Pokemon Sword and Shield
This is similar to how I play Dark Souls.
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  • Custom Shepard
    Custom Shepard

    When pokemon stadium a 20 year old game has better animations that the newest entry

  • ridha.m


  • Blake Fisher
    Blake Fisher

    Me: I'm really disappointed with the direction of these pokemon games. These animanions are lazy and I- Also me: PUPPY!!!!

  • Why Am I Here?
    Why Am I Here?

    I like how Squirtle exploded after Green Apom slapped it.

  • 「Cicero is Sad」
    「Cicero is Sad」

    The fact that this game broke the switch ....

  • Gabe Staton
    Gabe Staton

    Dunkey plays Pokemon like I did as a child, and it is one of the most effective strategies

  • Andreia Mendes
    Andreia Mendes

    Those were my feelings playing the game... Too easy, at lest make the gyms a challenge...

  • Malcolm Coletto
    Malcolm Coletto

    pokemon sword :)

  • Rental Snake
    Rental Snake

    2:49 omg I can't believe they said that lol

  • Professor Rowan
    Professor Rowan

    “Fuck this game!” “Pokémon is a very low-quality franchise.” There’s his Dunkview.

  • peanut butter
    peanut butter

    I feel like the music in 4:01 perfectly hyped up each wiggle.

  • Connor G189
    Connor G189

    I would love to watch you play this whole game

  • The Jurassic Chicken
    The Jurassic Chicken

    I can’t even tell what’s real or fake in this video anymore

  • Willem

    Everyone talks about how cool Pokemon is, and my opinion on it is pretty much this video...

  • Willem

    0:25 I was waiting for a Bookworm Adventures joke, tbh...

  • Gio G.F
    Gio G.F

    That’s why I don’t play Pokémon no more

  • LightUp Design
    LightUp Design

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee do mewtwooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  • Soul Slime
    Soul Slime


  • Paul Turner
    Paul Turner

    You know, for my money...

  • maxbees


  • Kusuo Saiki
    Kusuo Saiki

    I liked Dunkey's Rita Repulsa imitation

  • Gamer xd
    Gamer xd

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  • Gamer xd
    Gamer xd

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  • James Lee
    James Lee

    3:03 never fails to make me laugh

  • Garnet Serano
    Garnet Serano

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  • The Spruce Moose
    The Spruce Moose

    If Pokemon was released today with none of the nostalgia attached these games would not recurve the colossal praise they do today. They wouldn’t be seen as terrible, they’re still charming and relaxing to play, but how have so many years gone by and the titles still consist of ‘use the correct type match up and steamroll they entire game’. There’s literally 0 challenge or depth besides use water on the fire creature, use fire on the plant creature, etc. Is that actually fun for anyone?

  • Marlon

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  • Gavin Serrao
    Gavin Serrao

    People who dislike are triggered Pokemon fans

  • Maddiline Franklin
    Maddiline Franklin

    I like sword and shield

    • Maddiline Franklin
      Maddiline Franklin

      @1 I like sword and shield ☺️

    • 1

      @Maddiline Franklin if you like pokemon just play the old games or literally any pokemon fan game because all of them are better than sword and shield.

    • kidi

      @Kiwo I can tell you’re a Pokémon fan because you’re afraid someone with a different opinion

    • Kiwo


    • Maddiline Franklin
      Maddiline Franklin

      @Kiwo I like sword and shield

  • Gavinus Maximus
    Gavinus Maximus

    About 5 years ago i realized pokemon is a childrens game that they continually market more and more to kids. So i stopped playing.

  • Stoned Diablo
    Stoned Diablo

    Who would win A gigantic turtle vs one leafy boi

  • Tank Tang ke
    Tank Tang ke

    Love all the names

  • イワノフアンドレイ

    Dunkey hit 6.66M subs

  • blithering ape
    blithering ape

    I like how the water gym looks like a location from a better game

  • ChrisH811

    "whos it gonna be this time?" "dead." "dead." sword and shield experience

  • porkchopsandwiches

    I've recently discovered that Pokemon is ten times better when you play it on an emulator on turbo mode.

    • Kiwo

      Holy shit how did 8 yo me sit through grinding my turtle into godhood?

