Picking on Rockstar Games

  • Colin Mor
    Colin Mor

    GTAV dialogue is SO CRINGE to an ex criminal Michael would not be pointing a gun at Franklin in a car that Franklin is boosting from him for a credit fraud saying oh I appreciate a kid that takes orders maybe I’ll take you out for a beer that would not happen even in the 55th dimension of crime and it just destroys any illusion but I understand that they have to make it makes sense for main stream audience but it was still a disappointment

  • ThatOneGuy 17
    ThatOneGuy 17

    Strange that the add I got before this video was about Dunkin Donuts


    3:50 Does anyone knows the name of this music please ?

  • LaserBungalow

    Overwatch is no longer quick to get into a match lol rip

  • Hade

    u think 5 mins alot? csgo takes 20 mins on average to find a match

  • Bakalyero

    Thank God they finally fixed the loading

  • Mr.Badunc

    I really liked the part where Dunkey picked on rockstar

  • Gregory Bycraft
    Gregory Bycraft

    Naughty Dog, that didn't age well.

  • Crucifix

    *dunkey overthinking*

  • thorsten94vfl

    perhaps thats why we love GTASA so much. It was "smaller". Yeah, you had the boring desert and also empty stadiums. But beside, the cities felt more alive. Drive from LS to SF: leave the populated beach, come across small towns and villages, or take the short route and get to the airport in two minutes. Follow the highway, cross the bridge and you are next to Fort XY?, just a step further and you can see LV's lights. yeah, you got distant locations like the village north of SF, but GTASA's map feels more like a real world. in GTAV you have north of LS not much. a highway, the lake and two (three if you will) villages. Have you ever spend more than five minutes in grapeseed? What can you do in Paleto bay? On the one hand, shooting becomes less important in RS' games although more guns are added, but the gameplay besides the missions consits of driving on the same streets and highways. yeah, GTASA and VC didnt have a big street system, but i dont know. I have played countless hours in GTASA, i am playing it since 2008 (with longer breaks of course). Have played GTAV once on Ps3 and once on PC (my Pc is shit :D). Not like i dont like GTAV, but GTASA is more accessable, both the missions and the driving / going beserk is more fun to me. RDR2 is a diffrent story: You have stuff on every single point on the map. You can do so much, you have so much freedom, the riding itself is like a journey to another world. Hop on the horse, ride through big valley and be happy. driving with a comet through the hills behind vinewood? two highways and two streets. Yeah, RDR2 was released 5 years after GTAV, but you get my point. Half of GTAV's map is empty. And LS feels 'tight' and crowded. i still dont get why there is no bodybuilding, clothes, bars, snooker, minigames, dancing, the lowrider game and so on in GTAV. All of this was in GTASA. Yeah, the map is bigger and HD and shit. But who needs an ingame-internet? The bottom of the ocean has more to offer than Mount chilliad. Also if i remember correctly RS promised to put three cities in GTAV. What are those cities? LS, Sandy shores, Paleto bay? Grapeseed? LS is the only town in my opinion. Or did they mean that the small 4 block-Section inside LS that is formally an own 'city' counts as that? You are right. GTAV is no real open-world game. RDR is. RDR2: hell yeah.

    • please go away friends :(
      please go away friends :(

      who's gonna read this whole travel brochure

  • Inbred Banana
    Inbred Banana

    I could watch this entire video without getting into a gta online match

  • Smh

    I just noticed that whatever gameplay he shows It's always the wrong soundtrack

  • Cat Meow
    Cat Meow

    I'm pretty sure hipsters have been a thing since like the 40s.

  • Robert Flinch
    Robert Flinch

    Most of these open world style games are more so just "hub worlds" to interesting activities.


    4:36 what’s that song

    • Pleb King
      Pleb King

      GTA V: The Score - No Happy Endings

  • seannYTP

    I just noticed he had rocksteady on the list of good developers. Maybe he Came around on Arkham City?

