Should you Buy a PS5?
The first 4D-3K console. Put on your VR shoe to even see this graphics.
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  • Abdullah Masood
    Abdullah Masood


  • You Don't Matter
    You Don't Matter

    "Assassin's Creed is made by the people that make Assassin's Creed so, you probably don't want to play that." It do be that way.

  • You Don't Matter
    You Don't Matter

    Ugh *shudders* TEKKEN

  • Pablo Cassani
    Pablo Cassani

    TLDW: Should you buy a PS5? Yes, cause big wheels in it

  • Dávur Pálsson
    Dávur Pálsson

    remember when joy-cons' cool gimmick was HD-rumble? Yeah. These controllers ain't shit

  • pepino_loco

    Just got my ps5 today had to wake up a 3 am open 4 different target store tabs

  • Mr. Cheeseburger
    Mr. Cheeseburger

    Ah yes the Logarius wheel is in spider man now

  • Bryxx Dore
    Bryxx Dore

    Bruh even ps4 can't run bloodborne and he is saying PS3 can. Oh dunkey I love it when you be manupulative.😆😆

  • Swagat Biswal
    Swagat Biswal

    The title should be " Can you trade your soul for a ps5"😈😛👍

  • Richard Alfaro
    Richard Alfaro

    So should I buy one?

  • Robert Radlein
    Robert Radlein

    Find a collectible toy from big wheel? Shoooooooooot say no more I’m buying myself a ps5

  • King MA
    King MA

    Half a year later.....still no ps5's

  • Jonathan Jollimore
    Jonathan Jollimore

    Remember the first time you popped Mario 64 in and your jaw just feel on floor and eye's popped out of your head how is this real. Still waiting for that feeling again

  • dervy acorn
    dervy acorn

    1:39 from experience enter the gungeon could run on a ps2 with good optimisation

  • Diane the Hunter
    Diane the Hunter

    Heck yeah, ps5 is totally worth it. Graphics on this thing are awesome, and the new games that came out only on the ps5 are so cool. Got mine 4 months ago at Walmart

  • Richard Weish
    Richard Weish

    I never thought I was gonna get a PS5 anytime soon thanks fie the recommendation about *suretech6__* on Instagram I got mine delivered at best price

  • Once upon a time
    Once upon a time

    Before I get a ps5 I will get another ps4 to preserve and use when Im an oldass

    • Richard Weish
      Richard Weish

      If you wanna get a PS5 message suretech6__ on Instagram he got a restock at best price hit him up and thank me later

  • CumberCube

    6 months later I still havent met a single person who owns a PS5, nor have I seen one in a store or in real life at all

  • Edoardo Vassallo
    Edoardo Vassallo

    I just bought a Ps3

  • Grey B.
    Grey B.

    You should now post a video called 'Can you buy a PS5?' And just say No.

  • Joseph Capote
    Joseph Capote

    I bet you that Insomniac watched dunkers video on Spider-Man ps4 so they were like okay dunko I see what you trying to do

  • I_THE_ME

    1:39 if you have ever seen how ridiculously horribly trainwrecked Black Ops 3 looked on PS3 and 360, you know there's no chance in Hell that Black Ops 4 could run on either of them.

  • 徐正諺TsuiChingYin

    The true question is, CAN you buy a PS5 ?

  • Armesis P
    Armesis P

    Me watching this video with 515 games in my steam library, and a ps4 which I haven't touched in 2 years.

  • RevineYT

    Hey give the ps3 some slack, I can run cuphead perfectly on my school laptop but I can’t even run sonic 06 at 60fps 1080p on my $900 gaming computer

  • Oliver Hunt
    Oliver Hunt

    1:31 where is knack?

  • chewface

    CAN you buy a PS5? No.

  • Summy Youngkelly
    Summy Youngkelly

    My PS5 seems to bricked after an hour of play i was able to play an hour of Astro until the controller randomly disconnected and refused to syn back to the console(it just flashed blue lights when i pressed PS5 and hooking it via cable didn't help).So i just went for a recommendation gotten from my brother to meet *Scotthack340* on telegram who got ps unbricked permanently

  • Robert Wilhelm
    Robert Wilhelm

    There's a reason everyone is switching to xbox

  • LegendaryKingR

    ps4 pro on boost mode barely runs bloodborne on 720p60fps

  • Johnny Ferreira
    Johnny Ferreira

    Ahahahahaha that stupid homecoming movie, they had to put iron boy jr in the game too…

  • Johnny Ferreira
    Johnny Ferreira

    Ahahaha true the spider man from the stupid movie

  • Johnny Ferreira
    Johnny Ferreira

    I’m hating stupid Sony for not making more ps5

  • Dameon Ryan
    Dameon Ryan

    I’m surprised dunkey didn’t talk about the exaggerated swagger of a black teen

  • Saloni Shukla
    Saloni Shukla

    Delete ur channel its trash old frige fan

    • Linus Overy-Smith
      Linus Overy-Smith

      Wooow, you've really got him quaking in his boots

  • Yascher Yascher
    Yascher Yascher

    PS5 is like finding big wheel in twin sisters house (c) Gex

  • Sparky Dehne
    Sparky Dehne

    Valhalla is actually okay if you like Dark souls. I mean it's still not Dark Souls but it doesn't feel as bad as Odyssey.

