Cybermage (dunkview)
The big one.
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  • Mc Creamy
    Mc Creamy

    The done making good videos arc was traumatizing

  • Notenoughwin

    I want to play this game.

  • Eric Gerwatowski
    Eric Gerwatowski

    3:03 i feel like not enough people talked about keanu's is going on with these shoes? is he going to a disco?

  • chinchilla505

    excellent combination of both futuristic design and mage combat. The corruption twist that everybody is evil and nothing really exists like a government really set the game apart from inferior entries in the genre. 9.2/10

  • Jonathan Jollimore
    Jonathan Jollimore

    Do you guy get what he is really saying guys? I got it right away ;)

  • Rosemary Theresa
    Rosemary Theresa

    Good one dunkey! YOU ARE COOL!

  • Robin Mattheussen
    Robin Mattheussen

    This is actually a really awesome game. It's not up there with Bradley's classics like Wizardry V, VI and VII or even W&W, but still totally worth it if you enjoy this genre.

  • Manan Alwadhi
    Manan Alwadhi

    The cyberpunk we all wanted.......

  • Jennifer E.
    Jennifer E.


  • Shlok Waghela
    Shlok Waghela

    Wizard 3 is one of the best games of the generation

  • Shlok Waghela
    Shlok Waghela

    Still better than cyberpunk

  • Zack Diazabiblio
    Zack Diazabiblio

    Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that made me question every decision I have made in life up to this point and consider getting into recreational heroin use. 9/10 has a little something for everybody maaaaaaaan.

  • Mark Herron
    Mark Herron

    With David Bradley's involvement its my head cannon that this is a lost First Doctor story with the Cybermen

  • Giles Dewing
    Giles Dewing

    ''Blueray project blue delivers another masterpiece to sit alongside the wizard three'' killed it. Dunkey you're fucking hilarious.

  • Isaac Guysaac
    Isaac Guysaac

    dunkey southland tales pog

  • Bradley E
    Bradley E

    I never save enough mana for the ringle beast...

  • Jackson Baker
    Jackson Baker

    I literally stopped watching Dunkey right before this video came out and I'm not even pissed because now I get to binge 2 months of DUNKEY BAYBEE

  • Test Mail
    Test Mail

    Was this a real game and made back during the 90s?

  • Bad Toimz
    Bad Toimz

    this is the highest rating hes ever given

  • dor habib
    dor habib

    it does a little something for everyone

  • SpaceD54

    Guns and magic? That's pretty much Bioshock.

  • Tim W
    Tim W

    Nothing original here that we haven't already seen in League of Tekken. 9/10 what a joke.

  • Morgan Hintz
    Morgan Hintz

    So I started this video and got a 35 minute ad (which was ad 1/2). Wtf UZmilk

  • Max POV
    Max POV

    It's got a little something for everyone.

  • PhazonOmega

    This game legit seems amazing for its time. It looks like there's much more here than in Doom, no matter how you look at it: graphics, voice acting, the HUD, etc.. Enjoyed the gameplay and the comedy, so I guess that's a 2/10 from me or something?

  • Tyrannosaurus Sex
    Tyrannosaurus Sex

    I’m watch this in the den of souls

  • Jwubbz

    I know him from the PS1’s smash hit, Harry Potter and the fucking wizard

  • Azz Tazztik
    Azz Tazztik

    9/10 wow dunkey that's a high score for you, the game must have really made you feel like a wizard

  • freon

    Mentions Origin then starts talking about Wizardry instead of Ultima, lol. Underrated joke.

  • Stuffystufferfield

    I know Dunkey liked this one, but I really feel like CD Projekt Red dropped the ball.

  • Sebastian Colón
    Sebastian Colón

    Dunkview Sonic R

  • Cole Tilford
    Cole Tilford

    I like how this is one of Dunk's best videos and has the fewest views.

    • The Snatcher
      The Snatcher

      Honestly, any one of his videos is eligible for "one of the best".

  • Mark Coito
    Mark Coito

    I hate you for making me Google David Bradley, then David W. Bradley.

  • Faris Irizevak
    Faris Irizevak

    I see Civvie11 covering this at some point

  • spud lord
    spud lord

    Civvie what did you do with Dunkey

  • DoodleBopGames

    dunkey ur gae

    • DoodleBopGames

      @The Snatcher shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

    • The Snatcher
      The Snatcher

      No u.

  • Boone

    “A little something for everyone”

  • Octamed

    You laugh, but I actually enjoy 2.5d old school shooters A LOT more than most modern ones.

  • Kektosterone

    Honestly this game looks like it had a lot of potential to at least be fun to play, i dont think the story or voice acting really has anything going for it other than that b-movie factor that makes it enjoyable

  • John Paul Olino
    John Paul Olino

    i thought my computer crashed and dunkey was still talking

  • Amir H
    Amir H

    The satire is strong with this one.

    • iAmCodeMonkey

      I love how non-serious this is.

  • Real Boy
    Real Boy

    A little something for everyone

  • Tyler Lawson
    Tyler Lawson

    Jeebus when that BSOD popped up I had a heart attack. I was watching the vid in fullscreen on my PC

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    Wait theres a wizardry 1-7?

    • iAmCodeMonkey

      Yes, they are quite challenging.