    • Goose Game
      Goose Game

      I'm pretty sure his Arkham video was satire but he likes all rockstar games he's just pointing out their flaws

  • VIdeo0 .mp4
    VIdeo0 .mp4

    hol up was that call of duty advanced warfare at 4:27 Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare? the game no body remembers??? that I like and have for some reason??????? WHAT THE FUCK

  • SUPERKDK5354

    For Everyone Complaining about long Driving and missions just mostly consisting if driving and cop chases, This is Grand Theft Auto. It's in the name.

  • Mongo

    you can skip cutscenes in max payne 3, you just gotta wait for the level to load lmao

  • legend loli
    legend loli

    "In overwatch you can get a game in around a minute" This unfortunately does not age well

    • StoneColdMiracle

      maybe if you play on console, pc works fine. the only thing that takes a while on console is role que

  • hatty hat
    hatty hat

    I’m rewatching this video. He said that you can just turn on overwatch and play it. Lol it didn’t age well

  • Ty

    This game came out in like 2013 though. I’m amazed people still play it online at all. If anything the sharkcards thing seems to be preventing them from having any desire to make a new game..

  • Fabrizio Martone Music
    Fabrizio Martone Music

    Nowadays you can play a full match of Valorant during Overwatch DPS queue. Suddenly Rockstar's mm isn't that bad!

  • Jacob Baker
    Jacob Baker

    Hilarious that Dunkey says that you get right into a match in Overwatch.

  • Nilaso

    Overwatch and quick into a lobby? Hilarious

  • Zach Absher
    Zach Absher

    My conversations w Duane in gta4 had such an impact on me lol

  • SwiggitySniper41

    Car dialogue in GTA online is just spewing shit with the boys

  • Jack Harry
    Jack Harry

    they fixed online by a modder.....

  • Samuel CAVE
    Samuel CAVE

    Overwatch isn’t fast

    • Jroz ——————
      Jroz ——————

      Was when people played it

  • Break Dance
    Break Dance

    San andreas: you can play splitscreen you lead a gang you can learn karate you can learn boxing you can grapple you can now swim underwater you can dual wield uzis you now have gfs you can now play pool you can now hang off ledges you can now mod your vehicle. Gta v: we now have good graphics with slower cover fire mechanic but you also cant learn new fighting styles. No more dual wield uzis. And later on we will update the graphics for another $80. (Evil laugh)

    • Goose Game
      Goose Game

      The upgrade is free

  • ItchyPit

    does anyone know the song at the end

  • bobingson bob
    bobingson bob

    I've watched this video so much that one of the only missions I actually remember IS the tow-truck mission.

  • Peter Sanchez
    Peter Sanchez

    Not a single complaint about one of Rockstar’s most criminally underrated games, Bully.

  • Eric Effert
    Eric Effert

    That montage was so fun.

  • Blake420

    Plag-ed xX

  • Chris Rutherford
    Chris Rutherford

    Mentioning Overwatch as a boot-and-play game didn't age very well lol

    • Goose Game
      Goose Game

      Role queue ruined that game

  • futureshocked

    omg that fucking tow truck mission in GTA made me uninstall.

    • futureshocked

      @Goose Game Yes. Believe it or not for a lot of people driving mission games are just awful because the controls are almost always massively 'floaty' when we're expecting precision.

    • Goose Game
      Goose Game

      It takes 5 minutes are you serious

  • Murray

    The real one is the multiplayer in general. They always fuck up online.

    • Murray

      @Ronan indeed. Rdo is such an afterthought, this old ass game is still being prioritised.

