Hardest Game on the Hardest Difficulty
This is the only game they have in Hell.
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  • wrunderthemoon

    I played legend difficulty on start up and could not make it to the second check point... I'm also playing with my left joy con drifting

  • navanit kamble
    navanit kamble

    Oh man that game would make me retire from gaming

  • Jacob

    I didn’t even notice there was a timer until now.

  • finvasion123

    can you make an horizon zero dawn video

  • Dean C
    Dean C

    The fuckin’ draw distance joke actually made me wheeze... am I part of the problem?


    Hey Dunkey when will you review the TMNT IDW Comics Bebop and Rocksteady mini series?

  • seankkg

    That ending made me laugh too much.

  • JhongYT

    This game really makes you feel like deleting every videogame ever and going outside.

  • HandheldGamer1991

    I played the game on gba and i hate it!

  • Jonathan Jollimore
    Jonathan Jollimore

    Get git gud noob

  • Trent Brown
    Trent Brown

    The lack of midair double jump makes my heart weak and my prostate heavy.

  • Hiver Dunkel
    Hiver Dunkel

    I would like to go through life like Dunkey does in this game.

  • Edward Lazell
    Edward Lazell

    "Burrito incoming" :-D :-D :-D

  • Edward Lazell
    Edward Lazell

    Thanks, I laughed so hard through this


    The original was no joke. I don't know what kinda Gamer Guice I was drinking but some how I did.

  • Yuhin

    I didnt like Dunkey at first, but this dude grows on you really fast, Dunkey is one of my fav UZmilkr now.

  • Jason Beard
    Jason Beard

    I wish that I could get into this remake/remaster, but I absolutely hate the art-style. I think that I'll just stick to the classic version.

  • rabee / ربيع
    rabee / ربيع

    avgn rev

  • Josue Castellon
    Josue Castellon

    after 3:15 im crying lmfaoo hahaha

  • Krinky Stinky
    Krinky Stinky

    God damn sonic got an upgrade

  • E C
    E C

    These are definitely the type of games even the devs dunno how to beat

  • OriginalFake

    yeah you're right. Touhou lunatic mode is easier than this.

  • Owain Thoma
    Owain Thoma

    I think the only reason anyone knows about ghistngoblins is because of avgn

  • godallmighty


  • Adapt Or Perish
    Adapt Or Perish

    There is hard, there are FromSoftware games and this fucking pisstske of a game.

  • NUMBER 29
    NUMBER 29

    This game is like Dark Souls

  • Xaius

    Dark souls is the ghosts and goblins of 3d swordfighting games.

  • Big Jack Gameplays
    Big Jack Gameplays

    Idk Dunkey, this game looks like a children'e game compared to the classic I Wann Be The Guy: Gaiden

  • Date Masamune
    Date Masamune

    Suck at that game eh?

  • Alex Jacobs
    Alex Jacobs

    5:46 is the best part by far

  • Austin Kent
    Austin Kent

    This game is terrible

  • Tugboat fool
    Tugboat fool

    is this mr gee gee?

  • Omar

    "1. Get the knife 2. Get the knife 3. GET THE KNIFE" - AVGN

  • Isaac Akers
    Isaac Akers

    Dunkey, if you've never played or heard of bit.trip runner 2, It has the greatest soundtrack and it's a great paced platformer. You really should try it. Or just listen to the soundtrack

  • Kyle Fontenot
    Kyle Fontenot

    Lol @ 9:10😂

  • Adrian C
    Adrian C

    More of you playing this please! with commentary !

  • plasmaastronaut

    dunkey, strong all round game player, didn't seem to figure out how the treasure chest reward / trap system worked, we figured it out when we were kids

  • Jak Baron King
    Jak Baron King

    It took me 9 hours to beat the first stage

  • Jak Baron King
    Jak Baron King

    Compared to Ghost and Goblins, Dark Souls is easy.

  • Andy Wijaya
    Andy Wijaya

    This is crazy ahahaha

  • 3xe

    I just found lost gold

  • Scott Martinis
    Scott Martinis

    Dunkey needs to play tarkov

  • Break Dance
    Break Dance

    So if dark souls invented the "f*** you" genre what genre is ghosts and goblins?🤔

  • cmatt 3461
    cmatt 3461

    Wow, this right here was one of the hardest strand type games

  • George

    How to like a video twice?

  • Final Boss Fight Database
    Final Boss Fight Database

    Yes, Dark Souls is too easy, that's why I enjoyed beating this game on Knight difficulty in a couple of hours.

  • She Black He Asian
    She Black He Asian


  • Wyatt Bogart
    Wyatt Bogart

    Make pinball please

  • McBiscuits


  • Dream Cat
    Dream Cat

    Lmao this is GOLD.

  • Joe

    I like Funkoman! Duh duh duh! It’s Funkoman!

  • Elratauru

    I mean, based on the game cheap enemy positioning and mechanics, you could say this is way harder than Dark Souls lol. For anyone that havent watched the GameCenterCX episode of Ghost and Goblins, I'd totally recommend it, poor Arino.

  • Adam Shepard
    Adam Shepard

    this actually looks so fun

  • Dunno

    This is just practice mode for Volgarr the Viking.

