Mortal Kombat 4
Never play this on the Gameboy Color.
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end credits song

  • JerrySingsAnything

    This game is a gem with all its flaws lmao. I always thought this game was using action figures as their models because of the elbow joint that the figures have as well as the knees, but I think that was just me

  • Colin Patty
    Colin Patty


  • Zboy 115
    Zboy 115

    4:48 This is the best part

  • jkeuwk

    i need a link to this sweet folksy techno syndrome cover

  • KingQuasar

    Please tell me that last part was unedited and it really loops that pose animation and music for like 20 seconds.

  • lollo2bc26

    in the vid 5:27 mortal kombat 4 not responding

  • squkyshoes

    2:52 I laughed so hard I scared my cat. This is a comedy! 😂

  • SNN

    This is the weapons one

  • Denis Petsch
    Denis Petsch

    My MK4 had cinematic cutscenes, didn't even know about these. They do have the same voices and movement in those, makes these that much funnier.

  • mr. mealDeal man
    mr. mealDeal man

    But i thought you was gonna li-

  • neo matrix
    neo matrix

    i love how dunkey tried to sneak on in shaq-fu at the beginning in the flashing of "good fighting games," but im not falling for that!

  • Aiden Youtube
    Aiden Youtube

    "This is not a brutality, this is a FATALİTY!" -Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, 1934

  • David Gordon
    David Gordon

    Shaq Fu

  • Nora Adora
    Nora Adora

    adult swim cutscenes

  • Micah Beckner
    Micah Beckner

    The greatest fighting game ever made has the worst fighting mechanics

  • zentazym1

    “I’m so gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!”

  • Sebastian Colón
    Sebastian Colón

    Dunkview Sonic R

  • EnsignGeneric

    War Gods? Man I'm the only one who remembers that game and I don't even remember that fuckin' game.

  • Scott Stamp
    Scott Stamp

    “Raiden has asked that I lead you” **Scooby-Doo running sounds**

  • Adrian Rojas
    Adrian Rojas

    Thought we wouldn't catch shaq-fu in there? 😤👌

    • Goose Game
      Goose Game

      I need shaq fu 3D

  • Ahura Taheri
    Ahura Taheri

    Honestly I loved MK4 since it was my first MK game I ever played with my cousins.

  • Anthony Nazaradeh
    Anthony Nazaradeh

    3:43 I like how he cuts himself off there too, that joke went over my head

  • Andrés Bernardo
    Andrés Bernardo

    respect for the hours of editing you probably spent on 0:20 - 0:25

  • mattycool

    Always good to see a video talking about these cutscenes. Never gets old.

  • MrNucleosome

    The cut scenes just might've been taken from Xavier Renegade Angel.

  • Blazing Soul
    Blazing Soul

    This video really made me think about how often Street Fighter has gotten away with releasing the exact same game over and over.

  • OmegaScy

    We had MK4 on school computers in elementary until teachers deleted it from the machines but left the original doom that we could play on LAN.

  • Watcher

    2:47 Alright wtf LOL! NEVERRRRRRRRRRRUH! CLIFFLOOKOOOOUUUUUT! Damn that felt so cartoonish lol.

  • DoodleBopGames

    dunkey ur gae

  • 3bearsgayming

    crying over here, this game was soooo badgood, it's unreal. the Cyrax fatality where the world blows up and it looks like a firecracker, solving what? like, everyone just died...okay? o_0

  • SaunteRRRR

    Glad I'm not the only one

  • greekfire995


  • Flying Platypus Games
    Flying Platypus Games

    This is great

  • Kam K
    Kam K

    Why does the story reminds me of renegade angel?

  • The VERDE Channel
    The VERDE Channel

    4:19 probably a placeholder sound that was never replaced

  • Sunny Darko
    Sunny Darko

    Can you review WuTang fighting game. It's something different

  • Astropathix XIII
    Astropathix XIII

    War Gods sure, but what about Mace: The Dark Age?

  • Thewarf321

    *no... that... was a ceremonial strike... of revenge... for my ancestor that you killed in Mortal Kombat... so many years ago*

  • Alejandro Murphy
    Alejandro Murphy

    That scene with jax and jerek reminds me of that scene in commando when arnold drops that guy lmao

  • Jake Militano
    Jake Militano

    What the actual fuck is this 😂

  • Fam Sleming
    Fam Sleming


  • modest _ozone6
    modest _ozone6

    5:43 best ending

  • DatBoiRazzz

    Yeah this is unironically one of my top in the series, like prolly in my top 3. I like to think that "arright" is definitely just them being dumb on purpose and having fun with it, shit used to crack me the fuck up, still does

  • Übervaag

    omfg im crying

  • Boi Krasinki
    Boi Krasinki

    This is just 5 minutes of listening to a man laugh at early 2000's game cutscenes and Ive loved every single second of it.

  • itsjustaride12

    I wish I could edit on this level.

  • Random story
    Random story

    The "arright" is what Mark Penacho says when his image is being shown in the credits.

  • Nintendon’t do that
    Nintendon’t do that

    “Overload of good fighting games” *proceeds to insert Shaq Fu*

  • Parapa X
    Parapa X

    somebody gotta know the origin of that type of music at the end

  • createausernametrue

    You don't have to do anything for me to get a new phone 🤫

  • Jereme Smith
    Jereme Smith

    The absolute nose dive from MK 3 to MK 4 is truly staggering

  • Caterpillow-pants

    Did anybody else think Liu Kang said,"Kitana. I thought you were gonna lick--" when she interrupted him?

