My Apology to Dream
I feel so stupid.
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  • Marco the dragon
    Marco the dragon

    Seriously? After it's proven he cheated?

    • The Cheetah Man
      The Cheetah Man

      Ever heard of s a r c a s m

    • Big Wheel
      Big Wheel


  • Muhammad Anugrah Eka Septo
    Muhammad Anugrah Eka Septo

    So, what about the Wiggles lipnsynching their song? Whej will we got the video on youtube?

  • Billy Liang
    Billy Liang

    It’s ok Dunkey we all thought Dream cheated but atleast the truth is out now.

    • The Cheetah Man
      The Cheetah Man

      @Marco the dragon again, s a r c a s m

    • Marco the dragon
      Marco the dragon

      @Nouie and yeah stop crying

    • Marco the dragon
      Marco the dragon

      @Nouie lol kid watch your grammar

    • Nouie

      @Marco the dragon And you're proven to be nitpicking and biased. I win, bye bye!

    • Marco the dragon
      Marco the dragon


  • Noorly

    Dream payed this man to make this video

  • JschlattWasNotTakenButInsteadIs NowDreamCauaeWhyNot
    JschlattWasNotTakenButInsteadIs NowDreamCauaeWhyNot

    FAKE: -no fake tears -no awkward camera zoom -no “buy my merch and subscribe

  • Mathy Don
    Mathy Don

    What is this? Who cares?

  • JUST brigg
    JUST brigg

    Dream more like cheat

  • Nial the Exernial Gacha 你哄吗
    Nial the Exernial Gacha 你哄吗

    Him:this is a trap and u guys all fell for it why did mods go through all of this just becuase of a speedrun "No no hes got a point"

  • I Am Various
    I Am Various

    Fucking murdered me when he said “Bill Rye” 🤣😂

  • Joe

    Lmaoooo dont even have a PhD in subtraction

  • Chase Omega
    Chase Omega

    i dont care if someone cheats on a single player game or not, just dont upload that shit to a leaderboards claiming it to be real.

    • Wef

      @Leviton Le I'm talking about the video, it's made by dunkey as part of a short series where he makes really cash grab click bait videos. He made this ironically

    • Leviton Le
      Leviton Le

      @Wef how is it ironic

    • Wef

      @Leviton Le ?

    • Leviton Le
      Leviton Le

      @Wef why?

    • Wef

      This is ironic

  • S e n p a i
    S e n p a i

    BILL NYE?!


    I swear Dunkey and Diesel Patches are the kings of sarcasm.

  • Bleh


  • RedTsunami Gaming
    RedTsunami Gaming

    The people who noticed razguls

  • I'm an Alien
    I'm an Alien

    *always gotta double-check the math*

  • ayman aboufarise
    ayman aboufarise


  • BeetleBro 431
    BeetleBro 431

    Bro thanks for siding with dream man bro he really is innocent but my friends won't believe me😭😭😭 but now we have you on our side😀😀😀 I subbed btw. 🅱️RUH

    • RealCowGaming

      @noose how tf did you miss the irony. He literally used the meme 🅱️ how could you not realize.

    • BeetleBro 431
      BeetleBro 431

      @noose hm, does the amount of emojis I put in the comment not tell you that this is Irony? Lol.

    • noose

      Haha I actually found someone who doesn’t get the joke

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis

    I can't get over 2:55 "fan art of minecraft moderators" 😂😂

  • boop bwep
    boop bwep

    To be fair, using the improbability of an event isn't technically an argument that the event didn't happen. I definitely think dream cheated but the argument itself is nonsensical

  • TristanIsBadAtMC

    i think the dream response video was taken down lol

  • Pouncingpuma7

    The only thing that would make this apology better would be putting a Raid Shadow Legends sponsorship in the middle.

    • A. Clifton
      A. Clifton

      Internet Historian would do it in the middle of a sentence

  • KWC Hope
    KWC Hope

    Is it just me or is this man playing both sides in a way where if he is wrong he can claim sarcasm or if he is right he can flaunt his correctness? Like... seriously... This man just always annoyed the hell out of me for this reason and I can't help but feel he is weighing in on something he doesn't actually understand himself but is extremely influential while pushing these incorrect ideas!

