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  • robert tarasiuk
    robert tarasiuk

    Nice face right, but u can't fool us, we know you are a 90 yr old grandma

  • Tyrannosaurus Sex
    Tyrannosaurus Sex

    I’m watching this in peanutbuttergamer’s room

  • Juan Antonio Collado García
    Juan Antonio Collado García

    2:21 is that... a real video?

  • Lonnie Smith
    Lonnie Smith


  • Mathy Don
    Mathy Don

    who is Logan Paul?

  • sprthrwwychnnl

    Great vid! 😃

  • TheTop HatNerd
    TheTop HatNerd

    The jar of peanut butter threw the jar of peanut butter

  • Comrade Drill
    Comrade Drill

    So did everyone just forget the fact that he played with a dead body in Japan and posted it to UZmilk?

  • Wollion

    genuinely got confused at which picture was jake and which was logan for a second there.

  • shotabreadloaf

    I think dunkey threw the jar at jake paul so that he could leech off logan pauls success by making a video about it 4:20 he even brazenly displays the murder weapon live on television

  • C CL Tho
    C CL Tho

    Is super mario fight royalty free music?

  • Genevieve Rheuban
    Genevieve Rheuban

    Can somebody make a poll for dunkey to make a journalist website where he just does stuff like this

  • Ryan the Iron Spider official
    Ryan the Iron Spider official

    The person who threw the jar of peanut butter with no other than Peter Griffin himself

  • Reuben Zilla
    Reuben Zilla

    Now I'm honestly confused on which one is which.

  • Sandwich Monster
    Sandwich Monster

    The Skippy Corporation had a mercenary throw the peanut butter as a publicity stunt.

  • Peter Symington
    Peter Symington

    Bringing in the news we need to know.

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris

    Finally dunkey started to make good videos. Was about time

  • Sebastian Colón
    Sebastian Colón

    Dunkview Sonic R


    Is that logan Paul mini?

  • Clorp

    🤝 well imma go play smash now

  • Doctor Smiles
    Doctor Smiles

    I think family guy through the peanut butter at his head

  • whatsacone

    yeah but covid is fake

  • Emiliano Alan Muñoz
    Emiliano Alan Muñoz

    don corleone

  • C.S.A :v
    C.S.A :v

    Who's this white guy?

  • DoodleBopGames

    dunkey ur gae

  • Keewee tv
    Keewee tv

    why do u keep switching jake and logan lmao. Oh...its this comedy I don't get omfg....hahhahaha

  • Chrisdrau

    And his other videos where he copies cr1tikal

    • Raccoon Corner
      Raccoon Corner


  • Quick Attack Films
    Quick Attack Films

    Great vid!😀

  • Tao the Kora Enchanter
    Tao the Kora Enchanter

    the middle suspect with the purple hair has the longest head ive ever seen. am i trippin or was his photo digitally altered?

    • Nuvi

      Well if you had that head I doubt you wouldn't throw the nut to logan as soon as you have the opportunity

  • Manifestum Destitutione
    Manifestum Destitutione

    Hey, isn't that some peanut jar on your desk dunkey? Are you the suspect?

  • WolfinZ

    The million dollar question is smooth or crunchy?

  • Mortal Phoenix
    Mortal Phoenix

    Did anyone notice the jars on his table?

  • Cy To
    Cy To

    Does anybody know the answer to 1+1 this is my only lifeline left I have 20 seconds left

    • Cy To
      Cy To


    • Cy To
      Cy To

      5 SECONDS

    • Cy To
      Cy To

      10 SECONDS

  • Arpan Vinayak
    Arpan Vinayak

    I love the fact that he doesn’t give a shit about both the paul brothers, so much so that he doesn’t even care which is which

  • Robots and Stuff
    Robots and Stuff

    Hold up, dunkey has a lot of peanut butter on that desk

  • Friendly Cordyceps
    Friendly Cordyceps

    I just noticed that in the last part of the video dunkey has 4 jars of peanut butter on his desk

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman

    So like


    bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha lol

  • Troy B
    Troy B

    I want to go back to thinking Dunkey is black.

  • Greg Saenz
    Greg Saenz

    Great vid! 😀

  • KaiSoDaM

    Great video 😊

  • Systemizerthefirst

    great vid

  • Erica Winn
    Erica Winn

    Great Vid! 😁

  • Billy Bill
    Billy Bill

    Great vid! 🥳

  • L3X Bunny
    L3X Bunny

    Logan is just a greedy pyschopath

  • My beats
    My beats

    The guy with the beard is Logan Paul and the guy that looks like a baby is Jake Paul

  • My beats
    My beats

    Do you know Logan Paul has a brother jake Paul

    • Tux


  • FoundGamer

    He uses “Jake” and “Logan” interchangeably and it took me towards the end of the video to realize what he was doing. Im 22 and I feel like an old man

  • Benjamin McLean
    Benjamin McLean


  • Bubushkah The Memer
    Bubushkah The Memer

    Dunkey, where the fuck is your Best of 2020

  • Yeisnel Argote
    Yeisnel Argote

    I love how the poster is progressively getting more and more taped up from Leah's doomed attempts at keeping it up

    • Abel Dadašev
      Abel Dadašev

      Hi better grifith

  • Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams
    Dan -Horsenwelles- Williams

    i unsubscribed to jif because of this

  • t_ark370 _
    t_ark370 _

    i think it was dunkey who threw the peanut butter just look at all the peanut butter on his desk he tried to acuse others and take the blame of himself by making this video but i can see throught his dirty tricks

  • Comi Turt Reivews
    Comi Turt Reivews

    Great vid😃


    😄 I thought you were black... Your slang.