  • Plus Delta
    Plus Delta

    Yo, what's a PS5? Those don't exist...

  • Omgtired

    Yeah Ps3 can run doom eternal and bb, sure

  • Ripp57

    I've just realized you have a habit of including final fantasy 9 music in your videos.

  • Rainier Hood
    Rainier Hood

    Obviously I can't tell the difference between 1080p and 4k resolutions laptop doesn't have a 4k monitor....

  • Chad Hogan
    Chad Hogan

    Cyberpunk being released and no console being able to run it how it should be ran is going to hold games back dramatically. All I hope is game developers still make their crazy, big ass, amazing looking games for us PC users and chop up their games to work on these shit consoles today. I can't imagine the new Elder Scrolls, whenever it comes out, working on a new gen console. That shit is going to take up their entire storage to just play it and it still wont look anywhere near how the game designers designed it.

  • SonicVGamer

    No. That’s the final answer

  • Alexander Smidt
    Alexander Smidt

    But will it make me feel like batman?

  • ZeusWeus

    Doom Eternal could probably run on a PS3?..... Sure pal.

    • ZeusWeus

      @Matt C the switch is a lot more capable then the ps3

    • Matt C
      Matt C

      A nintendo switch can. It’s gotta be possible

  • Crafter123

    I stopped listening to this guy when he said a ps3 can handle Sekiro

  • Out Of Context
    Out Of Context

    I’m waiting for Joe’s Diner to be backwards compatible

  • Suluiya Aiyatashi
    Suluiya Aiyatashi

    i just got my ps5 from hiddentoolz on lg, thanks to those who recommended them

  • mikey daddyfufu
    mikey daddyfufu

    The title should be can you buy a ps5

  • I'm giggy
    I'm giggy


    • Interstellar-X

      Xbox kid


    Today was the day, but i forgot the bag of Cheetos :(

  • Pasta Madonna
    Pasta Madonna

    Dude your a riot

  • Bangaly

    To late

  • Duck

    1:25 it might help if the video weren't in 1080p

  • sellnegative

    in his mention of which games could run on a ps3, he forgot that persona 5 is on ps3. wups

  • Kyand !
    Kyand !

    I get your point but theres only so much we can do to get to realism. You are comparing super old gen progress to new gen progress...

  • Ismail Ahemd
    Ismail Ahemd

    Can you buy a ps5

  • Not_Danger0


  • Muhammad Amir
    Muhammad Amir

    You shouldn't say "should you buy a ps5" you should say can you buy a ps5 because you can't

  • Zaid Lacksalastname
    Zaid Lacksalastname

    Solution: PC and Dualsense

  • Evan Krueger
    Evan Krueger

    It really made me feel like batman

  • Why Am I Here?
    Why Am I Here?

    tldr: Buy a PS2, PS2 = PS5

  • yeah ohyes
    yeah ohyes

    4:47 "Call of duty is a 13 year old game with new graphics" you just roasted the entire franchise is one sentence

  • The Stormwooper
    The Stormwooper

    I already have a fridge

  • Ta Siang Goh
    Ta Siang Goh

    patiently waiting for Dunkey's Best of 2020

  • Tonyrart

    Well nobody can buy a PS5 now x)

  • Dan VS Game
    Dan VS Game

    I got a PS5 and a series X at release. I just sold my Ps5 because the console has nothing to do on it. Sold it for more than I paid for it too. Excellent.

    • Dan VS Game
      Dan VS Game

      @Riley Janes Like what? I tried assassins creed odyssey 30fps. Far cry 3, 30fps, far cry 4, 30 fps, skyrim 30 fps, destiny 1, 30fps. I played a few other games all were locked to 30 fps. If you're talking about exclusives there are not enough of them to warrant me turning on my ps5 as ive either beat them already or they dont interest me. As I said originally, when there are some exlusives game that are worth owning a ps5 for then it will be a must buy system but until then the ps4 is pretty much a ps5 without demon souls and the controller

    • Riley Janes
      Riley Janes

      What about all the old ps4 games you can now play at 60 fps?