  • BluFox HeartFire
    BluFox HeartFire

    Talks about the match being a close fight Gets one tapped by some green monkey Surprised_pikachu.jpg

  • BiggestPhangirl

    I've tried the Emerald nuzlocke. Horrible. Painful. Difficult. Went onto Platinum. Cynthia's Garchomp is the baddest boss in the franchise and makes it his life's goal to crush the dreams of any 11-yr-old who leaves their home. I tried the Sword/Shield nuzlocke. I...I can't even take it seriously. I gave up on the nuzlocke because it was THAT EASY. Pokemon used to be great. Now I'm in it because I like winning battles against real people. It's the only challenge the franchise has left.


    Characters think there gonna win Dunkey ima make dis dude poke you with a stick

  • John Pappa
    John Pappa

    My only issue with the game, having not played it, are the poop clouds flying above the heads of the giant versions of the pokemon

  • exzisd

    This is the problem with every Pokemon game. They get easier and easier. I remember the first game where a character healed me after a battle. Then games started having every character heal you and give you 10 items after a battle. Pokemon has a problem with being way too easy and formulaic and it's not going to change. 4 moves on a list, pick one that's effective or just overpower them with neutral attack. I don't think there's any grinding involved anymore. I don't think grinding is the way to fix Pokemon but I don't know what is.

    • Kiwo

      Honestly in my semi casual playthrough of or/as i actually had a bit of a challenge here and there. Things really dropped off in sw/sh though, and fucking HOP, HOLY SHIT I WANT TO TEAR OUT HIS GUTS.

  • Gabe Itch
    Gabe Itch

    I’ve never played a Pokémon game before but I love the designs for the Pokémon if only they would make an actually good game

    • Gabe Itch
      Gabe Itch

      @Kiwo thanks will keep that in mind I always appreciate good spritework

    • Kiwo

      Play platinum, b/w, or b2/w2 on a ds from goodwill or on an emulator, imo those games have some of the best spritework

  • Tucker Johnson
    Tucker Johnson

    I was really looking forward to this game, but after seeing videos like this I just can't bring myself to buy it. I've only played gen 1 Pokemon, and that was too easy, but this looks like a waste of time.

  • bikrambro1235

    3:26 Bruh.🤣🤣

  • Asa P.
    Asa P.

    This is new Pokémon

  • luchano

    That game seems to be a shit

  • beepain

    You don't like Vespiquen??

    • Kiwo

      @1 you have no brain or what

    • 1

      @Kiwo how is it scary?

    • Kiwo

      Its scary

  • AvianXIII

    Nintendo has to add a difficulty modes or Challenge modes if they're just gonna make each game gradually easier. Make it so players will struggle if they use only 1-3 pokemon a run.

  • John Edwards
    John Edwards

    I remember in black 2 when Elesa(electric gym leader) killed me like 40 times because she was an actually difficult gym leader. Now we have this

    • 1

      I remember being stuck on that gym for several weeks as a kid and when I finally beat her I forgot to save and my game got softlocked at the next battle.

    • Kiwo

      Yeah when you are having trouble in the elite four when you have a LEVEL 55 chandelure and have to use several max revives you know the game is pushing you to play better

  • Boogerbong Bootycplap
    Boogerbong Bootycplap

    Pokemon is a dumb game for stupid babies who poo their diespers

    • Some1

      Depends in which game

  • Morgana Priest
    Morgana Priest

    Once you are 15+ Pokemon games are only enjoyable with Nuzzlocke or something similar. No Pokemon Center run with 6 random Pokemon was pretty enjoyable for me.

  • Yegor Tesler
    Yegor Tesler

    This has gotta be in the top 5 funniest videos about pokemon. I die every time 😂


    That power ranger reference killed me

  • FennecGamer

    Is the new phrases a mod, because if not, it needs to be.

  • TetraTheThief


  • PhazonOmega

    I've always one-shotted pokemon. It's always been a part of the game since gen 1, and has always been the disappointing part of the game for me, even as a kid. Not sure what's funny or surprising about it in Sword Shield, or why everyone is taking about it like it's something new.

    • Kiwo

      ??? Did you go and grind as a kid or are you exaggerating to insanity

  • Chase Omega
    Chase Omega

    ffs just play digimon instead

    • CEDL0W

      It is better nowadays

    • Stabbity Joe
      Stabbity Joe

      Wtf is a digimon😂😂

  • Mr Sandman
    Mr Sandman

    Let’s see what dunkey thinks of the sinnoh remakes in a few months

  • UI Raditz
    UI Raditz

    I love how all comments are like:"god I can't believe how easy these kids games for kids are. I'm a 40 year old virgin living in my moms basement and beat every Pokemon game in like a day". Ok guys, chill, it's a game made for a certain kind of experience. If you want to challenge yourself, try some hardcore nuzlocke rules and do it. You bought a Pokemon game, so at this point, you should kinda expect what you're getting. I mean, you don't buy Darksouls for the character creator, right?

