Family Guy : The Videogame
Family Guy : The Videogame
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  • Scootaluigi

    3:28 no petah guy you can't say that word that's racist

  • Jay Bevoman
    Jay Bevoman

    Worst impression of Peter ever heard

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith

    This is the first "guy" type game

  • Sullivanity 3
    Sullivanity 3

    Okay but turning the cutaway gags into mini games is actually kinda genius

  • Benny R
    Benny R

    How was this game ever legal

  • Kevin Hobbs
    Kevin Hobbs

    The way he says “oh here we go, Quagmire” makes me laugh every time I rewatch this.

  • Ryan

    6:38 of the faling holding knee would probably trend and have more completed views

  • Kanan Sessions
    Kanan Sessions

    Hey who put that lamp here?

  • neterman 65
    neterman 65

    Try the Futurama game

  • Ikhwan 3560
    Ikhwan 3560

    Truly a game ahead of its time

  • Bruno Onodera
    Bruno Onodera

    2:46 -Peter, kill that kid Peter: *Kills that kid* -Yeee :D

  • PeepyPlays

    I like how in the beginning cutscene Brian just phases through the wall to meet Peter

  • A Sneaky Lawn Gnome
    A Sneaky Lawn Gnome

    4:03 Peter learned Majima's Breaker style!

  • Samy

    02:19 Burning Heat --- fudge it look up 3 Option Mix its better any ways

  • Straw Ferret
    Straw Ferret

    0:09 Lmao

  • shiny

    dunkey is actually black, he just got hit by a door a white family opened and turned white

  • KyleTechBeck

    I've watched this like 300 times I have a problem *pleaz help me*

  • The Seal Rebellion
    The Seal Rebellion

    That’s right Meg. Our dog, Brian Griffin, is dead

  • Ilie Iancu
    Ilie Iancu

    A true clasic

  • Memes Griffin
    Memes Griffin

    My game is strange

  • fat balls
    fat balls

    gosh i could really go for some famy guy

  • Havoc Lights
    Havoc Lights

    Peter family is my favourite

  • wthout

    I don't remember this episode 💦🦷

  • Leight E
    Leight E

    3:29 ermmmm

  • BrokenGod Ent.
    BrokenGod Ent.

    i wonder if some sad degenerate has made a widescreen fix for this game

  • Blob Brothers
    Blob Brothers


  • Harry Boi
    Harry Boi

    Level 1: shoot da gun Level 2: s c o o b y d o o

  • Shimagoto

    Brian just phased into existence at the beginning

  • Sofie Tocco
    Sofie Tocco

    this is_____ than _______ at video game dunkey's house

  • Liam Harris
    Liam Harris

    You can tell the writers of the show had nothing to do with this

  • trigger maggot
    trigger maggot

    did you mean fortnite

  • Hank "The Pimp" Hill
    Hank "The Pimp" Hill

    "M--" - John Herbert

  • Sippa-T

    and what was the Dunky score on that one ?

  • bruh. bruh
    bruh. bruh

    0:09 Sounds like Mr Sausage

  • The cabinet man
    The cabinet man

    3:28 Woah woah woah hey hey

  • House Bearcrusher Late Night
    House Bearcrusher Late Night

    Yo how good was sunset riders tho

  • Lizzie V
    Lizzie V

    Play Marble blast gold

  • Lizzie V
    Lizzie V

    Marble blast gold

  • The Commenter
    The Commenter


  • Bread Milk
    Bread Milk

    This game feels like Dunkey made this whole thing for this video and the game doesn't actually exist

  • Konova

    Of all the games they should bring back to new consoles, I think this should be one of them. It was one of my favorites growing up and I just remember being so proud that I even completed it. I don't think they should remake it but just have some sort of remaster. Looking back I'm actually pretty surprised by how enjoyable it was being that it was a licenced game.

  • Aaron Ainaire
    Aaron Ainaire

    Peter Griffin from Fortnite

  • Thoams


  • Rafael Sanchez
    Rafael Sanchez

    Hit and run next

  • Santiago'sChannel

    0:41 lol

  • Zeno

    Family Guy in general is in the so bad it's good category.

  • Man-Bat Man
    Man-Bat Man

    He still makes good videos

  • Mark23

    Cant believe i used to play this

  • Satou912

    I ordered the game just because of this video

  • ojbeez

    1:10 go for it!

  • big cuddles
    big cuddles

    i loved this game on the ps2

  • steve brule
    steve brule

    Knac 2?