    • Joaquin Newman Gatica
      Joaquin Newman Gatica

      You could clearly notice he is joking in the 2 videos about dream if you knew his channel. He has a playlist with videos called "dunkviews", there you can watch him being serious. The vast majority of his other videos are ironic. So no, you are not right.

  • Bloop Smoot
    Bloop Smoot

    The sarcasm is just mwah. I love how only Dunkey could make a video that critiques Dream's random crap soooo welll.

  • RyanExx

    This is hilarious

  • Nathan Vomocil
    Nathan Vomocil

    He definitely cheated.

  • Jemima

    I love and hate you dunkey.

  • Efox 2124
    Efox 2124

    The guy that drəam *hired*

  • Ashley Woods
    Ashley Woods

    The cry fanart...🥲

  • tumolotion

    phd in astronots

  • naters pataters
    naters pataters

    Lmao the fanart of the minecraft moderators

  • random comment
    random comment

    I don't even know who dream is, I could identify is green and white stick figure guy but aside from that nothing

  • NotBen

    The odds of someone being struck by lightning are 1 in 500,000. I am no numbers guy, but yikes.

  • SS Anderson II
    SS Anderson II

    Stand-up Maths made a fantastic and in depth video on the statistics of it all. Judging from that video you gotta make an un-apology video now lmao

  • Munch

    Some would say this was the first "strand type" apology

  • _Xk random_
    _Xk random_

    and tommyinnit?

  • Gwog

    But he did cheat LMAO

    • cali

      yeah this video is very clearly a joke, do you even know dunkey lol?

    • bean man
      bean man

      It's called a joke. Everybody knows he cheated

  • CrimsoN

    soo everyone already forgot about this and no one cares that he cheated? or liek what the fuck happened?

  • justmtv

    Is this video a joke? r/woooooosh but no he really did cheat, an ACTUAL mathematician looked at it and determined that Dream was cheating, also that Dream's paper was off by a factor of 4.

    • bean man
      bean man

      Yes this video is a joke.

    • Muhammad Soleh
      Muhammad Soleh

      Geosquare, Ka Jobst and Stan-Up Math, all these 3 are mathematician and already show proofs yet these Stans refused to believe, like how?!?! I bet their brains are broken

  • Jarl Balgruuf the Greater
    Jarl Balgruuf the Greater

    Insterting the cry fanart is genious

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black

    Dream cheated, just run 7 trillion simulations on blaze and ender pearl rod chances and you will find he is above all those particular simulations, it doesn’t help that just before the speed run he complained about RNG

  • StingRey1

    It’s true I did fall for the trick

  • Eric Wang
    Eric Wang

    Why is this in kfc clash playlist

  • Ultraguy

    I can't tell whether or not this is a joke since I think the only thing rarer than the original calculation is in terraria there's a chance that you can get every mech boss summon item from one enemy which the odds are supposed 500x higher than 75 trillion or whatever the number was

    • Dank A
      Dank A

      I don’t think it’s possible to do that anymore. And yeah it’s a joke

  • Junji Ito
    Junji Ito

    Anyone else not know who Dream was until Dunkey did all this

  • Junko Enoshima
    Junko Enoshima

    Dream is the best dunkey copy

  • lucy mae
    lucy mae

    the cryaotic fanart 😭😭

  • Blazing Soul
    Blazing Soul

    He cheated. Haha, i win, bye bye!

  • Doge Emperor Of Dune
    Doge Emperor Of Dune


  • DoodleBopGames

    dunkey ur gae

    • bean man
      bean man


  • Tygaming 567
    Tygaming 567

    But think about it he did most likely cheat I’m just saying like come on he hires bill nye are you fucking kidding and his fan base is all 10 year olds so they don’t give a crap but most likely dream did cheat.

    • disocus

      This is just a parody video

  • spicy toast
    spicy toast

    1 in 100 million... ima stick to... he cheated

  • David Cordero
    David Cordero

    For real this guy is just really crazy, like he is doing the donald trump. Lying until people believe it is true

    • Sugma Bolzack
      Sugma Bolzack

      @Nick Dengle he compared a loser to a loser.