    • Kiwo

      @UI Raditz hm, either way we can agree basement dwellers need to take a hike

    • UI Raditz
      UI Raditz

      @Kiwo the thing is: the games aren't really easier, they are just easier for us, because we did the same thing like 10 times already with slightly different line-ups. As a child, you have the incredlible talent of being able to do monotonous tasks for hours, if you want you, without getting bored. So if you wanted to overlevel, you did, regardless of how easy or difficult the game made it for you

    • Kiwo

      Nono i still love the pokemon but the magic of finally beating a gym leader or boss person has been kinda killed now, a lot of the enjoyment for me and many others stems from dying or losing and its kinda just one of my pet peeves when you lower the bar for children

  • ozan özenir
    ozan özenir

    İs this real or is he using some sort of glitch?

  • Gabriel Neuville
    Gabriel Neuville

    Perch Perkins: "Nintendo, what inspired you to make an unfinished game and have your consumers pay for the rest of the game?" Nintendo: "EA!!!"

  • The Unnamed Account
    The Unnamed Account

    This is why I play Drayano hacks

  • Troveion

    I chose Sobble back when this game came out and everything was really really easy, then it took a sharp incline at gym 5 and I had to try 2 times to beat it... and then I one shot every pokemon after that... sad that the 5th gym was the thing I struggled with the most

  • Dingo

    That is one big ass Squirtle

    • Kiwo

      For sure

  • brokeboy goofy
    brokeboy goofy


  • bis d
    bis d

    was that a fucking hellsing reference?

  • karmyn skinner
    karmyn skinner

    Was gonna buy this, Dink donk thank you for saving me once again

  • Afibro

    I can't believe that the same people that made Pokemon black & white made this.

    • Kiwo

      I had no nostalgia for b/w a couple months ago and so i turned on an emulator and holy shit the game is great.

  • Gameminer

    Why the currency in this game is rubles?

  • Sirinterweb

    I used to hate Dunky for thinking that Vespiquen was a bad pokemon, but seeing as how Galarian Farfetch'd is in the game, nothing can really compare

  • Yusuf Basyouni
    Yusuf Basyouni

    man i miss when i was young pokemon was so fun and you would think of all these strategies and it was so fun when I won after a million trys.

  • vidkiddo

    I legit though dumpey edited the text boxes until I bought and played that game myself.

  • bobsauce100

    why do people like these games

  • SMAJin

    2:26 Game Freak is based

  • Drunken Knight
    Drunken Knight

    HR would like to reiterate we are not affiliated with “Ball guy”

  • Triumphfork

    In terms of graphics I can’t tell if this is for the the 3ds or switch

  • JCumm

    Who greenlit the character design for Leon? He looks like he was dipped in glue and fell into a Goodwill

  • I hate Justin Y
    I hate Justin Y


  • Joaquin


    • Stabbity Joe
      Stabbity Joe

      The monkey is the bestest one

  • Shahek

    Is this worth buying if I’ve never played Nintendo Pokemon games before?

    • one one
      one one

      @Spider-Man they don't speak to much ? That was just a minor similarity that I pointed out. What I wanted to point out was legend of Zelda got a proper voice acting meanwhile in Pokemon people are still just moving their mouth. Is it too much for a billion dollar franchise to hire voice actors. Even their fucking Pokemon mobile game had voice actors. While Zelda has evolved overtime , Pokemon which has evolution as core mechanic refuses to do so. And I didn't wrote this on the first comment because noone likes reading lenghty comments.But please do continue to give more excuses. And I have no intention of lowering myself to your level by being rude to people for videogames.

    • Spider-Man

      @one one I agree that is should be harder but still there’s no Point shitting yourself because you found a game made for children easy. AIso your argument is literally just “these two characters don’t speak much” Imao stfu

    • one one
      one one

      @Spider-Man ah since it's for a younger audience it doesn't matter if it's shit right.If this is all your argument comes into then I don't see any point in discussing with you.