  • itza me
    itza me

    5:18 I laughed so hard

  • Copper Badger
    Copper Badger


  • Demi

    but why did he put a space before the colon in the title

  • Weebcat

    Those PS2 graphics are impressive

  • YungTabs

    finally this game getting the recognition it deserves

  • frank

    When Stewie was.jumping on the pregnant lady 💀💀💀


    the baby quips, he jumps

  • Blackmoon

    Just like Dunkey, Peter is black.

  • MrKalius

    What the fuck was that?

  • Lenoir University
    Lenoir University

    Women's sports is a joke! 😂

  • MaximillianMusky

    I remember not having a hard time with the Brian sections, the area where I always had a problem with was the Inside the Body levels where you have to jump platforms and fight multiple lois also I found the game quite enjoyable, probably because im an FG nut, the game itself is nothing special.

  • Joe

    What’s the name of the game and where can I get this?

    • Benjamin Aceituno
      Benjamin Aceituno

      Family Guy: The Videogame, and it's a ps2 game

  • Chase E
    Chase E

    why is no one talking about the fire truck minigame?? the second dunkey started smacking the gazelle with the ladder i completely lost it

  • Grumar S
    Grumar S

    the mime joke was actually legit funny

  • dragonman9001

    3:28 Peter says a naughty word

  • Issa Great day
    Issa Great day

    Brain sucks in game and in show 😂

  • Sprite

    "I died from beating da boss...I died" The true dark souls experience...

  • CJ

    Seth MacFarlane, hire this man

  • Sagalink

    3:25 damn dunkey was so shocked that he lost his accent.

  • kklownn

    this is the best and worst game to ever exist

  • Official Jorato Kujo
    Official Jorato Kujo

    2:08 FAMY HY

  • Internet Dumbass
    Internet Dumbass

    2:36 Guy: *L-* Peter: 👊

  • Suika He
    Suika He

    2:48 Officer, I dropkicked that child in self defense.

  • Matthew Pettit
    Matthew Pettit

    I don't even know why I got recommended this video. The game is trash just like the show. Childish toilet humor and non funny jokes.

    • Linus Overy-Smith
      Linus Overy-Smith

      Because dunkey is the greatest youtuber

  • Levi Lawlor
    Levi Lawlor

    Fammy guy

  • lay lover
    lay lover

    This actually looks really fun.

  • Sept77

    "Hey Peter, I'm Brian Dog." "Oh hey, Peter Dog!" Why does this crack me up so much

  • N H
    N H

    Wanna hunt furries for sport? Play “Hunting Season” by:rare_huemongous *on roblox*

  • takdraw33

    That press the button mini-game looked tough. Is there a difficulty setting?

  • The Akutski
    The Akutski


  • Crismo

    Brian Griffin, our dog, is in a bad video game!

  • Jack Mazeika
    Jack Mazeika

    Guy of war

  • Tz Prodigyz
    Tz Prodigyz

    I loved this game

  • Dynamic Duck Quack
    Dynamic Duck Quack

    I think instead of having Invision barriers in games they should do something like in this game.

  • Zuriel Sandoval
    Zuriel Sandoval

    Black Peter T-Poses at the beginning of his cutaway

  • MiniNightmare

    Still better than CyberPunk2077

  • Ivan Baymar
    Ivan Baymar

    *2:38** Nice to see our favorite hero Peter Griffin destroying Discord Moderators!*

  • John D Wolynetz
    John D Wolynetz

    Man,..... Menagerie Gargoyle as really good back them

  • Heather Perleberg
    Heather Perleberg

    This game is weirder than the banana incident at the Transformers set!


    Family Guy hit and run

  • Kuruma

    3:42 bruh

  • Formal Andy
    Formal Andy

    Famy Guy is my favorite shoe

  • Sebastian Colón
    Sebastian Colón

    Review Sonic R

  • Hunter Kennedy
    Hunter Kennedy

    3:28 Ni- What now?

  • Class Nimitz
    Class Nimitz

    This was actually the first strand-type dog simulator.

  • Alan Gonzalez
    Alan Gonzalez


  • Captain Italia
    Captain Italia

    Simpson's Hit and Dunk vid when?


    3:19 This must be a reference to those Street Fighter 2 bonus levels where you have to trash a car in a small amount of time. 3:29 He even does Chun-Li's victory emote holy shit.

    • Mad Link
      Mad Link

      @awe921 that's fine, I only wanted the first one. Ty.

    • awe921

      @Mad Link i could recognize Burning Heat from Gradius for the first section, no luck on the second part though.

    • Mad Link
      Mad Link

      2:18 - do you know the music? I looked up galaga but found nothing.