    • Nick Dengle
      Nick Dengle

      @David Cordero did you just compare a minecraft youtuber to former potus

    • David Cordero
      David Cordero

      @renzo i am talking about dream

    • renzo

      this is satire lmao

  • Bastianhund10 Plays
    Bastianhund10 Plays

    Its ok shrecks friend you cool i hope you WILL be in The next shreck movie shreck 5

  • Jonathan Goddard
    Jonathan Goddard

    Is Bill Nye a real scientist?

  • vonto FN
    vonto FN

    I really hope dream sees this apology, because he was mean to dream in his last video so now he is apolgy

    • J D
      J D

      @Joshua Netanel say that to his many other replies in the comments

    • Pierce Duncan
      Pierce Duncan

      I love it when people under the age of 12 can't understand sarcasm too

    • J D
      J D

      I love it when people dont get sarcasm

    • vonto FN
      vonto FN

      @Angelia yes :)

    • Angelia

      Yes this appolgee was rlly good cause dream innocent!! I dont get what they mean by sarkahsym cause its like so sinsere >:{

  • Hawkeye7x7

    You had me at Bill Rye Lol

    • grandemperor69

      Bill wheat

  • vonto FN
    vonto FN

    I used to think dream was cheating too, but I’m glad we can find out that he is innocent. Hope dream sees the videos, fuk the haters.

    • bean man
      bean man

      Yeah a 1 in a hundred million chance means he cheated.

    • vonto FN
      vonto FN

      @maybe I'm just salty he just dream hater

    • The Mar
      The Mar


    • maybe I'm just salty
      maybe I'm just salty

      @vonto FN considering the fact that you can't type "no" or "serious" properly. I don't think you can go around calling me dumb.

    • vonto FN
      vonto FN

      @maybe I'm just salty u just dmbs lmao

  • Mba Mba
    Mba Mba

    Imagine if Dream was in AOT.

    • Mba Mba
      Mba Mba

      @Ethan B657 I mean you are right at that one

    • Ethan B657
      Ethan B657

      @Mba Mba most people would

    • Mba Mba
      Mba Mba

      @Ethan B657 would he now?

    • Ethan B657
      Ethan B657

      He would be a Marco substitute

    • Mba Mba
      Mba Mba

      @Amey Kadam AY YO WHAT THE FU-

  • Daisy 33
    Daisy 33

    2:50 is literally cryotic fan art not dream fan art I remember when that fan art came out years ago

    • Channel 4
      Channel 4

      that is the joke

  • deCourier

    I fucking love you dunkey LMFAOOO


    All the mainstream sheep dream stans must have had quite hard time figuring how this unknown youtuber is for real messing with dream or not HAHAHAHA. It happened to all dream stans. All of them were pissed because they were taking this video seriously. Such a disrespect to the videogamedunkey name. I laugh at all of them dream stans. Althoigh i watch dream myself but videogamedunkey is on another level of exellence.

  • RashieYT

    Thank you. I REALLY hope dream sees this and accepts your apology. Because i was just like you. But i belived him again. Hes a lucky guy. So. Thank you

    • vonto FN
      vonto FN

      @Clickerino 12 years old why

    • Clickerino

      how old are you

    • Wya We
      Wya We

      @Jellyno true

    • Jellyno

      @vonto FN its not sarcastic anymore when the commenter uploads gacha vids

    • vonto FN
      vonto FN

      @Jellyno this comment is also sarcastic

  • Big Yeetus
    Big Yeetus

    Cheat Dream yes true

  • Jax Bruv
    Jax Bruv

    Bill guy the guydance guy

  • a piece of bread
    a piece of bread

    This is some really good sarcasm. Fuck the cheater.

  • The Blue Drawer
    The Blue Drawer

    Damn this is very thought provoking an smart dunkey i am going to make a twitch account just to sub

  • Fast

    It wasn’t 1 in 100,000,000 chance that it was real, it was 1 in 100,000,000 luck that dream had

  • Icey Boi
    Icey Boi


  • justin

    Great video dunky

  • Error: Hellraiser
    Error: Hellraiser

    😂 Ik this is a joke apology but it was funny af

    • Lily

      It's just dunkey.