  • Pog Content
    Pog Content

    MK4 is gold

  • Mr. R
    Mr. R

    The cutscenes are of the cailber of 95% of anime. Just explaining what's going on or retro explaining FOREVER.

  • Topi Syrja
    Topi Syrja

    These have to be fake... Ain't no way...

  • Jonas W.
    Jonas W.


  • My Dad D
    My Dad D

    The one where Quan chu ducking decks scorpion in the back of the head will always make me laugh

  • pejnismiggle

    I've always had this SAME exact opinion of Mortal Kombat 4. I can't understand how people hate this game. I agree, all of the new characters except for Quan Chi and Shinnok (Fujin's kinda cool) are super lame and uninspired, But the rest of the game is just GOD DAMN HILARIOUS. Everything from the Cutscenes, the SFX, the Gameplay, the Voice Acting, it's all god damn genius. It's by far the funniest Mortal Kombat.

  • superfurryfox

    But ain't this the one where one of the fatalities is getting a leg ripped off and being beaten to death with the soggy end? Love that one

  • Icey Boi
    Icey Boi


  • mattyhasselhoff

    You got a 'kick outta' this game I could tell! Yeah but the voiceover acting is pretty shitty, & so are the laughable cutscenes. On a separate note, Tekken 3 became legendary on the PS1, I remember loving it.

  • Emperor Palpatine
    Emperor Palpatine

    Quan Chi: "I killed your family" Scorpion: "Arrright"

  • Mischievious Jirachi
    Mischievious Jirachi

    2:21 sounds just like anime

  • Kix Musaid
    Kix Musaid

    God I had such a good time watching this, felt like I was hanging out with Dunkey

  • Attention

    This is my favourite Spiderman video.

  • 6an

    A masterpiece

  • Marcus Rosales
    Marcus Rosales

    Lol reptile has red blood in the cut scene but isn't it usually green?

  • soya32


  • video game dunkey
    video game dunkey

    If Mortal Kombat 4 is too good then why is there No mortal Kombat 4 2

    • video game dunkey
      video game dunkey

      @Exquisite Taco allright mister Taco

    • Exquisite Taco
      Exquisite Taco

      @video game dunkey shut up video game dinky

    • video game dunkey
      video game dunkey

      @Exquisite Taco its dunkey you dofus

    • Exquisite Taco
      Exquisite Taco

      holy shit it's dinky

  • Mr. Frosty
    Mr. Frosty

    I dunno guys... after seeing this vid MK4 might be my favorite one

  • Pancake Gaming
    Pancake Gaming

    Whats the song at the very end. I've heard it, I want to say its from FFX.

  • HASC2Twisted

    OMG totally forgot about war gods :o

  • KonClueZhen

    Big fan of this episode of robot chicken.

  • Raziel

    Dear lord even for 97 those cutscenes were... interesting. They look like a parody somebody would do on youtube.

  • Don T. Paydemoff
    Don T. Paydemoff

    Tekken 3 was life.

  • Fill@PieNo!

    ty dunks

  • Fill@PieNo!

    Ty VDG

  • Ali F
    Ali F

    Anyone else love how he makes content on old classic video games?

  • John S
    John S

    Pretty sure Mortal Kombat Mythologies was the best.

  • Attila Racz
    Attila Racz

    Honestly I love MK4 for the best and it's just the crappy n64 version, the PS1 version is far superior over this.

  • Alvin Yakitori
    Alvin Yakitori

    Why is Lui Kang always mf dying

  • Leviathan

    And this game was only 24 mb in size, amazing. This is the best MK so far in my opinion.

  • Nate

    Cool sonic the fighters is in the good fighting games montage.

  • GinoZump

    How did you post so much mk content that I missed this one, slow down, doonk

  • Yeisnel Argote
    Yeisnel Argote

    I now its shameless but I cant get over how hot tanya is.

  • Nines&AKs

    Omg I love you dunkey you brought me waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back

  • Rico Watches
    Rico Watches

    Dude! This was the shit growing up! aaa, oscar-winning cutscenes. 😂

  • E B
    E B

    Anyone remember Kai and the fucking handstand, that shit was hilarious......

  • Martin Castrejon
    Martin Castrejon

    This video could've been 100% complete, if dunkey would've added a clip of Reptile's floating "Acid Puke" fatality. I'm just saying.

  • Proud to be white
    Proud to be white

    How can you laugh I just cringe extremely hard instead.

  • Skeleton

    Play garfield kart furious racing

  • shinvelcro

    I would have had way more fun playing this when it came out with your laughing over the game, would have removed a lot of buyers remorse XD

  • Nora Adora
    Nora Adora

    i was really hoping that a fourth person came by and dropped the third person. Like after a stupid monologue by the third person or something

  • Criminal Justice
    Criminal Justice

    This game looks like it had a budget of $10 and they spent $7 just to get approved to make it.

  • Feral Ghoul
    Feral Ghoul

    Those mk 4 cutscenes cant be real. 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ricky Sulistyo
    Ricky Sulistyo

    3:00 to lighten up your day

  • rodrigo Villanueva
    rodrigo Villanueva

    Words that of dunkey "Now he turns into a scorpion which-which makes sense but I want the penguin" 1:05

  • Alex Mats
    Alex Mats


  • Peter Dawson
    Peter Dawson

    No-one: Among Us rounds: 4:46

  • Top Decker
    Top Decker

    you are so right, this is the most awesome MK in History, can´t stop laughing :D