Unlicensed Smash Bros
This video is presented in a 21:9 format to preserve the integrity of Zack Snyder's creative vision.
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  • :T

    Bowsette tho

  • Alessio Sanna
    Alessio Sanna

    "I WANT TO SWIM" "okaay"

  • Makka Pakka
    Makka Pakka

    2:03 I unironically love the delivery of this line

  • nokisgp

    shut up drunkey started making your 1990 games videos

  • The Toasterman
    The Toasterman

    Upvoted for the description alone.

  • Grace Potts
    Grace Potts

    Checks the quality, "Oh its 219 pixels oh yea perfect this is grea-WHAT THE FUCK.

  • GJ Gaming
    GJ Gaming

    Anyone know how to download this

  • Slamblaster

    I just noticed the MMZ version of Zero in there wtf

  • SavageTeddyBear

    I want to know why the piranha plant sounds so suggestive

  • Memlock

    When the T-Rex said this is your fate I felt my whole body shake 😞🥺

  • sen3.14

    2:22 moments before a war crime was committed

  • Clickity

    bro stop dogpiling on luigi hes cool

    • Johannes Boomsma
      Johannes Boomsma


    • Gabriel Irvine
      Gabriel Irvine


  • Suguri

    3:06 Skeletor's voiceacting gig is going well I see.

  • Aceman185

    This game has the same amount of voice actors as Elder Scrolls Oblivion. Instant 10, makes you feel like Evil Mario

  • PikaTyler

    "I like to swim!" broke me

  • Neo G
    Neo G

    Ice Luigi goes from being Italian to Canadian just from changing his clothes.

  • Erik H
    Erik H

    The game is called Super Fight M, it's been taken down from the android store for some reason. Couldn't tell you why


    Take care, and don't catch a cold.

  • Muk

    “I can’t believe I was kidnapped again.” - Princess Peach, 2021

  • DrMedic

    well you can say what you want but those fake mario and luigi voices are actualy not that bad like it almost sounds there real

  • SavageJarJar

    Can’t believe Nintendo would just rip these characters off. At least with these characters Nintendo made Super Mario Brothers 2.

  • XblacksocksX


  • Just An Edit
    Just An Edit

    Mario, my favourite Indian plumber

  • turt

    I still can't get over the "Luigi is my broder"

  • A Name
    A Name

    That's a Latin american doing an italian accent, I'd bet my life on it

  • emerald gamer773
    emerald gamer773

    The voice actors must have been payed about .000000001 cents a year.

  • username not found
    username not found

    "Where is god when you need him?"

  • padraig.alice wilson
    padraig.alice wilson

    Banana my mum

  • Nevamoth

    i just cant get over how aggressively the cheep cheep tells you that HE WANTS TO SWIM GOD DAMNIT

  • Advan Aviantoy
    Advan Aviantoy

    4:08 Bruh

  • Axel Verhelst
    Axel Verhelst

    what is this game?

  • Akhil Prasad
    Akhil Prasad

    😂😂 Zack Synder creative vision 😂😂

  • Angry birdsfan1090
    Angry birdsfan1090

    How are you able to play it? I can't find it I used app store and then play store and I can't find it

  • RYUU !!
    RYUU !!

    Link out here sounding like he should be narrating a statefarm commercial.

  • Vodokex

    Now play the game

  • Jaxon Heidinger
    Jaxon Heidinger

    Still waiting on what mega man has to say in advance

  • Toby Kurniawan
    Toby Kurniawan

    bro does anyone know the outro song? its heat lmao

  • Chimichanga Suprvme
    Chimichanga Suprvme

    "u r 2 slow" *christ.*

  • kriby 1111
    kriby 1111

    this video is a classic this is my literal 18th time watching this

  • Juan Gabriel Cruz Humanez
    Juan Gabriel Cruz Humanez

    name of the game

  • Peter Cureton
    Peter Cureton

    Take care. And don’t catch a cold.

  • Sidusu Teloshi
    Sidusu Teloshi

    I love unlicensed fighting games.

  • Pluberskin _
    Pluberskin _

    thanks for letting me know Rosalina that my friends are in the garage but can you tell me what you're doing in my house

  • MrTurtleTail

    Evil Mario looks like an OC fan fic

  • DiaKorrus 18
    DiaKorrus 18

    Daisy a straight up savage

  • Rayiac

    Evil Mario > Bowsette

  • finvasion123

    can you make an horizon zero dawn video

  • Jasoonian

    Mario is cool

  • JM Stopmotion
    JM Stopmotion

    "Why does the t-rex sound like Starfox?" Why is there a t-rex?

  • cyber monk
    cyber monk


  • Creepy Panda
    Creepy Panda

    Why Wario gotta do Kakarot like that?

  • Jake Ram
    Jake Ram

    3:58 the music cuts out from the game when the toad noise happens which means thats probably leah’s classic toad impression dunkey edited in. Little easter egg

    • ParkNPlay

      ​@Jake Ram You're wrong and won't admit it, and I find that funny. It's worth keeping up an argument with you just so I can laugh at the absurdity of what you're saying.

    • Jake Ram
      Jake Ram

      @ParkNPlay ur literally just playing a semantics game rn. Easteregg is a metaphor used for a multitude of things but if u literally look up the definition it refers to something discovered in a piece of media or computer software. So yes people can call references to other things eastereggs but even what im saying falls under your definition. The point of that part of the video is showcasing the games bad voice actors and he secretly edits in leahs impression in the middle of it. Like idk how that isnt an easteregg if its a joke meant to go over peoples heads but for people that notice it theyll get an extra chuckle. Idk just felt like responding to you because your reply to my completely innocent comment was so fucking annoying. Like seriously dude get a hobby or something if ur commenting on peoples comments to gatekeep the use of the word easteregg lmao

    • ParkNPlay

      @Jake Ram Yes, the example you gave would be an easter egg because it's something in the background that isn't in focus. Easter eggs specifically have to be hidden, that is why they are called easter eggs. If the characters stopped and said "we are currently eating burgers from a restaraunt in Pulp Fiction" it would no longer be an easter egg. The entire purpose of the scene in question in this video is to use leahs toad impression. It's not hidden. It's just a reference to another video. Which is why I said it was a reference and not an easter egg.