  • 右左

    game's shit

  • Colt4 Preacher5
    Colt4 Preacher5

    Thought this was a snes game why does it look like dungeon pals whatever shitty stiff animation

    • Super Fry
      Super Fry

      silence gamer

  • Drakanoid25

    Hopefully we get a Demon Crest remaster

  • Hank Hill
    Hank Hill

    Beating this on hardest difficulty is definitely brag worthy

  • AlexRejba

    The ending is so perfect.

  • Grenouille DS
    Grenouille DS

    This version looks like a flash game...

  • Sickus Cuntius
    Sickus Cuntius

    This is just manufactured, cheap difficulty. Who would bother to play this shit?

    • Jam Jon
      Jam Jon

      - me after dying in among us (very hard game😨)

  • sam

    5:38 love how even the main menu offers you to lower the difficulty

  • Victor Lopez-Hoiland
    Victor Lopez-Hoiland

    a worthy smash character.

  • SSick Camaro SS
    SSick Camaro SS

    The AVGN reference made my day!

  • Rickylton Klär
    Rickylton Klär

    Remember the fact that you could only shoot horizontally in Super Ghouls'n Ghosts (SNES) a. that the game heavily suffered from slowdowns.

  • Lino Canaan
    Lino Canaan

    Eat a lemon StinkyDinky, because of you, I played the SNES Ghouls and Goblins, and after wasting a day playing through the most BS jump mechanic ever designed, I missed the freaking bracelet to actually unlock the final stage, so thank you Dunksouls...MILWAUKEE BUCKS BABYYYY!

  • CatalystOfFire

    I really do hate everything about this series lol

  • Seymour09

    I hope it still spells congratulations" wrong

  • retard666

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  • Old Gregg
    Old Gregg

    This is a bad game. It's designed to mess with you and break its own mechanics. At least the difficulty in Dark Souls made sense, it was beatable with strategy. This game looks like it's just pure luck.

  • Chaos Slayer
    Chaos Slayer

    Greetings Dunkey. It is me Mark Zuckerberg. Would you please subscribe to me so I can spy on you.

  • Dreamy

    It’s fun!

  • pain and misery
    pain and misery

    cuphead be like

  • Kingston Tasker
    Kingston Tasker

    The frog 🐸 let's you swim in the water.

  • Nightblade

    What you want to cut steak with a plastic spoon? No. Get the knife.

  • Oxfordium


  • Jose Castilleo
    Jose Castilleo

    I hate the game's art syle. Everything looks so flat and generic.

  • Michael Mendez
    Michael Mendez

    Lol this is my shit love the game

  • JR. Beast
    JR. Beast

    Hell yeah

  • woerink

    Wait, was that the first level?

  • Vertii

    Stress, the game.

  • Vishock

    So guys I looked it up and theres a bunch of hidden armors everywhere wtf. Also devil guy can be defeated, timing i guess

  • BenKii

    Now this is a fine video, a real fine video. You can get yourself some first class entertainment here.

  • viscountalpha

    This is the dark souls of the 16 bit world

  • Biggiez

    Why does this look a flash game you'd find on miniclip, andkon, or something?

  • Isrieri

    That log's been screwing people over since 1986

  • Matt Farnham
    Matt Farnham

    oh i got em i got em i got em ohhh i ohhhhh hh that almost got em ohh that OHHHHHHH that almost oh oh almost got em their almost got oooohhhhallllllmostallllllmostallllmostalllllmostgotemtheir

  • KTTA Bay
    KTTA Bay

    get the knife

  • Abdullah Almarta
    Abdullah Almarta

    the log in the end lol

  • Unepicgamer

    I'm sorry, but I remember him giving up and the video ending before he got to the first check point. Watching it now though he made it not only to there but past it. I watched this video multiple times over the last week and I never saw past the first check point. I am very confused.

  • _redbeansandrice _
    _redbeansandrice _

    Only real ones saw him stream this

  • Hyperiss

    Harder than Battletoads many people say. And I damn sure never went past level 4 in Battletoads.

  • TheWitherWarrior

    The reason dunkey gave up is because he was afraid that the potato sacks were actually burritos and he was afraid that maybe one of those burritos is bowser's big bean burrito and he didnt want to fight it

  • manea matei
    manea matei

    you know what they say: git gud or else you'll get dunked on by this game.

  • Gavin Serrao
    Gavin Serrao

    You beta when I was 9 I used to play this on psp it was a little hard but I completed the game

  • Eggwin

    4:30 he watched out

  • Bruce Banner
    Bruce Banner

    Another boring "difficulty IS the gameplay" game. Hard pass. Developers like this are lazy and the fans of this game style haven't played a decent game in years, that's why they play these instead.

    • kidi

      you say "another" but this is just a remake of a game from the 80s, and on top of that, he's playing on the hardest difficulty

  • Allan Valle
    Allan Valle

    5:29 🤣🤣 "if this game was a superhero, this game would be fucko man."

  • Mark Angelo Gallardo
    Mark Angelo Gallardo

    The modern version of Cat Mario

  • danielhzmusic

    He went fucko mode