  • Jessie Garcia the bule And yellow swordsman
    Jessie Garcia the bule And yellow swordsman

    The most ironic thing is I’m watching this from a PS5 I got my PS five as an early birthday gift ( jan20 my bday was on the 25)

  • mattyorsomthing

    I’m a huge FPS fan I can say the biggest reason I’m getting the ps5 is the holy 120 FPS

    • TheClasssy

      Bro your tv isn't 120hz

  • Isaac Beeby
    Isaac Beeby

    Personally, better graphics is not the draw or the appeal of the new consoles, it's the SSD. Lighting fast, blink and you'll miss it loading times is the biggest leap forward in my opinion.

  • dan andrews
    dan andrews

    I remember seeing "the mummy" Brendan Frasier video game and being blown away by the graphics

  • RenTro Natom
    RenTro Natom

    The answer is *NO*

    • Interstellar-X

      Why not? Ah, it's because you have an Xbox

  • John Christian Atienza
    John Christian Atienza

    The reason it's called a PS5 is because it pissed on five consoles.

  • PKMNgamer

    1:37 yakuza 0 literally is on ps3 in japan lol

  • PG trojka
    PG trojka

    Hmmmm, you must be joking when you say that leap from PS2 to PS3 was not big. GTA 4 vs San Andreas? That's fuckin monstrous improvement. In fact PS3 era games are the oldest games that still look good to me today. PS2 era games just look ridiculous and completely outdated to me for many years now. But GTA 4 ,Assassin's Creed 1,2,3,Brotherhood,Revelations,Rogue, Far Cry 2, Mafia 2, LA Noire, Far Cry 3,Sleeping Dogs,Max Payne 3,Splinter Cell Blacklist,Tomb Raider 2013,Batman Arkham city and Origins etc.= STILL LOOK MIGHTY BEAUTIFUL! I agree that leap from PS3 to PS4 wasn't so big.

  • human Collins
    human Collins

    SSD Speedway, "a level where you go to the hard drive"

  • Connor Boling
    Connor Boling

    My ASS doom eternal can play on a playstation 3.

  • Nick Perro
    Nick Perro

    I am calling it now, the Switch will win this generation. The fact that Nintendo somehow had a 3-year long head start to get out a great library and made the console have a genius gimmick will doom anything Sony and Microsoft are putting out.

    • E!!!

      eh we will see how it goes

  • clay jack
    clay jack

    Objectively you shouldn’t buy a PS5 right now. Wait until it has more than 5 good exclusives.

    • clay jack
      clay jack

      @Riley Smith that's true. I wrote this assuming someone already had a ps4 but if they don't it's a good purchase.

    • Riley Smith
      Riley Smith

      For those who don’t have a ps4 it’s a good option with backwards compatibility

  • JR. Beast
    JR. Beast

    Ok ok now I’m convinced to get miles morales it’s has fucking big wheel in the game

  • Konukaame

    Dreams couldn't run on a PS3. Probably can but it would die. - A person who plays LittleBigPlanet 3 on the PS3

  • ptaku2007

    what about knack for ps5 ?

  • Ismail Majed
    Ismail Majed

    Scalpers suk

  • Forsaken

    people should just get a pc already

  • G. Lestrade
    G. Lestrade

    Should you beiiiiih, a PS feiiiiiih

  • DacobDacob

    1:23 tbh i havent seen any 4k footage

  • Tara Robert
    Tara Robert

    *hackallproblems* on Ig is simply the best they made it easy to get my ps5 console ... big thank you to those who recommended them...on IG hackallproblems 💃🏻💫( No symbol included in the username )

  • Jack Misha
    Jack Misha

    I was just at target, just put Cheetos in the cart, and there it was.

  • Lastsoup5

    dunkey forgot to mention the trayracing for the nes

  • Marc-André Morel
    Marc-André Morel

    This is the first strand-type console

  • João Vitor
    João Vitor

    Omg, how that controller flopped hard.

  • Senjo

    I'll get one when Cheggers party quiz 2 is released

  • Nick Recker
    Nick Recker

    To be fair, there is actually a dramatic difference between 1080p and 4k

  • Prawjekskinyblack

    This might have been the best review of ps5. *slow claps in Canadian

  • Maximum Rebo
    Maximum Rebo

    I don’t think doom eternal can run on ps3...

  • I am dogge
    I am dogge

    Ah here is jet turbine 2.0

  • Lagoobrius


  • sparta


  • Mujtaba

    Not trying to be racist just curious as fuck is this guy black ???

    • Envy

      No, he's white. His voice just sounds stereotypically black

  • With Witt
    With Witt

    I can’t even find one

    • Gamerda Xtremz
      Gamerda Xtremz

      You can either wait or get one from eBay scalpers or buy a PC.