    • Spider-Man

      @one one first off Pokémon has never been open world so if you expected it to be you are setting yourself up for disappointment, secondly it’s aimed at a much younger audience then ZeIda. AIso ZeIda is a completely different type of rPg and the siIent protagonist point is literally just you making any connection. Have you actually played the newest Pokémon game?

    • one one
      one one

      @Spider-Man both share many similarities , both are RPGs and are open world. Both had a blank protagonist as the hero. The biggest difference is Zelda excel at what it is supposed to do, Pokemon graphics are medicore at best , there is almost no strategy required to win any battle and the dynamax is too broken. Zelda provides a bigger better world to explore with a storyline that is really good meanwhile Pokemon just gives you a corridor to explore and a story so bland it makes 13 ghost look like a mater piece.

  • David Jonathan Mello
    David Jonathan Mello

    Also can we please localize these damn games? We don’t need 30 min of inane, overly-wordy dialogue that sounds nothing like a real human interaction. Old Pokémon was nowhere near this stupid

    • Spider-Man

      Pokemon has always sounded stupid lmao

  • Slam Russ
    Slam Russ

    Grookey kill Blipbug put my sides into orbit

  • Jack Rollins
    Jack Rollins

    I love how he changed the words to FUC THIS GAME

  • Magz Vn
    Magz Vn

    Which version is this one?

  • Supah Linkio
    Supah Linkio

    Honestly at this point, I don't think even a DPPt remake will get me to like Pokémon anymore. It's so sad, I noticed a significant drop in quality after the masterpiece that was HGSS and everything after that feels so hollow.

    • Shrek Shrek
      Shrek Shrek

      @Supah Linkio My first pokemon game was emerald, and I definitely see the drop in quality and I haven't bought a pokemon game since x and y because it was incredibly boring

    • Supah Linkio
      Supah Linkio

      @Shrek Shrek that's fair, I didn't really like it, I played every generation except SwSh, I just can't take Pokémon anymore, don't know if I'm just burned out because I've played the same game since '98 or what.

    • Shrek Shrek
      Shrek Shrek

      Black and white was a great game, had a lot more soul to it than the 3d games that succeeded it

  • Batman

    But, dunkey, Pokemon is a good franchise

    • hindu_frappe

      “Ha ha ha wrong!” - narrator from spongebob

    • xande


    • Cheesecat


  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese

    I play every Pokémon game like this

  • DreamScape

    after pokemon i kinda learned turn-based rpgs are now boring. not in a sense as no content, but in the sense of skill and strategy. i know there is some involved, but all you really have to do is lvl your guys high and GGs. other rpgs that arent turn based still require combos and boss strategies. so if you're lvl70 a lvl50 can still beat you especially in pvp.

    • Kiwo

      Play ps5

  • The multitasker345
    The multitasker345

    Just get Nexomon, problem solved

    • Some1

      @The multitasker345 Nexomon sounds like a copy of digimon and digimon sounds like a copy of pokemon

    • The multitasker345
      The multitasker345

      @Party like its 1993 nah its actually a challenge

    • Party like its 1993
      Party like its 1993

      That's even worse besides the more humor in the dialogue.

  • Attam

    This is like playing Pokemon at Reggie's house

  • Storm


  • Hectorat Ser
    Hectorat Ser

    sword and shield is the black clover of pokemon

  • Trashcant YouTube
    Trashcant YouTube

    Baby game

  • Cristian Valencia
    Cristian Valencia

    Hate this game

  • Harry Hollingsworth
    Harry Hollingsworth

    XD this dude is hilarious.

  • ashes burning⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
    ashes burning⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    im happy you liked grookey too.

    • Ryan McSharry
      Ryan McSharry

      heh monke

  • evie

    the criticisms people have of pokemon games are valid and all but i still genuinely enjoy the games a lot

    • evie

      @one one aight. i just wasnt sure

    • one one
      one one

      @evie that was joke.

    • evie

      @the it you when it mean you are when it ??? i didn't even say anything about the games?? just that i enjoy them?

    • the it you when it mean you are when it
      the it you when it mean you are when it

      you are nitpicking and biased. i win, bye bye.

  • Nick Beach
    Nick Beach

    This is so accurate it hurts. How nintendo has copped out and wasted the potential of this franchise is saddening.

    • EmblemBlade9


  • Colesephhh

    “Grookey kill blipbug”

  • Sam

    DA FUK?