PaxRyder Videos

    This is like super Mario world, but in 3D. Literally, the amazing level design with a ton of new and interesting ideas.

    • Maksie0

      yeah it's 3d world

    • PaxRyder Videos
      PaxRyder Videos

      I feel like I posted this 7 days ago

  • Eddie Gomez
    Eddie Gomez

    Im glad they brought back the Macho Madness song

  • Cooper Lloyd
    Cooper Lloyd


  • Idriss

    This game is pure shit

    • Jam Jon
      Jam Jon

      This game is the shit

    • 420 Cum Collector 69
      420 Cum Collector 69


  • Jim Thomas
    Jim Thomas

    as someone that played very little of the Wii U version, playing this in 2021 was definitely a breath of fresh air. Feels like a combination of Super Mario World and Mario Bros 3 in a 3D space. Excellent evolution for the series and I hope they make a followup to it.

  • My Face
    My Face

    I almost forgot to watch this today

  • L-Y3T

    3:32 unfortunately, they had to take that out for the Switch version, because there's no microphone

  • Clцb Barиасle
    Clцb Barиасle

    Super dunkey world 3d

  • sicko115

    Wait, what did the clear pipe say at 2:30?

    • Noah Sabadish
      Noah Sabadish

      “nuh, we going big mode now, now ya just slide-“

  • Caleb Matthews
    Caleb Matthews

    I really love the ending where you show the 3d games, its kinda wholesome.

  • Gideon Brenner
    Gideon Brenner


  • Sebastian Corchados
    Sebastian Corchados

    This Video shows exatcly why nintendo is as sucsessful as it is

  • Spacedroner

    Find someone who loves you as much as Dunkey loves Mario games

  • ni ro
    ni ro

    I needed this. Thank you

  • Nathan Nguyen
    Nathan Nguyen

    that transition sequence from 5:00 on takes my heart every time I watch it

  • barkdawgHI

    Dunkey and Mario: A Love Story. And I'm happy to be a part of it

  • The Chief
    The Chief

    Mario is so overrated wow

    • Jam Jon
      Jam Jon


  • Sasquatch Redbeard
    Sasquatch Redbeard

    Can we petition to have Bowser's first name be Doug?

  • Jaydev Raol
    Jaydev Raol

    Mario will always be the King! 🙌

  • Alex Varela
    Alex Varela

    I wonder if Miyamoto watches Dunkey’s Mario videos and thinks “this is the reason why I created Mario”.

  • Jamandabop

    1:01 No, it's just that the camera in 64 and Sunshine was shit. That's why people struggle with their cameras, but not Odyssey's

    • Flash020201

      honestly 64's works fine i dont understand why everyone says its awful

  • MusicMovies1990

    To be fair, controlling the camera with those little yellow arrow buttons was still a nightmare until Zelda hooked up that Z-targeting

  • M M
    M M

    Yoshi's brother 😂😂

  • Jay R
    Jay R

    I love this game.

  • Felipe Salgado
    Felipe Salgado

    So 3D Land full review when?

  • SMmania123

    Played Super Mario 3D Land on the 3DS back in the day, got it on birthday gift from my father I loved it, the game was fantastic if not just a pit short in my opinion.

  • SHHH! Productions
    SHHH! Productions

    I always love dunkview because it has too many curse words to be a Nintendo advertisement but it feels like a genuine feeling and a little bit professional

  • master cheif
    master cheif

    Man this brings back so much things

  • TheBaconPancake

    anyone know the version of the bell hill ost at the very start of the game that sounds like flute

    • TheBaconPancake


  • Hopeful Hyena
    Hopeful Hyena

    1:54 macho madness

  • RangusJ

    I love and appreciate the passion for Mario Bros. that Dunkey put into that ending montage.

  • Mystic Player
    Mystic Player

    Well yes, but does it have Donkey Kong?

  • DoZY

    The outro for this video is amazing

  • french toast
    french toast

    In my opinion, this game is a total copy of Super Mario Brothers 2

  • Mike

    Someone once explained their love for 3D world, by saying it feels like the logical progression from 2D mario in it's level design and power-ups. Whereas the other 3D games we love (Galaxy, Sunshine, 64 etc.) are their own 3D experiences that left behind 2D Mario to go somewhere new entirely.

  • Ab Ba
    Ab Ba

    He's right, you know? One of the Best marios i ever played. Really entertaining and fun to play.

  • d3Nkmess

    This is THE best dunkey video.

  • LaCringe

    People crapped on this game so bad when it came out on the wii. Played it back in 2014, 100% it, took too much time lol. Game was great in my opinion, graphics, level design, lighting, music, etc. People are going to say it’s good now because it’s on the portable Wii u now

  • TraitorPotater

    Loved this game since it released on the Wii U. Glad people are giving it another chance. It didn’t deserve all the hate it got.

  • Carlito lol
    Carlito lol

    4:10 Killed Me

  • Starving cat games
    Starving cat games

    Yoshi's brother, Yonkadingo

  • seRap¡s

    I always see jongron in my head when Finley speaks

  • aiden

    this isn't just a good review of 3D world, it's a love letter to the mario games for being the best platformer on the market

  • MrMoustacheNinja

    I could listen to dunkey talk about Mario games all the time


      Credits Theme from the game he's reviewing