    • big heart
      big heart


  • Gabriel Gonzalez
    Gabriel Gonzalez

    Lmfaoo I bout pissed myself at the big three

  • jmcrawford9

    I suspect Jake Paul, in the Billiard Room, with the peanut butter jar.

  • RJ Ramasamynatesan
    RJ Ramasamynatesan


  • Zelda

    Great Vid :)!

  • Yacob سومرز
    Yacob سومرز

    Great vid😃

  • maluda.

    Dunkey is a genius

  • Skinnie McFats
    Skinnie McFats

    The covid scare IS fake and masks are just a control method for lemmings. So... +1 for Logan and -1 for Dunkey.. Never thought it be saying that yet here we are.

    • Endiness Endiness
      Endiness Endiness

      Smooth brained manchild with no critical thinking skills

    • charlie rose
      charlie rose


  • Chris Bridston
    Chris Bridston

    Logan Paul AND JAKE PAUL ARE... literally the definition of EL DOUCHÈ SUPREMO! PLUS...... inspiration for the documentary known as IDIOCRACY

  • Suiセイ

    Who TF cares?

    • Captain Rex
      Captain Rex

      joke m8

    • ComedicStudios

      Obviously this video is a joke

  • Xex Vaahzna
    Xex Vaahzna

    1:07 I'm with Logan on that one tbh.

  • DarthNigius

    I thought I was the only one who confused these clowns. That was hilarious

  • Roger’s No-Commentary Videos
    Roger’s No-Commentary Videos

    That’s a great ending

  • Bryan Quesada
    Bryan Quesada

    Dunkey is going to start a big drama between him and the Paul's because of this


    good video. keep it up. proud of yah. 😃

  • Terran Dysart
    Terran Dysart

    Hold up. The schedule was real???

  • TheCoolLEGO64 2.0
    TheCoolLEGO64 2.0

    Jesus did it

  • Brendan Cummins
    Brendan Cummins

    Great Vid!

  • RealBladethegamer

    Dislike because poster did not fall at the end!! 🤬

  • El Flaco
    El Flaco

    I like how in the end he has some GIF peanut butter on his desk

  • soonmide

    who are these people

  • Niko

    i have an assignment due in a half an hour RIP Jake Paul though

  • Curtisg839

    4:35 there is peanut butter on Dunkey’s desk. I think he might be the #2 suspect of this horrible crime

    • CommunistStarWar

      No he just likes to eat well

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith

    Maybe the real peanut butter was the pauls we knocked out along the way

  • adrift

    Wait, there are two Paul’s? I thought they’re the same person

    • Captain Rex
      Captain Rex

      they are

  • Ava Bowling
    Ava Bowling

    It’s nice to know that after 10 years Dunkey has never changed

  • Bomboozled

    Great vid! 😃

  • Gwen Lyda
    Gwen Lyda

    Great vid! 😃

  • Khiry Denson
    Khiry Denson

    Thanks dad

  • Human Being
    Human Being

    1:39 who is this jake paul i thought this was about logan paul

  • Paris Demille Johnson
    Paris Demille Johnson

    Theres 2 of that guy?

  • DeleteSystem _32
    DeleteSystem _32

    Great vid!😃

  • Wade Hensley
    Wade Hensley

    The elephant from Japan world cup threw the peanut butter. I have it on good authority

  • kid

    U trew it

  • Lil' Cart
    Lil' Cart

    great vid

  • Diksha Wagh
    Diksha Wagh

    My all time favourite video is when you made whiplash and la la land review. The work and effort you put behind it is something I really appreciate and respect ❤️🙏

  • Zdoc

    I thought Logan Paul or Jake Paul had a split personality and pretend to be 2 different people

  • unmovables

    fuk danky ... you like paul??!!!?!

  • Khaled A
    Khaled A

    You made me an offer that I can’t refuse.

  • Brendan J. Smith
    Brendan J. Smith

    Who’s that white guy in the corner?

  • Othman T.
    Othman T.

    I'm the one who threw it

  • Bokwefius

    He spent the don Corleone's money on the day of his daughter's wedding

  • HylianMango

    it was davy 4-05

  • Till Nuoffer
    Till Nuoffer

    Ah hell yeah dunkey is finaly geting serius with UZmilk

  • brown guy
    brown guy

    Great vid! 😃