    • Ronan

      Facts They are milking a 8 years old game but they completely forgot their Best Games Atleast they should remaster GTA 4 instead of GTA 5

  • DIMI ツ
    DIMI ツ

    well at least the first loading time is now has been reduced

  • Ova Kling
    Ova Kling

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    • Goose Game
      Goose Game

      Same with how magnesium mixed with neo knowledge is good for Malaysian trees on weeknights

  • fake todd howard
    fake todd howard

    Especialy 2dr2 tho

  • Rockson

    Dude, Dunkey, GTA V just fixed the load times! It was due to a glitch :D

  • Shlankwald

    Speaking of noticing flaws in games during the second playthrough, I remember you sucking off odyssey once....you should replay that. The repetitive format creates an impressive level of disguiseable busywork that the older games just cant compare to. Truly art

    • Goose Game
      Goose Game

      Are you talking about ass creed or Mario

  • Ova Kling
    Ova Kling

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  • Aidan Draper
    Aidan Draper

    Omega sad dunkey had nothing else to say about the multiplayer. There’s definitely a lot more interesting fuck ups than just que times for death matches being shit

  • luigi29371

    Only took about 8 years for online matchmaking to get fixed, and it wasn't even by Rockstar

  • KaizerWillfreed

    yo @videogamedunkey I doubt you will read this but ROCKSTAR finally fixed the loading times

    • Jroz ——————
      Jroz ——————

      Only took them 8 years

  • sworddance

    "These games are very quick to put you into a match* damn, that didnt age well for ow

    • KaizerWillfreed

      Yea cause they finally fixed the god damn problem after 7+ years, it took some guy messing with the code to fix it.

  • Yesso

    4:48 “and it’s a 4v2” more like a 4v1 your teammate didn’t do anything

  • Joey Nexus
    Joey Nexus

    Who's here after they fixed the loading times?

  • blunt

    Someone found a fix for the slow matchmaking in GTA V and was paid $10k per Rockstar bounties. They're fixing it soon apparently

  • Beeg Engineer
    Beeg Engineer

    GTA online loading times are now better it didn't even take rockstar 10 years

  • Buffy Puffy
    Buffy Puffy

    Yes, you are pit nicking and wiased, I bin, wye wye.

  • Mr.Ouest

    thank you, goongalar

  • DarkRay 56
    DarkRay 56

    To be fair, nobody actually plays trailer park on GTA and yet his point still stands

  • McGillus

    Those simple missions are great when you just want to unwind after a long workday. Let me roleplay driving a towtruck after driving a real bus all day. Can I ask what song you sampled at 2:28? That bass riff is dope.

  • Ellie Joel
    Ellie Joel

    My top28: 28-Ghost Of Tsushima 83/100 27-Final Fantasy 7 Remake 84/100 26-Resident Evil 2 Remake 85/100 25-Resident Evil 7 86/100 24-Heavy Rain 87/100 23-Ori & Will Of The Wisps 88/100 22-Detroit: Become Human 88/100 21-Death Stranding 90/100 20-Batman Arkham City 90/100 19-Marvel’s Spider-man 90/100 18-Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception 90/100 17-Silent Hill 2 91/100 16-Metal Gear Solid 4 91/100 15-Devil My Cry 5 91/100 14-Demon’s Souls 91/100 13-Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 92/100 12-Shadow Of Colossus 92/100 11-Red Dead Redemption 2 92/100 10-Chrono Trigger 93/100 9-The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 93/100 8-The Legend Of Zelda: Breathe Of The Wild 93/100 7-Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End 93/100 6-Bloodborne 94/100 5-Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 94/100 4-Persona 5 94/100 3-The Last Guardian 94/100 2-God Of War 95/100 1-The Last Of Us Part II 96/100 Bonus-The Last Of Us 93/100 Bonus-Pillars Of Eternity, Divinity Original Sin 2, Ico, Suikoden 2, Persona 4, The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Maker, What Remains Of Edith Finch, Undertale, Inside, Monster Hunter: World.

    • Ronan

      Agreed your list but I think Red Dead 2 should be higher And u don't like Old Assassin's creed Games?

  • RustyNReckIess

    Uncle Goongalar is frightening but Goongalar simply offers a ride away from the storm. He is a gentle beast.

