Bugsnax : a PS5 Technical Showcase
There is a Cheeto bugsnack with Raytracing too.
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  • Orhan Sabic
    Orhan Sabic

    Finally, we have gotten the second Strand-type game

  • Mesozoic_Gamingsz

    You can get bugsnax on PC

  • Pl3ys Nontinde
    Pl3ys Nontinde

    This truly was the first next generation strand game which was exclusive to the ps5

  • John Hatchell
    John Hatchell

    Knack looks better.

  • Benjamin Kasson
    Benjamin Kasson

    Why was this so educational!?

  • Simon Villarreal
    Simon Villarreal

    Did he actually play it and find out the dark ending though?

  • Gamerbruh

    I love how his playing it on Xbox

  • Erik Bermudez
    Erik Bermudez

    “Xbox cannot handle the power of this game.” He was using an Xbox controller.

  • E H
    E H


  • Renzo Ortiz
    Renzo Ortiz

    This is actually a good game what the hell?

  • victor hugo
    victor hugo

    Bugsnax is my favorite strand type game

  • Ryan Nagano
    Ryan Nagano

    We had two NBA games for PS3, we had Knack for PS4, and here it is, we have Bugsnax for PS5. True benchmarks, representing what brand new console is capable of.

  • Ultra Glender
    Ultra Glender

    Casual gamer = Xbox BigBoy Gamer = PlayStation

  • Sushi Uchiha
    Sushi Uchiha

    We went from can it run Crysis to can it run Bugsnax

  • Jake Johnson
    Jake Johnson

    Worst title ever. BugsNax

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez

    the best part is the game was pretty good.

  • tony zhang
    tony zhang


    • Sleepdisciples

      @tony zhang no

    • tony zhang
      tony zhang

      @Gatlin Pea yes

    • Gatlin Pea
      Gatlin Pea

      @tony zhang no

    • tony zhang
      tony zhang

      @Sleepdisciples yes

    • Sleepdisciples

      @tony zhang no

  • Lepus Arcticus
    Lepus Arcticus

    It's true it is on the original playstation one. It's called Ape Escape there.

  • The Mutton Chop Gamer
    The Mutton Chop Gamer

    I legit thought Dunkey added the "Bunger" voice in as a joke. HOW IS THAT THIS CHARACTER'S ACTUAL VOICE?!

    • Bidoof


  • Bernardo Bautista
    Bernardo Bautista

    wow the first strand type Pokemon game

  • Rammy

    I have a feeling that bugs are could easily run on a switch

  • Ashema Bahumat
    Ashema Bahumat

    I like how this is basically just a crash course on graphics rendering

    • field box
      field box

      phong shading is the only thing that’s real in this video lmao

  • Don't Participate
    Don't Participate

    Ah yes. Fight among yourselves console peasants. The PC master race laughs at your pathetic machines that you can’t upgrade.

    • Don't Participate
      Don't Participate

      @Gatlin Pea Lol. Yeah right. Just like the screenshots always look better then the actual game you aren’t going to be buying that system. That’s not for you. That’s their custom built show off system. Face it dude the best next gen console is going to be made by KFC. Enjoy not being able to upgrade pleb.

    • Gatlin Pea
      Gatlin Pea

      @Don't Participate dont you see those 200fps 5k in the video?

    • Don't Participate
      Don't Participate

      @Gatlin Pea Show me a console that can run 4K 60 FPS. Oh yeah, you can’t.

    • Gatlin Pea
      Gatlin Pea

      @Don't Participate just mad you cant run bugsnax lol

    • Don't Participate
      Don't Participate

      @Ismail Ok peasant. Enjoy your console you’ll pay for and never own.

  • Charlie Jones
    Charlie Jones

    bugsnax is fun though

  • Dustin Platt
    Dustin Platt

    My phone can't even play this video.. all I hear is Dunkey explaining

  • MORKS isn't here right now
    MORKS isn't here right now

    Rhythm Heaven music. Dunkey has never been wrong.

  • Marcus MIDI
    Marcus MIDI

    Brilliant 😂😂👍

  • Ian Brenneman
    Ian Brenneman

    Bugsnax is awesome. Best horror game ever

  • Beth Hunt
    Beth Hunt

    This video is so out of the world, My phone can't handle it without buffering every five seconds.

  • spackle

    Funny that bugsnax actually is a good game lmaoo

    • C - Valer
      C - Valer

      @Jonny Q it's on ps4 and Pc

    • Jonny Q
      Jonny Q

      Yeah kinda heard of. I'd really like to play it but I don't have the money to buy a ps1 and sony had the money to let bugsnax be only on ps5.

  • ColanderKnight

    This game could've been on the gamecube and it would've looked like 10% worse

  • Keewee tv
    Keewee tv


  • The Boring Life
    The Boring Life


  • luxuriøus

    bugsnax is the gamest gramphics out there!

  • temmychan

    did.... did he like the game

  • Manifestum Destitutione
    Manifestum Destitutione

    Oh i get it, he's very frustrated why the heel game like this still produced on near-god console like PS5.

  • Jorath

    xD i wonder how you scrip ur videos - i'd really like to see a "dunkey at work" video

  • et l
    et l

    Bugsnax is the prequel to Knack 3, or Knack 2.5

  • That One Awkward Guy
    That One Awkward Guy

    What's funny is that I started playing this on the PS5 recently and it runs worse and takes longer to load than both spider-man games lol

  • just a normal piece of bread
    just a normal piece of bread

    Bugsnax is the first strand type knack.

  • Lucy L
    Lucy L

    i unironically love bugsnax i cant wait to play it lolllll

  • mystamystic

    No amount of tears will express how beautiful the graphics are. Might be the second Knack killer.