  • The Art & Adventures of Timothy Wright
    The Art & Adventures of Timothy Wright

    dunkview suggestion: legend of dragoon

  • Icey Boi
    Icey Boi


  • Erick Piña
    Erick Piña

    Dunkey lowkey roasting IGN for giving the broken mess that is cyberpunk 2077 a 9/10

  • o fortuna
    o fortuna

    Damn 20 years and Keanu voice acting still scuffed

  • Back Corner of Youtube
    Back Corner of Youtube

    I give it a 9 out of ten. IGN: Write that down, WRITE THAT DOWN!

  • Yeisnel Argote
    Yeisnel Argote

    I was expecting this to be a serious one

  • Lewis Murphy
    Lewis Murphy


  • Diego Verdin
    Diego Verdin

    This is next level shitposting

  • Attention

    This is my favourite Dunkey bideo.

  • Jamie Young
    Jamie Young

    This looks like a better version of duke nukie 3d

  • ClickPause

    I want a remaster of this.

  • Kyle Brock
    Kyle Brock

    Every patch is making Cyberpunk a little bit better. Thanks Dunky Dunk!

  • Clement Masse
    Clement Masse

    I almost forgot to save enough mana for the ringle beast but then I saw this video.

  • Bubushkah The Memer
    Bubushkah The Memer

    Dunkey, where the fuck is your Best of 2020?

  • SudsyG

    “Blue ray: Project Blue” I died xD

  • CG

    The guy saying the government isn’t real looks like Wesker XD

  • Douchopotamus

    yuo r truly a mastr of ur rt

  • kevin Dantas_keko
    kevin Dantas_keko

    This game genuinely seems pretty cool and I'm shocked I've never heard of it

    • DoktorNuts

      It was actually ahead of it's time with combining FPS with RPG elements, even if it's rather crusty for today's standards.

  • Dr. Dolphin
    Dr. Dolphin

    You never know with dunkey if he’s making a serious video or a good video.

  • Sabalghoo

    Interesting little piece of trivia: This was the very first "Cyber Type game "

  • MegaAmir46

    This game looks Shadowrunx Shadow warrior

  • I_uKe

    quit fisting the fist fist loljk

  • Christopher Ade
    Christopher Ade

    I can't tell when Dunkey is actually being serious. It's honestly half the reason I watch his vids

  • OhFineD

    Okay but do ape escape for the ps1

  • Will Bryant
    Will Bryant

    i thought wizardy was a japenese ip

  • Max Gibson
    Max Gibson

    who else thought it said cyberpunk?

  • Steve

    Can never tell if you're meming or not, but i actually really like the concept of a prologue in the form of a comic book / comic short... you read it, it pulls you in... then instead of getting the next book you have a full game. Would probably be sweet for rpgs.

  • Aryan Manohar
    Aryan Manohar

    Dunkey legit confirms his Southland Tales addiction here lol. First Sardonicast now CyberMage... Will Richard Kelly ever get a break?

  • Hayden Withers
    Hayden Withers

    Why is cybermage and cyberpunk fairly similar?

  • Kat Fish
    Kat Fish

    Brilliant satire?... or regular funny review?... the world may never know

  • --

    2:42 James Earl Jones? 2:53 Jonathan Banks? 3:11 Keanu Reeves?!

  • Alex Radice
    Alex Radice

    This is my favorite dinky video

  • Captain Hobo
    Captain Hobo

    Omg I want a Marathon Dunkview

  • merumeru

    What the hell, that game actually looks good.

    • pentelegomenon

      His only criticism with this game is that the entire video game doesn't work at all and is completely broken.

    • iAmCodeMonkey

      That's because... it is. ;)

  • Brad Oreman
    Brad Oreman

    Not gonna lie, when you showed that blue screen of death and it didn't go away I got very concerned my computer was dying

  • CEO At Crystalsoft
    CEO At Crystalsoft

    "Did they really say something like that?" Word-for-word says exactly what he said. Dunkey is such a master, I cannot tell what is real anymore

  • Ali Javed
    Ali Javed

    the satire strong with dunkey

  • dinkleberg

    The game really makes you feel like a cybermage

  • Clewz13


  • System Breaker
    System Breaker

    Well actually this game is reality

  • Nate!

    Has a little something for everyone

  • unmovables


    • Gannie Lukks
      Gannie Lukks


  • Iona Knipl
    Iona Knipl

    Looking forward for the microtransactions and DLC that we have to pay for after paying the full price on the initial launch!

  • Burnley FC
    Burnley FC

    You should really play garfield furious kart racing

  • Dan B
    Dan B

    the ladder-slapstick segment at 0:55 made me cough-laugh so hard my family thinks I have covid

  • Beef Hardstick
    Beef Hardstick

    Can't wait to see the sequel at e3 2077

  • Garbulio

    UZmilk just gave a me a fucking notification of this video

  • TriBlazer Gaming
    TriBlazer Gaming

    Wtf why are these good videos contaminating ur channel

  • NinaAngelix

    I only remember a game for the NES called Wizards and Warriors, my dad loved that game and could never beat it, he introduced me to what ragequit meant way back then XD

  • trumpetperson11

    This video really makes you really feel like you are Batman. 9/10

  • Mike Leduc
    Mike Leduc

    I wonder how many people, visualize something along these lines when gaming is brought up?

  • Chad Bradwick
    Chad Bradwick

    Dunkey is such a positive light in this world fr

  • Zedonus0

    I need to know the ending song

  • Tre Mo
    Tre Mo

    This is a Cyberpunk mod for Daggerfall. Change my mind.


    Would like to see a reboot like doom of this game ngl


    9/10, it has a little something for everybody.