  • Nike

    They took the piss out of this video weith Pavels dialogue lol gg

  • djpyscho 11
    djpyscho 11

    This is where I have to unriocnally disagree just because there criminals dosent mean they cant socialize there still humans.

  • Bruno Alves
    Bruno Alves

    So dunkey loves TLOU2 and hates Rockstar games. I finally found someone I can agree with, subscribing right now.

    • Jroz ——————
      Jroz ——————

      When did he say he hates them

    • Hooimansen

      Dunkey fucking loves rockstar games but every studio has strong points and weak points, in this video he pointed out rockstars weak points

    • Benjy M
      Benjy M

      Nah he loves rockstar games, just not every aspect. He prefers RD2 over TLOU2 for example.

  • Jesse

    About a week ago someone uncovered some absolutely first-class amateur code in the online matchmaking which explains the long load time. The fact that it never got patched years after release is a travesty. I looked at the code myself; whoever wrote it should probably be fired, no joke.

  • Artyom Fomin
    Artyom Fomin

    >it's one of few aaa studios to actually put out a quality title every time >blizzard logo well that aged poorly

  • Kane Recardo
    Kane Recardo

    Michael has been living the luxe LA witness protection life for a decade, he absolutely 100% knows what a hipster is and so does Trevor. This game came out in 2013 and Kramer got called a hipster doofus in the 90s only thing that irks me about this video lol

  • PinkStar

    I really disagree with convesations while driving,i think hilarious conversations between characters make long drives fun rather than boring.

  • Islael Avila
    Islael Avila

    dam but what is that song hen it was loading, shiiiii

  • Aiden Bourgeois
    Aiden Bourgeois

    Dunkey is smart, but I disagree with most of his points in the video. What makes GTA is the pacing. Rockstar knows not everyone will drive slow to listen to the dialog, but they recorded it all anyway because they care. They also know most people will speed to the objective as fast as they can, so they add cutscenes that help you understand what’s going on even if you ignored the car dialog

  • Demented Duskull
    Demented Duskull

    0:15 Yeah, I think we can take Kojima off that list now

  • Dash Nadaraja
    Dash Nadaraja

    the outer areas of the gta 5 map are like the outer areas of westview in wandavision

  • Yuti

    3:55 i LOVE this song

  • T Brown
    T Brown

    0:16 shows a picture of blizzard, that picture did not age well

  • Javi del Val
    Javi del Val

    such fuckin truth

  • Oliver ͦ
    Oliver ͦ

    But what do when rockstar games pick back

  • Stanislav Zaverukha
    Stanislav Zaverukha

    FF15 did such a good jobo On the driving portion

  • James MacKenzie
    James MacKenzie

    Dude, best open world is Lego Marvel. There’s the whole of New York City, with stuff everywhere for every character

  • Hairy Berry
    Hairy Berry

    This was before rdr2

  • D C
    D C

    This only works as a parody as you cant ever diss rockstar...

    • Umbojug

      @D C the talking in cars is the only point I could see someone disagreeing with, because it keeps driving lively and somewhat interesting. The other points though, are very valid and definitely need to be changed. Why is there so much driving? Why? Why do I need to drive to a mission point, and then all the way back to the mission area? It’s a slog and is pointless. Many missions are also boring, like the submarine mission, the crate mission, missions where all you do is drive, and those 2 towing missions. Why would you put those in the game, they are horrible. Although gta v and red dead 2 are very good games, especially red dead, Ubisoft has already perfected the cloning process of yearly open world games. Gta isn’t special anymore, a thousand other companies are doing the same thing, and red dead had the most boring gameplay of just shooting over and over again. The gameplay needs to have more variety. Rockstar design needs to evolve. the stories are amazing, but the gameplay isn’t interesting enough to get through all of it. If something isn’t critiqued, nothing will change. EA makes the same game again and again because people still buy them. Fifa and Madden fans will buy their games every year, and what was a decent franchise is now shovelware. That is the worst path a series can take. If rockstar is never criticized, their design will never change because gamers will keep eating it up. Rdr2 was a legendary game, and the only way to make a developer better is to criticize them, and hope they listen. Watch_Dogs was a decent game, but people criticized them, and they took it to heart to make Watch_Dogs 2 which is a great game.