    • Jake Ram
      Jake Ram

      @ParkNPlay yes a viewer with no previous knowledge of leah’s toad impression would know that is leah’s toad impression *sarcasm* Im not sure if you know what im talking about. Leah is jasons wife who has done her toad impression in past videos which he does not mention when he uses it in the video. So its an easteregg that only people with that previous knowledge of leahs toad impression will catch. Its like when tarantino has characters reference his older movies without drawing attention to the reference. Only the people who have seen his previous films will catch the easteregg (ex. Characters in “Death Proof” eating burgers from the restaurant “big kahoona burger” which is the burger restaurant from pulp fiction) im just replying because ur being really condescending when ur so blatantly wrong lmao

    • ParkNPlay

      @Jake Ram no, that would make it a reference. Easter eggs are hidden,.that joke was very up front and not even possible to miss. Nobody is going to watch this video and not see that joke, so no it is not an easter egg.

  • KirbyKraftYT

    c o m e & t a s t e t h e b u l l e t s

  • AquaAtia

    2:20 the next piranha plant

  • DrMedic

    this is fake is it? like there is NO WAY nintendo allows this to stay like that is all made up fake things is it?

  • MineCrew2000

    I swear, Cookatiel sounds like Kilian speaking with a filter.

  • Z

    I hope he makes a pt 2 I wanna see the rest of the smash 6 roster

  • Kiji creates
    Kiji creates

    Luigi is my broder :)

  • Sky The Psychopath
    Sky The Psychopath

    2 million views in less than a month? Impressive, then again this video is nice

  • IceBlueLugia

    Why are all the voices fake but Pikachu and Toad sound so legit

    • 1

      They probably just used a noise from one of the actual games for Pikachu and the toad was from another dunkey video.

  • lil bran
    lil bran

    Bowser means nothing.. to me.

  • biggie cheese maybe?
    biggie cheese maybe?

    I like how the description has super smash bros ultimate on there

  • Javi KunTM
    Javi KunTM

    why does the T-Rex say this is your fate

  • Certified Reyna Simp
    Certified Reyna Simp

    *bolder noises* "he's saying what we all want to hear!"

  • Chummy Boy
    Chummy Boy

    i never realized just how much i needed this in my life untill now

  • ModernMeta

    Your Luigi impression send me every time I listen to it and I don’t know why

  • blubbb

    I'm sleepy :)

  • fastsneakers

    how long until Nintendo inevitably rapes this company for copyright infringement oh boy someone's gotta start writing their fucking will today

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    Spam 5 profit

  • Lazy Fox Plays
    Lazy Fox Plays

    “Sepharoth, I look up to him.” Eh, about as good as the newest ff7 remake or the story to Kingdom Hearts.

  • Tigernipe


  • dorkieboi

    Awesome fighter siblings

  • Eddie Pozos
    Eddie Pozos

    4:19 Dunkey has never seen Little Shop of Horrors

  • Kamikaze PG
    Kamikaze PG

    Game name?

    • Rahil Shaik
      Rahil Shaik

      Snake nuice

    • 1

      Super fighter m

  • Curious Dolphin
    Curious Dolphin

    Im just watching this a second time and its still just as funny.

  • Mikerosoft

    2:19 “I want to swim!!” Never gets old.

  • cyber monk
    cyber monk


  • Ducks4lif3

    That garage bit killed me

    • Ducks4lif3

      THE FUCK Ya doing in the gra....

  • room service
    room service

    I went and checked my garage after this video, nope im still lonely

  • Star

    "I want to walk" -First Amphibian

  • Kaylah is crisp
    Kaylah is crisp

    link sounds like jshlatt

  • B Bratter
    B Bratter

    Please someone tell me where I can find this game

  • Lazybones 13
    Lazybones 13


  • Caffeine Tweaker
    Caffeine Tweaker

    "Luigi! Why would I possibly like *THAT* coward!" Damn Daisy, the fight hasn't started yet...

  • Synapse Harvest
    Synapse Harvest

    Ah yes, i remember luigi saying Mm--ma- ma- matha’ fuckin’ bitch

  • Nulrom

    Melody has bazoonkas

  • Jordan Beck
    Jordan Beck

    Leah doing the toad voice cracks me the fuck up every time

  • Rifat.AI.

    Damn, even a bootleg doesn't include Waluigi in the roster...

  • Alex Shen
    Alex Shen

    good video

  • WarchiefOfficial

    Ice Luigi is Luigi's Canadian cousin.

  • Emma Rose Duarte
    Emma Rose Duarte

    "I want to swim!" "..okkaayYYY!"

  • lildoggy57

    this isn't smash!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Agassi Reyes
    Agassi Reyes

    Luigi is Mexican now

  • daviecar777

    what does cookatiel sound like??

  • Greg Murfey
    Greg Murfey


  • Blahdalizer2

    It's like I made a wish on a monkey's paw.

  • Stuurminator

    okay but I actually love Evil Mario

  • Majorknight602


  • Ultra Review Show
    Ultra Review Show

    Megaman's pretty hardcore, I like this interpretation.

  • A Good Profile Name
    A Good Profile Name