  • TJ Kerrell
    TJ Kerrell


  • Gary Gordle
    Gary Gordle

    Viva piñata, but good

  • Dylan Maxfield
    Dylan Maxfield

    Ah yes, EA Sports NHL 2005 for the Nintendo GameCube. A great game

  • Max Kliegl
    Max Kliegl

    Bugsnax = No Man's Furry Food Simulator

  • Biff Mcspandex
    Biff Mcspandex

    That voice actress you mentioned it actually hella talented lmao

  • Spind

    I hate you donko I actually thought Jack Nicholson was actually in Bugs life

  • Hickory Dickory
    Hickory Dickory

    The depth graphics were terrible!

  • skyler

    weird to me how dunkey talks about wanting creative and unique games but when something actually creative and original comes out he makes fun of it

  • Flamingpiano

    there's a playstTION 12?

  • If u disagree with me u are stupid
    If u disagree with me u are stupid

    Ps5: if you want a console that will burst into flames

  • Orpheus

    I can hear rhythm heaven music, I like

  • Remilia Scarlet
    Remilia Scarlet

    Game of future

  • Nathan Zotov
    Nathan Zotov

    I cant tell if he actually liked it or not.

    • AttackTomato

      That's the beauty of Dunkey's videos.

  • Lord Refrigerator Intercooler
    Lord Refrigerator Intercooler

    Bugsex, the game Sony made as a joke, but the ponies just took it seriously and proclaimed it as a masterpiece.

  • Naser Al Shuqaihi
    Naser Al Shuqaihi

    Tried running it on a pc with 2 terabytes of ram,10 rtx 3090s, 1 petabyte of ssd and 20 amd threadrippers. The pc stopped working after that day.

  • Daddy Didnt
    Daddy Didnt

    I clicked on this because BugsKnacks

  • CPT Tightpants
    CPT Tightpants

    that outro song is fire! Is that part of the game? Cause that alone is worth the price of admission.

  • Wallace

    So In Conclusion... Mastapiece

  • SomeGuy10

    Bugsnax got robbed at the Game Awards.

  • Mikey Matthew
    Mikey Matthew

    Loading NHL 2005 be like that sometimes

  • Lego Lax
    Lego Lax


  • Mu Di Tar
    Mu Di Tar

    I like how he compares bugsnax to red dead redemption 2

  • Francisco Guzman
    Francisco Guzman

    Name of the racing game at 3:48 ?

  • Kieran Grant
    Kieran Grant

    I get the sense Dunkles doesn't think Bugsnax is actually as technically amazing as Sony claims.

  • Kieran Grant
    Kieran Grant

    0:36 Not even an Exeggutor?

  • Robert Yang
    Robert Yang

    I'm just gonna wait for the KFConsole to come out so I can play Bugsnax while heating up my Kentucky fried chicken.

  • Jøsé Miguel
    Jøsé Miguel

    This is pure gold

  • Shane Knecht
    Shane Knecht

    What is the racing game at 3:51?

    • Ryan Langford
      Ryan Langford

      Gran turisimo

  • anferny18011981

    pls dont stop to amazeballz us

  • Bo_jelin

    they should just stop making new games, it won't get better than this

  • Bo_jelin

    is that... kero kero bonito in the outro

  • Robotic Synergy
    Robotic Synergy

    Everytime I hear Bunger, I just think of Schlatt saying it over and over again... and that cursed bugsnax p*rn he sent to his friend on Twitter

  • CristianShadows

    1:02 Thought I'd never see Tokyo Jungle in a big channel like this

  • Adam Schafianski
    Adam Schafianski

    You can play bugsnax on ps4

  • Zach Roush
    Zach Roush

    All ur videos are bugsnax. Tasty and over too soon.

  • JacobEB64

    1:43 why is there an xbox controller layout? i thought this was da powa of da ps5

  • Bob Lazar
    Bob Lazar

    What just happened?

  • Minecraft Gamer Cool Kid
    Minecraft Gamer Cool Kid

    Pc: is this man for real

  • Omkar Shinde
    Omkar Shinde

    The problem is I can't afford PS5 So I'm participating in every giveways

  • Emerald Dragon
    Emerald Dragon

    “This will be the knack of the ps5”

  • A man of no reputation
    A man of no reputation


  • Silvercloud Jackson
    Silvercloud Jackson

    In all seriousness, Bugsnax is a phenomenal game. Go check it out if you get the chance! It’s on PS4 too!

  • nick

    This game was actually surprisingly good

  • Savim 18
    Savim 18

    Bug snax is on pc

  • LeekoTV Films
    LeekoTV Films

    Per snack lol

  • Tw1s7

    3:48 what game is that?

    • Tw1s7

      @Yosua That looks amazing.

    • Yosua

      Gran Turismo for ps2

  • Rolled Potatoes
    Rolled Potatoes


  • Jack Li
    Jack Li

    Phong shading was real lol

  • ThatSkeletonGuy

    Finally something that can compare to Knack 2

  • Berkan

    Now, all jokes aside, why does this look like a PS3 game?

  • Nálbert B
    Nálbert B

    3:04 so that was a fucking lie

  • John Ortiz
    John Ortiz

    Bugsnax is actually really fun

  • Frebdie

    the girl who voices hunnabee also sings the smash theme song

  • Komaa


  • Jack Newton
    Jack Newton

    Did not expect to see Tokyo Jungle, very nice

  • Omar Z
    Omar Z

    Believe it or not, the game is actually good lmao it definitely surprised me.

  • Ivan Salinas
    Ivan Salinas

    Bunger bunger bunger bunger bunger bunger bunger bunger bunger bunger

  • Jack Alexander
    Jack Alexander