    • D C
      D C

      @Umbojug i think its the standout of a generation for epic and legendary games tho, of course can be criticised but should also be respected. A lot of the points he made tho i disagree with and its more his opinion

    • Umbojug

      @D C rockstars games aren’t really hitting the lottery. They’re pretty good games, but not unable to be crticized. There are many faults with the games, as demonstrated in this video. Nothing is above criticism, especially popular media like books, music, cinema, and games.

    • D C
      D C

      @Umbojug i see it as one as to say otherwise is like finding fault with winning the lottery. Its nit picking

    • Umbojug

      This isn’t parody

  • GENOSAD's Variety Show
    GENOSAD's Variety Show

    Only been 2 years, and somehow that frame at 0:15 has already aged poorly.

  • MastaKush427

    I hate gta 5 online, everything is so expensive and i alway just get kicked off. Gta 4 was cool.

    • Umbojug

      Yeah, blizzard and kojima

  • QMan1234red

    Lmao @ Naughty Dog being on the list of “Quality game every time”

    • Felipe muñoz
      Felipe muñoz

      They still do

    • insomina 2233
      insomina 2233

      they still do

    • Umbojug

      They still do

  • Lamarr 96
    Lamarr 96

    On the bright side, ow matches take more time than gta now

  • Baby Taz
    Baby Taz

    Only 2 games I ever liked from shit star is bully n midnight club, everything else is TRASH

  • zombie master 50
    zombie master 50

    Dunkey should write a poem.

  • Setsuna

    I never understood why don’t let you fill the lobbies with PC npcs.

  • rollwulf

    The loading and wait times on the PC version puts the PS4 version to absolute shame :')

  • foble man
    foble man

    3 mins 😂😂😂

  • bOOri

    All you had to do was follow the damn train CJ!!

  • S

    Same game every time. And they remove the licensed music after ten years so if you ever go back to play on PC, your game has been changed for the worse. Took them 10 years to get rid of obnoxious GFWL prompts at startup, but they were sure to rip out the music on time. They don't care one iota about their past games and will trash them after they have your money. Most overrated developer in existence.

  • Thavi

    i like how if you put attention when he shows all of the action he is having in other games, league is also loading

  • Adi kravets
    Adi kravets

    2:24 hahahaha

  • Crazy Subz 3
    Crazy Subz 3

    3:27 That doesn't apply to Overwatch anymore lmao

  • Demar DeLowry
    Demar DeLowry

    3:50 lol

  • Shoezz

    To be fair, I don't think the games with online modes were made for them. The designers of GTA V were probably focused only on the Story Mode, with Online being a corporate addition. I could be wrong, but that's the vibe I get.

  • Ian Johnson
    Ian Johnson

    We need an m rated lego open world game

  • SavageCabbage404

    2:23 is that scourge of the fleets?

  • J Holt
    J Holt

    Also make the buildings destrucible

  • edward

    Cyberpunk2077 made me appreciate so many other open world games.

  • lilgeorge21

    I remember when I could get in a match under one min in overwatch

    • Mercury

      Why are they even making overwatch 2?

  • Mr. No Name
    Mr. No Name

    I cant even get GTA online to connect, I'm sure its great fun but it never worked for me.

    • Rahul Verma
      Rahul Verma

      I had no problem joining the session ..... but my game lags alot ...... especially if i m doing any heist ....... it hurts even more if host kicks me out of any heist after i waited fr 2 mins

  • Wyatt Games
    Wyatt Games

    Saying the writing quality drops off during car missions is complete bs. And using the hipster dialogue scene as your example is even worse.