  • Derethevil

    I like how some just don't get the sarcasm in this.

  • yeah ah
    yeah ah


  • Budder Golem
    Budder Golem

    The music in the beginning sounds like that one cicada 3301 track

  • Biggie

    Drama Andy’s is what this is

  • Potato Goose
    Potato Goose

    Who's Draam

    • CapsuleFlyer

      @Mahamed Ayman from hollow knight?

    • Mahamed Ayman
      Mahamed Ayman

      A dreamer

  • GenoIsShort

    what is the song at the beginning?

  • Рамазан Часыгов
    Рамазан Часыгов

    "Bill Nye the Science Guy" it's an inside joke from one of his speedruns. Report made by an expert from the consulting company Photoexcitation as it says in the pdf uploaded by Dream.

    • Рамазан Часыгов
      Рамазан Часыгов

      @BlueFlameFK I meant in the donkey's video.

    • Toxik 14
      Toxik 14

      no it was bill nye the sci

    • BlueFlameFK


  • Dylan Kershaw
    Dylan Kershaw

    this is so accurate, every apology video is like this "im sorry you feel this way" and "technically this is your fault i was never wrong"

  • Nick

    This is one of your best videos 😂

  • GoobyDooby

    you know what I never cared if dream cheated I never even knew that people thought he cheated but like all that matters is that dream makes content like I like his content as is

    • noose

      @GoobyDooby no bad for u

    • GoobyDooby

      @Toxik 14 yes good for me

    • Toxik 14
      Toxik 14

      You know what, thats fine, good for you

  • Zachary Graser
    Zachary Graser


    • Cryber

      Yea lmao

    • SR9

      @Cryber dunkey is a genius. He makes these sarcastic videos and stupid kids think he is dead serious

    • Cryber

      Kids like u don't know what sarcasm is making a good like to dislike ratio lol

    • SR9

      I can't tell if this is serious or sarcastic but I hate it

    • ZueonFishy kk
      ZueonFishy kk

      Yes IKR

  • a diamond potato
    a diamond potato

    The classic sigh at the beginning of every apology video is the funniest thing ever

  • GJ Gaming
    GJ Gaming

    Nooo take the sorry back bro he got caught 😭😭

  • consumption ghost
    consumption ghost

    why is there a whole fucking article about this

    • renzo

      you are asking the right questions

  • My M8
    My M8

    We, The Dream's fans, forgive you. You can now go live your life happily 😎

  • מבוא לערוץ
    מבוא לערוץ

    Come from kfcclash lol

  • Aldous 125
    Aldous 125

    Nice video! I really like it.

  • Jerome Roberts :)
    Jerome Roberts :)

    Anyone else like because of the wiggles? Lmao

  • Awesome Sause
    Awesome Sause

    The wiGGleS

  • kevin getsinger
    kevin getsinger

    The wiggles lip singing there song conspiracy is the reason the capitol was stormed right!!?? 🤔

    • Dank A
      Dank A

      No its because kendrick lost to macklemore

  • tim Tim
    tim Tim

    Dosnt put butter on it but ketchup 😂

  • Metod Peitl
    Metod Peitl

    Where is the apology apology, the website read it already debunked dream's apology, he simply was not fast enough

  • David Shuper
    David Shuper

    This is interesting and all, but I'm still waiting on stream about the Wiggles controversy

  • Jonathon Patch
    Jonathon Patch

    Billy guy science nye

  • ZergrushEddie

    The 1 in 100,000,000 thing has got a real “I’ve got the worst fucking attorneys” vibe

  • Ori No Game No Sekai
    Ori No Game No Sekai

    OK, wait a minute, hold on for a second, will ya?!!! What is mine craft?

    • Carl Wheezer
      Carl Wheezer

      craft mine

  • SnooPuppers

    This video aged very well

  • Yeeessimus Prime
    Yeeessimus Prime

    I I can't tell if this is a joke or if he's being serious

    • TheDoubleSsymbol

      It's a joke

    • Stan


  • Michael Schradle
    Michael Schradle

    The end fuckin kills me xD Fuckin wiggles!